Hello, My name is Dhyay Kapadia. I study in Fountainhead school and I am in the second year of IB. I have taken Business management as my HL, English Language as my SL, Psychology as my HL and Hindi B as my HL and Environmental Systems and Societies and Mathematics Studies as my SL. As it is evident from my subject choices, I am more towards humanities and subjects that are more focused towards the society, human mind and human experience. I am not a kind of a guy who keeps talking and likes to shout and debate, rather than talking and debating I like listening. I like to listen and solve problems more than shouting and debating.

In terms of extracurricular activities I enjoy playing sports like Football, Cricket and Kabaddi. I also like to do other things like playing virtual games like FIFA, CS and GTA. Dancing is one of the activities that I would do not matter what the time is, I started dancing when I was 7 years old but never took any professional training. Playing Football and Cooking are the two activities that I am passionate about the most. I have been playing football for years and there hasn’t been any instance where I got bored playing this sport, I have also played many tournaments till now and been selected in the state team twice. The only thing I enjoy after sports is cooking. I have been cooking for a year and I guess I am pretty good at it. However there are some areas in which I would like to improve upon. First would be to improve my physique, I always wanted to be fit but never took the initiative however as I grew I found the importance of having a good strong and healthy body. Second would be to never stop myself from trying new things. I always used to restrain from trying new things but when I tried I got a new experience and learnt new things.

I always wanted to be involved in a world famous restaurant and be the chief chef of that place. I love cooking but never got a chance to work or get the feel of working in that environment, but I have always dreamed of opening up a very unique restaurant that no one has ever seen. I believe that each human was sent to earth for a purpose and I believe that the purpose is to help each other and grow without harming anyone. I also believe that every human has a right to live no matter what their race or gender is till you do not harm anyone. In order accomplish my purpose sometime in my life, I think I need to improve my speaking skills, my commitment and acceptance of people and the society at face value.

I have always been a fan of traveling and to explore the World. I love to travel to different countries and try their foods, I have never been afraid of traveling by myself, and it’s my dream to travel as much as I can till I die. I have always been passionate about cooking and it’s been my dream to be a chef and to open my own restaurant. I want to travel the world,to meet, interact and understand various people around the world and to try different foods and create new dishes and want to help people in need to grow.



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