CAS Profile

I’m Vinit Jogani (informally called V, Vi, or even Vii). I was born on December 21st, 1999, in Surat, India. I come from a Gujarati family, and although I don’t really believe in a God, I do follow many aspects of Jainism.

I can play the guitar and the keyboard. My friends say I’m pathetic at singing. I believe they’re right. Other than that, I’ve endeavored intro drama and visual arts and have been rewarded in some form or the other. My parents say I used to be a good dancer when I was a kid, now I only dance when weddings are due.

At some points in my life, I have played lawn tennis, table tennis, cricket, basketball, billiards, and football. I can swim, and have participated in a range of athletic events like high jump, long jump and running at a school-level. I’ve also trained in martial arts for quite some time. Other than that, I have tried my hand at volleyball and skating but couldn’t quite get the grip. I figured I wasn’t cut out for those sports. Now, I only play football now and then. I found real amusement in this sport, and I still play other sports sometimes, but in a busy little life, when asked which sport to play, I mostly choose football.

Although I have explored a lot in art and sport, I’ve always considered them to be my hobbies – never serious career-influencing choices. They help me distract my mind when I am sad, or they help me collect myself up after a stressful day. From a pretty early age, I had my eyes set on computer science. Computers have always fascinated me. The tremendous potential that you put into people’s hands when you hand them a gadget is completely fabulous. I began computer programming since I was in 5th grade and I never stopped. It is the one skill that I am absolutely proud of and has helped me in my life at countless occasions.

I now spend most of my programming time making web applications. The trick is that the code is never breakthrough. Anyone can program it. My dad taught me that the challenge is not making it. The challenge is thinking of it before anyone else does. I’ve learned a lot of things from my dad. I believe I get this kind of obsession for perfection from him.

I’ve been a great fan of design. Being a crazy user of the internet, you usually come across such a huge chunk of poorly designed, old-school websites. I’ve made it a point to apply a sense of finesse to my websites. Fonts, modern, minimalist and material design principles and color combinations – they really fascinate me.

I’ve been an introvert for most of my life. Although I did make quite some friends in high school and (as a sigh of relief for my mother) became a bit more sociable. Although, most of the times, I still admire solitude. I find great comfort in writing my feelings into poems and songs. Listening to other songs, therefore, I really pay attention on the lyrics. Connectable songs really breathe life into me when I’m sad. I love music.

Honestly, I don’t really engage myself into worrying about many global issues. Some express their disregard to my indifference, but really I don’t quite see the point. Most people who worry about child labour and animal trafficking end up doing absolutely nothing because they lack the sufficient means to make a change. Big talks about it don’t really intrigue me. It does make me feel sorry for the victims but I think that’s about it. No fancy talks. I am, however, a believer of a vegetarian diet. Killing animals, with the senses to perceive pain, love and belonging – it is really something that I would urge people against. I also do my best to not have a large environmental footprint by littering and wasting. Also, I do take interest in small issues that affect us at a large scale. These are the issues that I believe I can actively and measurably fix. For example, issues that I faced while studying physics in my 10th grade.

If I could build up a skill, I’d probably build up the passion to read. I’ve never seen an avid reader who is dumb. Reading is really a very important skill. I used to love reading when I was small, I just lost the passion as I grew up. Maybe someday I’ll get back at it. I hope that day comes soon. I would also like to skydive once in my lifetime. I like the thought of feeling weightless, falling through a wonderful wind brushing past my cheeks and flying at such a height. It seems wonderful. Other than that, I would love to dive deeper into the subjects I love like physics, math and computers.

Finally, I really want to do something meaningful in life – I just haven’t found it yet. I’m trying to find some higher purpose to live my life to.



My journey with CAS

My journey with CAS has been memorable and spiritual. I’ve actually grown closer to myself while pursuing different forms of activities over the course of these 2 years. Helping others and myself along with the joyful experience of CAS has been truly fantastic. There have been challenges, but I believe that’s the only way to learn!

I believe Fizz was the most memorable activity in my total CAS journey. It gave me a lot of experience in handling large scale projects, and we were able to secure an enormous user base too. It was an amalgamation of my web designing skills and my physics knowledge with my desire to give back to the community and help other students overcome the challenges that I once faced. During this process, I not only have had to work on the software development, the front-end designing, content development, and marketing, but I have also had to work on coordinating work and getting the best quality out for the users. The sense of responsibility I felt while working on this project has truly illuminated the path of service for me.

Apart from that, I believe Visual Arts has played a massive role in my development and growth as a person. The passion I have felt while working on an artwork has been totally inexorable. The fact that I could put down whatever was on my mind in the form of an artwork that everyone can appreciate was truly useful for an introvert person like me. Creativity has helped me think innovatively and constructively, and have witnessed a very spiritual connection with myself and the art during this journey.

The winter trip to Naggar has also been a memorable one where I actually got to open up to people and make new friends that I would keep for a lifetime. The tranquility that is instilled in my memories of that place and time is truly something that I would like to keep, and keep looking forward to seek again in the years to come. I have experienced a connection not only with friends on this trip, but also the nature that I was so covered by. While the trekking wasn’t much of a physical challenge in itself, I really felt uplifted and motivated to pursue more treks in search of this inner serenity.

There have been many challenges, but I think the most important one was overcoming my shell to cooperate with others, to mix with people, and to synergize for a common cause. It was challenging for me because I have never been a people person. I learned that alone, a man can only go so far. With teamwork, we were able to achieve success in all three: arts, sports and service. Another great challenge for me was to address issues of global significance. Later in my life, I really want to use technology to change the world for the better. However, at this point, I was really clueless about how to do it. I wanted to do something for issues that I cared about, not just any other flash mob or awareness campaign for some global issue that I read in news 2 days ago. This is why, I had to put in intensive

Through my CAS experience, I have learned a lot. From specific skills like woodcut printing in arts, to more general life skills, CAS has been a very constructive programme for me. I have been a thinker sometimes, and sometimes a communicator. I’ve undertaken risks, reflected on my progress, and have been open to new ideas. Through CAS, I was able to lead a balanced life with all the stress and anxiety that comes with a busy life. However, most importantly, with CAS, I have been able to do something to address the issues I care for, and I have overall been transformed from this unfeeling person into a livelier person. I would really love to continue this in university and beyond to make this world a better place.

CAS Plan

Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Learning Outcomes Location
FSMUN Website The school-initiated MUN’s website and handling of the entire tech department Creativity, Service — August through November — LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5 Fountainhead School, Surat
Subroto Cup football U17 Interschool football tournament Activity 7/15/2015 (1 day) LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, LO7 Essar School, Surat
Chess tournament Interschool chess tournament Activity 7/22/2015 (1 day) LO1, LO2 JB Diamonds School, Surat
The Fizz Project A project to make physics an interesting subject through simplifying complex principles using cartoons and succinct explanations Creativity, Service — project work —
— entire year —
LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7 Surat
Visual Arts Learn visual art in school CAS classes. Participate in activities like Wood cuts, installation art, pottery and painting! Creativity — entire year — LO1, LO2, LO4 Fountainhead School, Surat
Interhouse Debate Competition A debate against capital punishment 17/8/15 LO1, LO2, LO5, LO6, LO7 Fountainhead School, Surat
Naggar Winter Trip to Naggar Activity 26/12/15 to 3/1/2016 LO2, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7 Naggar
Organ Donation Street Play We went to U-Turn for doing a street play to convey the importance of organ donation and taking pledges from viewers that after their death, their organs should be donated to the needy to better their lives. Service 8/7/2016 LO3, LO5, LO6 U-Turn, LP Savani Road, Adajan
Tree Plantation Planting trees with nature club members. Service 7/3/2016 LO6 KV Central School


Every year the school hosts numerous competitions like interhouse debate and interhouse ad-making and creativity enhancing competitions but I failed to show enough enthusiasm to participate in the events. However, when I participated in the Interhouse Debate competition, I learned that it was actually quite interesting and exciting. Debate had always been an area of my interest but this way I could actually grow in many ways, and hence the activity helped me identify my areas of growth and development. I learned that when I participate in such competitions, I not only refresh and sharpen my skills, but also keep learning new techniques in the area. For instance, because my stance in the debate was emotion-oriented, I learned to debate by making emotional claims – something I wasn’t inured to until then. It took effort, obviously. But new are learned with efforts and I enjoyed it heartily. I was supposed to debate against Capital Punishment with my group. We started to consider many points creatively during the research, and we also paid special attention to the ethical concerns associated with the issue. We put in our best for the debate, and it went on quite good. Everyone in our team got a chance, and hence we learned to cooperate effectively – something that was appreciated by the judges too. Thus, we learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork in such an event. We had divided the tasks of forming counter-arguments to points put forward by the opposite team, noting down the points put forward by them and speaking up in a convincing manner between our team members based on our strengths and weaknesses. Capital punishment was a global, ethical concern and during the debate we fought for what we thought was ethically more appropriate and suitable on a global scale. Should countries across the world allow killing people for crimes they commit? How are they different from the criminals in the first place then? Capital punishment is a pressing debate issue for governments across the world – and we considered the significance of this! This way we acted, and listed down the advantages and disadvantages and most importantly ethical concerns for a rational analysis of an issue that we thought had global significance. All in all, it was a great experience with lots to learn and to take back. I am looking forward to participating in more of such events…


New Doc_1


With the upcoming Organ Donation Day, me and my group decided that we must spread awareness about how many lives can be bettered and saved by taking a small pledge of donating organs after death. We decided to make a video first to reach people through social media, however, we soon realized how we would not be able to engage the viewers as nicely. Besides, we wanted to take their pledges, to make sure they have been influenced. Therefore, we collaborated with an NGO called Shrimad Rajchandra Love And Care and decided to do a street play. For an audience, we decided to do it in U-Turn on an early Sunday morning. There were many challenges including group members backing out at the last minute and waking up very early on a holiday and rain which tried to stop us from doing the play. But with resilience and will, and because of the fact that we believed in this cause and its global significance, we did not give up. The audience was discouraging at first too. People just walked by without noticing our play. However, by shouting and acting our guts out, we got some success in spreading awareness. Over a hundred people pledged their organs! With collaboration and support in what was left of our group, and with belief in the cause, I believe we did a wonderful job planning and initiating this project. For me, this was also my first street play – therefore, making the script and directing the play was challenging too. Co-ordinating the cast and props was fun, and I think I would like to initiate more such small projects in the future!



Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 10.55.32 AM

Tree Plantation @ KV Central School – 03/07/16

I took part in a tree plantation session organized by nature club. It was a fun activity as we got muddy and dirty in the rain, planting trees in holes already dug out for us, and then shoveling mud over it again. Then we hammered bamboos next to those plants and tied them together for support. We had to remember to not litter the black plastic in which the plants were originally kept. We learned that these were bird-friendly trees – ones with flowers and fruits to provide birds with nectar and food. These not only help the environment by taking in carbon dioxide and tackling global warming, but also helps survival of many bird species. I collaborated with friends to plant the bigger plants, and also had a lot of fun with friends. It was an amazing experience, especially because we worked towards an issue with global significance. If all of us take such little steps, we can do such great things in preserving the environment, and many other issues for that matter! The rain was a hindrance. It slowed us down, made transport to and from the venue hard, and also formed puddles. We mustn’t be very conscious about staying clean as such, but I think that did make us go out of our comfort zone. It was a nice activity overall!



Visual Arts this year was a completely new and amazing experience. I had tried VA once before, but it had not intrigued me as much. Although much of it was out of my skillset, I discovered some very interesting areas of art which I further explored throughout the year – for example: woodcut printing, usage of clay, painting etc. Woodcut printing was the hardest of all, because we had no prior experience. Carving the wood took humongous patience and effort – but by the end of the unit, we were able to do it reasonably well. This way, I developed an amazing skill which I think I can really grow in over the years.

WoodcutPrint1 WoodcutPrint2

We also worked on installation art. All the VA students together collaborated to work on a project of our own. We initiated the experience and planned together. We didn’t really have to be creative in accumulating blocks, and painting them in different colors – but it was time consuming and hard. Painting was the interesting part. We divided the blocks into groups to paint the blocks in primary colors so that we could finish it faster. We then planned how we would settle the blocks into one installation piece. It was an amazing experience. I really learned to work well with team as we had real fun working together.


During our journey with art, we learned not only art, but also about lot of other issues of global significance. For example, we learned the mineral value of the clay. We learned how the art of expression is diminishing as we rely more and more on “lol”, “haha”, “rn” and “gtg” these days. Amidst all this modernization, we recognized the true need to be able to express ourselves and communicate our true feelings through multiple mediums. Our installation art also possessed a strong message about how harmony in life is generated through primary colors and contrasting through the color wheel. The colors can have multiple meanings – about how the few important things in life lead to all other things. My interpretation of it was how perseverance, love and energy can be used to achieve every other color in life. The most basic colors help us identify the most deepest feelings. We also learnt how unity of these colors is so significant to the world we live in. Every other color around us is made of these three colors: red, blue and yellow. However, these colors alone may cause little wonder and would keep us from experiencing the world with all its beauty!

Throughout the year, we also had to maintain a VA journal where we had to spend time daily to doodle and scribble what we felt. This required commitment as it was hard sometimes to find time for VA. We also had to persevere while making the woodcut as some parts of it required patience and hard work. We grew tired but the excitement of the end product kept us going.



However, what was perhaps the most important part of our activities was to take inspiration from great artists without stealing their artwork ideas. It was something we needed to consciously maintain to abide by the ethical standards of art.

Overall, it was a really challenging and fun journey learning the art of expression through visual means. I would like to take up more such opportunities. It was filled with learning and I loved VA!


FIZZ ~ Project work @ Fountainhead School


Fizz is a product of my skills in both web designing and physics. I think that physics is an interesting subject and using my knowledge and abilities, I intend to simplify and espouse physics learners.

This is, in my opinion, an issue of global significance. Many people find it hard to learn physics due to a range of reasons like: jargon, lack of resources, dearth of available help, uninteresting presentation in textbooks and most websites, non-practical approaches, no ease of use etc. Fizz is supposed to be a remedy for something that many students face in the present system.

These resources are provided as a free online service, and involve creative visuals to make it more interesting. This was an initiative by me and my friend (Manan).

One of the challenges I faced was my lack of expertise in drawing and visual art – due to which it often took me multiple trials and hours to churn in the visuals to supplement the units. Also, covering the entire syllabus was pretty long and tiring. It also took quite some research to set up cost efficient system to host the website.

Fizz required continuous hard work to market it and update it and launch it in the first place. This, I found pretty challenging with the amount of tasks that come with school. However, because of the sense of initiative that the project provided, I was committed to it and was able to successfully fulfill most of the deadlines.

Manan and I effectively distributed the work to suit our skillsets and constraints. I think that worked out pretty well for us and we were able to work very effectively as a team.

I think one of the major ethical considerations we had to make was to strictly avoid plagiarism and reference all sources. We also had to make sure that the content we put up online is factually accurate. We achieved this using rigorous review from our subject teachers.



I hadn’t been on many treks before, so it was challenging to work my way up such an inclination, in the cold weather with the thin air. It wasn’t as tiring as I thought it would be though, so it broke my paradigms, but it was definitely physical exertion and challenging. I tried to take part in all the walks decided, even though we had been given the opportunity to sit back and relax because I thought it would be great to make the most out of the trip. I also made many new friends, and we had a great time together playing games. I think this was a new frontier for me given the kind of introvert I’ve always been. The trip helped me open up, and therefore it was an emotional achievement as well. We helped each other in our work during the trek, back in our rooms, and even while travelling. It was a great collaborative effort and we formed a friend circle that we would cherish for the rest of our lives! Apart from that, we also learned a lot – about how excessive apple farming had increased the temperature and therefore reduced the quality of apples grown, and about art and culture unique to the village by visiting the Roerich Art Gallery. It was awesome. We also learned to take special care of the nature as we were shocked by the amount of dirt and garbage littered around the sites. We learned that we should leave as small a footprint as possible to preserve such natural beauties for the future generations. This was an ethical concern that we had to take into consideration and also an issue of global significance. I enjoyed a lot and although I didn’t want to go at first and only agreed at repeated persuasions from teachers and friends, I think I would’ve regretted it if I hadn’t gone there. It was a great experience.




I used to play chess before, but at a very basic personal level without seriousness. However, this time I realized the seriousness of chess as a sport and applied for the selections of the school team. It was a great experience, especially because I had to start giving attention to small details and rules of the sport. It was also very challenging for me as I had taken no coaching for the sport at any point of time in the past. With the support of one of my friends who was amazing at chess, I learned all the rules in a few days and also got selected for the team. This was kind of unexpected and hence I recognized my potential in a new sport. The competition itself was very tough, and I think I will need to prepare more for the next time, therefore evoking the need of undertaking challenges. But the exposure, as such, of learning a new sport altogether and representing the school for it was great and I’ll be glad to play more Chess in the coming years. I learned that trying new sports expands my horizon and gives exercise to different parts of the mind – which is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I used to play only football for most of highschool, but playing chess gave me an insight into an entirely new game.

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