Bon appetite

This activity was organised by french teacher for french students. In this activity, french students were required to cook some french dish. And as cooking  was a new thing for me, I decided to participate in  the activity . In this activity, we were required to help the french students in cooking so I was in zoheb’s team along with nikunj, jigyasa and dhyay. We as a team  planned  to cook a french dish which is well renowned .

A day before this activity we made a list of all the ingredients which we required. We also did a whole lot of planning and research about the dish.Then on next day in the activity slot we followed our procedure of doing the activity. We divided our works among ourself so nikunj was grinding cheese, jigyasha was frying the potatoes, dhyay was heating the bread, zoheb and me were decorating our dish this made most of over work easy and managed. However cooking was very challenging job  as because till the last moment we were changing the  dish and also we were running short of time and resources. It was really difficult to manage all those things and also we all were lacking in skills of cooking so it made our task more difficult. We also decide not to waste any of the food material,water or any of our resources.


There was also a lot of disputes in our group as no one acted as a leader and so the whole team suffered from that. And also at the end we wasted a lot of food material as we were also not able to manage our resources properly. In the whole activity however special care was taken that no one in the group is hurt or is give given less time to demonstrate his/her skills. But somehow we managed to complete our task on time but we were just able to cook about 6 pices of our  food item  Still our work was appreciated by teacher as well as our friends which gave us a motivation to do different types of tasks in different life situations.


One of the most important things that plays an important thing in my life is songs. Listening to music or rather singing them has always made me happy. To learn this skill completely I decide to learn singing in my AS slots. In this period of almost 6 months I learned to sing new songs at different scales and in different styles. However singing in all is a very challenging task as to match the scale of the sone catch the beats and then gather the confidence the perform in front of the audience.

But still it was the most interestings things that I’ve learnt so far. However our class was conducted only once a week which made it more difficult for us to excel in this skill. Despite of being made fun of by my classmates I decided not to give up on this activity and therefore I stayed committed to the task. The most difficult thing to carry out this whole activity was to match the scale of english songs as they are very different from typical bollywood songs and being an Indian to get that accent was quite challenging.

The first song that I along with my friends sang in our first official performance was “ stiches“ which is an english song by shawn mendes.However before carrying this performance I tried to convince my friends as well my mentor to allow us to sing a hindi song as I am very good at it still they asked me to practice more and develop this skills. My friends also took this initiative to practice along with me to help me. We also took care of things like allowing each member in our group to sing an important part of the song this also did not allowed any disputes to come in our way.

On the day of performance we were all very nervous still we as a team motivated each other to perform well. In the end our performance was quite well and was loved by most of our friends this made us even more confident to take up such activities in life.

link to the video 


What a trip ! what an experience ! the best trip ,the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve always been  a person who is very fond of travelling. I got this opportunity to visit the world most beautiful place the HIMALAYAS. However before going for the trip  me any friends created a very detailed plan of the things that we were going to carry with us and we also decided some of the activities the we were willing to do in those trips.  

Finally the journey day! it all started of with a very tedious journey from Surat(Gujarat) to Nagger a town in Himalayas. While we were in train me and my friends didn’t had seats in the same section  or in the compartment itself ,there we tried to help each other finding their seats, sharing our seat with them this allowed us to learn the importance of a friend. Soon we reached our hotel in Nagger . Before starting anything me and my friends decided not to harm the natural environment there so we didn’t used any kind of plastic objects there we didn’t spread any kind of litter or so. We also decided not to make fun of any of our friends such that they get a sense of being bullied so we took special care of it.


So there our day started with treks in the morning and yoga activities in the end. Morning treks were the most challenging because as a person I’ve never loved waking up early in the morning and walk so long followed by yoga in the evening this itself was very challenging still we all tried to stay committed to our activity. Some how my friends also played a very important part in motivating me to say consistent to the our daily routine .


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There then we went for skiing, it was my very first time to step up on those skies so this experience allowed me to learn a new skill.



However in the end the whole journey was very challenging tough very fun ! just had a great experience.



CAS has always been Best yet the most tiring part of IB . The very first activity that come to my mind when I think of CAS is the two flashmob in which took part in. The reason why it is so impressive is that it taught me many things such as in identifying own strengths and weakness,it taught me benefits of working collaboratively, it also taught me to show commitment towards any of the activities in future. Doing CAS activities not only made me independent but changed my perception about life. It made me open minded allowed me to balance between my work and my family life it even allowed me to improve upon my communication skills .


CAS activities has thrown various challenges on me as in most of the activities in which I participated, there were lot of problems in my way such as to be able to communicate, show commitment towards any activity. However my friends and mentor were alway there to help me in battling with these set of problems .



I was never good in initiating any kind of plan and learning a new skill. Still CAS was the only thing which pulled me to stay consistent. However it was very difficult for me to achieve learning outcome 3 but still at the same time I got to know the importance of working collaboratively ,learning a new skill, taking care of the ethics in life etc.


After completing my IBDP course I would still like to work in a such a way which makes the world a better place by doing such brilliant activities which I did for my CAS. As each and every person has a social responsibility of making the world a better place and not just take from it.



Myself, Sahil Juneja  I study in fountainhead school. Being an extrovert i’ve always involved myself in a lot of activities whether itbe singing, acting or anything else. In terms of extra curricular activities I love playing any kind of sport whether it be football, basketball, volleyball etc however even though I am not very good at these sports I still love playing them and excel in each one of them. Like most other kids even I love playing virtual games as well so whether it be games on X-BOX, playstation, laptop etc I enjoy playing games on all of them.

However the only things I like after sports is watching movies . Movies have always been a great influence to my life I’ve learnt a lot of things from movies .The other things that have a great influence in my life is  my friends. They have always stood as a reality check mirror for me. However there are many areas where I am willing to  improve upon myself such as my physical strength and endurance , my eating habits and my commitment and confidence in carrying out any activity

From my childhood I was always willing to work in Film making industry . However lack of confidence has let me down many times in grabbing any opportunity of doing so. Still I’ve always carried a dream of entering that industry any give my best performance till date. Despite of all these things I am a very strong believer of keeping my opinion no matter what it is . However in order to achieve huge things in life I think I need to improve my speaking and listening skills.

Helping the special children

In the world around us we see a lot special children but we never tried to understand their situation. Recent enough I went to Shree nandan school where I  got an opportunity to help and understand them. Shree nandan is a school for helping these special children to learn new skills. A day before visiting this school i made a whole plan on what all are the activities which I could carry out with them it . Researching on this was quite a difficult task  as each child is different from the other so each child poses a different skill from the other.


On the day of when me and my friends were asked to visit the school we were all prepared. There we were first taught why are these children in this situation, what are the mental strengths they possess. Then each of us was asked to try to play with one of the special child. The most difficult part over there was to communicate with these children as most of the conversation depended on the actions as while describing any activity we were asked to first demonstrate it to them. However we still remained committed to our activity and we didn’t gave up. We even made sure that none of the children get hurt in any terms. The motive of this activity was also to aware people on a global scale to help such children ,don’t look down upon them,never hurt them in any terms.

In the end we worked very hard to make that children happy and enjoy that day .


This was my first experience of planning an event  for grade 11 and grade 12 students of our school .This event was for awaring people about the importance of hindi language.In this event there were three activities:

    • Arre Bhai Kehna Kya Chahte Ho?(One person from each team acts out a given song – (1 minute per song).2 songs will be given per team. 20 points for each right guess)
    • .Yeh Konsa Dialogue?(  Each time will be shown an incomplete dialogue. They need to come up with the complete dialogue. )


  • 7-min Ka Jalwa (Both the teams are supposed to entertain the crowd to the maximum. Each team will be given 10 dares they need to fulfil in their performance.)



This was an event organised by our teachers but was planned and carried out by me ,abhishek and our sub -leaders.First of all we planned the activities which we were going to include in the event then we appointed sub-leaders for planning the activities which we decided.The planning of the above mentioned activity were  very challenging for me as I was required to co-ordinate with the teachers as well as with our sub-leaders as to  inform them about the criteria  ,collect all the resources required etc.The jobs which I was asked to handle was too much for me which made my activity more tough.I was also able to identify my strengths and weakness as I was handling  the assembly  jobs along  with  my other jobs .Then I was also able to develope the skill of working planning an event  collaboratively as this event was totally dependent upon collaboration . My toughest challenge in the whole activity was to show commitment towards my work  which I think I did very well .And also the main aim  of the whole event was to inform/aware  people about the importance of hindi language ,its role in our life etc.


Also while planning and conducting the activities we specially took care of the ethics involved in this activity as we decided upon ,that while conducting the activity we will not any person , religion,cast. The most difficult task of the whole event was to control the students and as a member of the organising committee we faced a lot of problems ,but  somehow  we managed that by either setting certain rules or by taking strict steps.In the end we can say that the activity was very successful. Everybody who came over there enjoyed the activity and also me and my team got appreciation from our teachers and friends. Although the planning of the  activity was quite stressful but at the end it was good to see that we made it .And also the best part of the experience was seeing rich smile on the faces of friends while the activity was going on and also watch the activity move on smoothly and firmly as we expected it to be.


This was my first experience of doing a dance performance.My friends planned this activity and I participated in it . The aim of this activity was to spread awareness about various Global issues and spreading awareness about the importance of our indian festivals. We planned to do a dance performance followed by drama along with posters and flashcard giving clear message about the disease or problems  people  face in life.Which helped us to achieve our aim.


We performed at three different occasions  :

  1. Janmashtami(VR mall)
  • Here we performed a dance on lord krishna’s song followed by a skit on women empowerment.
  1. Teacher’s day(VR mall)
  • Here we performed a dance to attract people followed by a skit on appling people to donate organs.
  1. The garba fest ( in school) .
  • Here we performed a dance on famous various songs.


This was really important for me as it gave me confidence to perform in front of such a large audience.While doing this activity I was able to learn new dance forms like we did hip hop, garba we also did contemporary. As this was my first time it was very challenging for me to perform in such a large audience and also the training which we undergo was a tough job for me.


While doing this activity I found that I was not  able perform dance steps properly  as dancing was one of my weakness and was out of my comfort zone however after the performance it’s no longer like that as now I’ve gained more confidence to perform and also have improved on my stamina in doing such tiring jobs which has now become my strength in doing various things.And also this activity required a lot of commitment and perseverance as learning a new form of dance is not an easy task.I suffered a lot through this training phases as i’am not a regular dancer I got a lot of injuries while training.


This activity also  required a lot of collaboration as it was a group performance and so if  anybody does a single step wrong the whole group suffered and so we paid lot of attention on this thing.And also we paid a lot of attention on ethics while we were planning for drama. So we created such script in which we don’t hurt any sentiments of people’s religion ,cast ,creed ,etc and still make the message loud and clear. In our dramas we talked about women empowerment, importance of organ donation etc. At the end the event was successful enough and also the experience was a major learning for life.

Plantation trip

This was my first CAS trip . We went to Janki Van – a new botanical garden ,there we planted saplings of “mehendi”.This was completely new for me as I’ve never done plantation before. I thought that the activity will be fun but I actually found that the activity was not only fun but at the same time It was tough work to do. I learnt many things from this experience such as working collaboratIvely ,as we were divided into we were also divided into groups like I was given 2 jobs 1st one to bring the plants from one place to other and the other job was to plant the saplings in the ground and pack them tightly with sand.  I  completed the assigned work on time and didn’t hurt others while doing any task . I felt that I was out of my comfort zone as this was a very tiring activity and I’am not used to do such lot of work regularly so it was  difficult for me. I think the benefits of this is that one can know his real strength . I also found my weakness as I was lacking stamina. I got tired very soon .


My efforts made the place green which was for a good cause my effort also helped the people working over there and also the efforts which I made helped me to built up stamina .I enjoyed the cas trip very much as It was a worth experience .It was something which I’ve never done before and from the trip I learned how to work In such conditions how to help people how to plant etc.It was very challenging  for people like me as I’ve got very low stamina I am a very lazy person so working like this in rain and under hot sun was very difficult. The thing which motivated me a lot was the environment there was the cause behind the cas trip which was making the place green .Everybody was involved In the activity no one was sitting ideal this was just because of our ma’am who was constantly motivating us to do our work this made us more enthusiastic  . And all the friends were helpIng each other and if one was not able to do a certain kind of job others were there for him .


The skills which I developed was working collaboratively , I was able to know my strengths in doing this kind of work. I was also able to undertake the challenges as the weather out there which was rainy and sunny at the same time and still we were doing our job.I was also able to put  lot  efforts for making the place green . I was also able to follow my ethics as In the whole trip I didn’t hurt anyone and  helped the people out there as much as I was able too. The highlight of the whole trip was the fun which we had during the trip the pain which we gone under during the plantation activity . There were many thing during the whole trip which surprised me which were the beautiful green field ,people working so collaboratively the vast vast field there at the end I would like to say that It was very lovely trip and the experience was worth enough to train me how to tackle further situations in life .




My classmates were planning to go to gym and as I’ve never done gymming before and so I joined them .I did this activity for 6 months .This was a new  and worth experience for me .In this period of six months I worked very hard. I went through intensive training which was very challenging as it tested my determination as well as my patience.In this period of six months I learnt many skills such as identifying own strength and weakness as in the starting I was not able to even do 2 sets of dumbbells as my muscles were too weak and  then later I was able to convert my weakness into my strength after a long period of 6 moths and  now I can do 7 sets of the same dumbbells roll.The training part was very tough and challenging as we were required to increase weights of the dumbbells ,leg extension etc ,in every 2 days of gymming .The only way by which we survived was showing determination towards our activity.This activity had a huge impact on my daily routine as I was asked to wake up by 6 o’clock then undergo extensive training then eat healthy food, etc .This all really helped me in developing my muscles . I also learnt some new skills like doing squats on one leg,pull -ups, chin-ups,etc .The highlight of the activity was  that the activity was tough enough and at the same time it was fun as I was with our friends and also I  was able to learn new things about exercise and diet from  my supervisor and friends.