Garba Fest!!

Garba Fest was the first Navratri event which was organised by my friends in school.I volunteered for being the co-head of the food department and I also managed to help the decoration team for making Rangoli which is a sand art. It is made on this occasion as it spreads positivity and adds beauty. The challenges which I faced during the presentations was that I wasn’t able to coordinate with my partner as whenever he did some work, I wasn’t informed which became a problem.However, we then divided our work in a way that both of us know what we are doing and the work gets completed on time. It was my goal to help as much as possible and manage the work well so that we don’t have any problems at the last moment.


My skills helped me a lot to work cooperatively with others and help them whenever needed. I am very nice in arts and I am very cooperative. Using these skills I thought I did my best in my job of managing the food department. It was a great experience as it was the first time I had taken leadership. It built my confidence and taught me how to manage a sector of an event. The task was not easy as I had to decide upon a menu which everyone liked. But I think I managed to complete my task in the best way possible.

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