Plantation at Vasnda

It was a great opportunity to plant more trees and plants, I always wanted to positively add up to nature and such CAS trips are really helpful. Before going for the trip I thought it won’t be so difficult to plant, all we have to do is get the plants and fill in more mud. But, NO it was tiring. Carrying the plants all the way from one place to another made it very difficult. This is when I realised how difficult it is for the workers who did the same thing everyday whereas we were tired just in a span of 3-4 hours. It was challenging and fun, it made me more sensitive about the people who work there, earlier I didn’t really care about it but now it makes much more sense. Especially, the Service part of CAS will definitely make a change in my perspectives towards life. I extended myself to complete the activity as I knew that leaving it half way makes no sense. This activity did not only make me more sensitive about the workers and their pain but also contributing to the nature was a great deal. Nowadays, because of Industrialization and Globalization people have stopped caring about the environment but most of them are money minded. This activity at least helped us contribute a bit to the environment.

I found myself completely out of my comfort zone because the way we were completely drenched in sweat and covered with sand, it made it really very uncomfortable. But, there was a sense of satisfaction towards the end of the trip as we got to do something which we are not used to and also achieve it.

The most difficult part was the heat and when most of the people are tired and you are the only group of few people who are working, less people more work made things hard.IMG_4176            CAS - 2 CAS - 3                       IMG_4179

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