Plantation was a very new experience for me. I realised this needed a lot of patience and hard work. No matter how tiring it was but at the end, I was satisfied and glad about doing it. I was obliged to have the opportunity to serve for the betterment of the society. This activity gave me an idea of hard work that farmers do. We were almost 30 people divided into group two groups; 15 each. Our group had the task of digging the gaps for plantation activity.

At first, we had the conversation with the farmers and the workers. They explained us the process of a plantation. The place had a great area; our group decided to divide and worked collaboratively. While learning the concept, we gained knowledge about plants and the types of soil. At the starting, it was quite difficult, and we even messed up things for a few minutes. ize-medium wp-image-2820″ />The workers there were very friendly and were explaining us on our mistakes and even taught us the better techniques whether it is taking out the plants out of plastic bags and holding the plants in a right way).

Then gradually the collaboration increased and the skills were sharpened a little bit with time. Working under the sun and doing the same activity continuously for a whole day was tiring. Still, we boosted ourselves; encouraged each other, and didn’t stop putting the efforts. We did this activity only for one day, but I wish that we could do it for at least one week so that we could serve the Vasda authority more and gained more knowledge and experience. In the end, I am glad that we had put in efforts and didn’t do work only for the sake of doing it.

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