Activity Components (C/A/S) Duration & Start/End dates Learning outcomes
Football camps Activity 10/7/2015 to 15/7/2015 L1, L5, L7
Plantation Service 18/7/2015 to 18/7/2015 L2, L5, L6
Joining gym Activity 3/8/2015 to 29/2/2016 L1, L3, L4
Literature fest (Anagrams) Creativity 23/8/2015 to 23/8/2015 L1, L5, L7
Literature Fest (Ads to add up) Creativity 24/8/2015 to 24/8/2015 L4, L5
Kabbadi tournament Activity and Service 6/8/2016 to 6/9/2016 L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7
Book club Creativity 16/7/2015 to 22/3/2016 L1, L4, L7
Cas trip to Naggar Service and Creativity 27/12/2015 to 3/1/2016 L1, L2, L5, L7

CAS Essay

The first and foremost CAS activity which comes in my mind, is my cas project, The Kabaddi tournament which I conducted in my school. It was led by me and two of my friends where we planned the project, invited participants, conducted an auction to make teams and finally executed our plan. The profits driven from this project were used in the donation. I felt this activity very impressive because it was the activity where we needed to had a full-proof plan to be successful. The fact that numerous participants participated in this event, making us earn huge profits reflected how well planned was our project. There were few difficulties which we faced, however holding weekly meetings among three of us and coming up with instant solutions helped us to solve those hurdles. This is something which made me a good communicator. Moreover, all these elements have improved my management and leadership skills drastically and that is what made this activity one of my best CAS experience.

I have learned numerous things from the component of CAS such as football sport with the help of activities such as football camps and football classes. I also learned a new skill of planting saplings in a huge land. This helped me to associate the activity of plantation with the learner profile, caring. Activities such as Lit fest (anagrams) and lit fest (ads to add up) have contributed to my cognitive thinking, helping me to become a knowledgeable person. I also brushed my skills of trekking and experienced the moments of cliff jump while I went to Naggar as my cas trip. The trip aided me in becoming risk-taker.

I developed skills of being patient, perseverant, committed as well as consistency from all of the CAS activities. I came out of my comfort zone in various activities, helping me to push my limits further. I learned a lot about myself and the skills I possess via the activities I did as my CAS component. More than that, while doing gymming and holding kabaddi tournament I learned more about others and their perspectives. Their opinions and ideas were something which aided me to look things differently which greatly affected the way I took decisions in all of my CAS activities. This has helped me to develop the skill of teamwork and coordination as well.

The most difficult learning outcome to achieve was the third one, initiate and plan a cas experience. Planning is something which I like very much, however executing the same is very difficult. I faced difficulties in my cas project where I had to achieve LO 3. Executing kabaddi tournament in the way it was planned by three of us, was very tricky but solving those hurdles was something which made this activity a successful one.

I think learning leadership, management, and teamwork skills from CAS activities will help me further in my life especially while I am doing projects in BBA course as well as while I am doing business. Coordinating and controlling people appropriately in business will make their life better and will help my business to prosper.



I am Anay Sanghvi and I am 16 years old. I am currently in the second year of IBDP, studying in Fountainhead school, Surat.

I believe that I am talented in quick calculations and fluent Hindi reading which I think has vastly helped me in Math and Hindi subject since many years. Determination and approaching work with a lot of planning have very much developed in me since the past two years. These two qualities have equipped me to coordinate better with my work schedule. These have also aided me in to conduct a better time management allowing me to take out a lot of free time from the busy schedule derived due to IBDP. I think I also possess a talent of leading a group of people in a very strategically way towards a vision, especially in sports. Making strategies and plans to counter various hurdles which can mislead us, as a group, is very much into me. These have helped me to gain a lot of leadership skills as far as sports is concerned.

The things I enjoy doing is to solve riddles and tricky mathematics sums, to stay engaged in one or more sports such as cricket and football, and I also love listening and singing songs. Playing football and listening songs are two important hobbies which I do almost every 5-6 days a week. It provides me with a lot of energy and refreshment.

There are various skills which I want to acquire so that I can gain a lot of excellence in a maximum number of fields. The first thing I want to learn is to have better management skills so that I can coordinate people and the work in a very effective manner irrespective of what the event/activity is. I also want to acquire a good command over the English language so that I can communicate my ideas in a much better and effective way. I want to have an exposure of an outer world by being involved in internships, conducting major events, attending summer schools letting me gain fruitful experiences. I would also like to have an exposure of something which is very alien to me and something from which I am uncomfortable with. This will help me to extend my limits of working in unfavorable conditions. 

My outlook towards my life is to maximize my excellence in the field I am passionate about. I want to enjoy my life by doing what I like especially the work in which I am involved. I would also like to optimize the happiness I can generate by my actions over others whom I interact with on a regular basis.

The most important issue present in the society, which agitates me is poverty and gender inequality.

Even though I have pursued commerce, I would also like to learn some topics of sciences which will help to expand my knowledge and not let it be restricted. Subjects like TOK have vastly helped me to critically examine the knowledge I acquire and studying more about it is something I want.

CAS Project: Kabaddi Tournament

My CAS project was to conduct a Kabaddi tournament at the school. It was a tedious job but eventually got completed. Kabaddi, a traditional Indian sport which was not so popular in our school and that was one of the biggest hurdles Nikunj and Varun and I had to tackle with.

It all started when we finally zeroed on the idea of having a KABADDI TOURNAMENT. We, as a group, had to plan a lot and therefore coordination was a must to complete the project. The planning process included the venue of the tournament, marketing techniques, create teams and the structure of the tournament. We thought that our assembly area would be a good place to conduct the tournament but that place was unavailable. We were prepared with a backup plan for the venue of the tournament so we changed it. We took the permission to conduct the tournament there and it was proved to be a fruitful decision.

Marketing techniques included poster display, online awareness and word of mouth. However, word of mouth marketing was something very difficult for us. All three of us had hesitations in public speaking, especially when we were unfamiliar with our audience. It was something that we overcame and successfully spread the message across. It has collaboratively aided us to attract participants for the tournament.  Finally, 32 participants registered for the tournament but some of them bailed out from the tournament as soon as they got to know about the injuries caused by this game. It was a very disturbing to know about the bailouts but still we had 30 participants at the end. We also decided to provide rewards for winning team, best raider, and best defender.

The next stage was to collect the entry fee of the tournament. Continuous emails and texts were sent to participants in order to remind them about the entry fee. It was a challenge for us but constant dedication towards the activity helped us to complete this stage of the tournament as well.

Another stage of our tournament was to form teams through auctions. We decided to make 5 teams of 6 members. Deciding the structure of auction was a difficult task for us as we were not aware of how the auction actually looks like. We did research on “how auctions are conducted”. After a detailed research, we decided to select 5 players from the 30 participants and announced them as captains. Selecting 5 players and convincing them to be captains was difficult. At last, we were able to appoint 4 captains only.

To make it a successful event, I became the part of the tournament and became the captain. It was spontaneous and a sudden decision for me. It was a challenging task for me as I had to handle the post of the referee as well as of the captain of a team. Although my devotion towards event was at its optimum. We conducted the auctions where I did not get involved in any management process in order to be morally correct. If I would have been indulged into any management process while the auctions were conducted, it might have been unfair to all other captains.

Teams were finally made and now it was time to initiate the tournament. There were 5 teams but we were not able to decide the structure of the tournament. After giving an intense thought on it, we finally came up with the structure. Accordingly, the fixtures were called off, and matches were going to start, but due to miscommunication, there were some important school meetings scheduled during that time when we were actually going to conduct the matches. We urgently had to call the organizational meeting to finally change the dates of fixtures and to communicate it to each. Then finally the action began, and we were through with the execution process. It was a tedious job to be a referee, especially when we are unprofessional. There were numerous protests by the participants against our decisions but we managed it well. Being a captain simultaneously, added up the burden but I managed it well. I also took care that as a referee, I do not take decisions with biases in my mind. This has helped the best team to win. The tournament ended with a closing ceremony where we distributed the awards. I was feeling great with such a successful event conducted.

More than promoting our traditional sports Kabaddi; encouraging girls to play kabaddi, we as a group, wanted to do something for the society. This showed how we were engaging with a global issue of girls being underestimated as far as their sports performance is concerned. We wanted to promote equality through our event which I think we did it successfully by inviting participants irrespective of their gender. This really made me feel proud for my project as this might be a small step to not only encourage girls to play kabaddi but also to encourage equality between two genders but for the long term this attribute will help me to feel self-actualised.

We earned huge profits by the means of this event, and we decided to use this money into buying stationery for children who could not afford it. We earned 1000 rupees, almost one-third of the revenue, which we completely devoted for the donation. The fact that we again dealt with an issue of poverty which has been significantly severe in India, I feel more satisfied with this activity. Even donating small things such as stationery has been proved as a small step to mitigate this issue of poverty. This not only makes me feel proud but also excited to conduct more activities of this type.

The successful event followed by a heartening donation made my activity of some worth.


1. Images of a kabaddi match from our tournament



2. Donation of stationary in an orphanage


Book club (long term)

This was a school led event where each of the students needed to complete at least ten books by the end of one academic year. There were three levels which an individual can choose and complete the criteria of the book club. There were 3 categories; 1- Debutant, where 10 books are required to complete; 2- Challenger where 12 books should be read and 3- Master Blaster where 15 are been required.

Reading books were not my cup of tea, however, I got out of my comfort zone and rather going for a debutant teacher’s choice (where I could have read 5 books); I opted to go for a debutant level. I thought that it is going to be a tough challenge but the outcome of it was extremely fruitful.

This activity meant a lot to me because I wanted to improve my language skills as I was very poor in it. Reading books were the best way to enhance my analyzing and linguistic skills in order to do great in IB.

Doing this activity, made me know that I can also read numerous books with a lot of interest. I exhibited complete dedication and interest towards reading books which let me achieve this great milestone of reading 10 books in a year.

In order to make sure that whether we have read books or not, our supervisor used to take presentations of the book. I could have just read the summary and presented it in front of our supervisor, but knowing the fact that it is wrong I opted to read all 10 books. I didn’t choose the wrong path because I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to enhance my language skills and to have a good command over the language.


1. Book tweet:

“Ninth book of grade 11: Honest Truth about Dishonesty by Dan Ariely

Description: This book talks about how often we unknowingly act dishonestly. Dishonesty is not only stealing  a lump sum of money but taking a pen from your friend without his/her permission is also dishonesty. Therefore, this book suggests ways by which a person can avoid small instances where they are tempted to be dishonest.
Favorite character: The narrator itself, because the ways he showed seemed to be too effective. If I could implement those, I am sure that I would have no issues in my life regarding moral values.
Stylistic device: None
Recommendation: Varun has recommended this book to me, and I would like to recommend this book to people who are beginners as the language used in the book was too easy.”














Reflection 6 (Joining gym)

Doing gym exercises are always tiring and time-consuming. It was a long 6-months tiring sessions I had, where I needed to wake up early morning, come to school and lift these heavyweights. It was initiated by me and some of my friends, where we planned the duration of our each gym session, the exercises we are going to do and also how many times are we going to attend the session in a week. A lot of focus on our planning helped us to have a clear direction of where we are heading to. I always thought performing this activity would quite be fascinating but it all ended up being tiring sessions.

Performing this activity was not my cup of tea as I would not prefer to wake up early morning for getting tired. However, the obstinacy I had towards my goals was to its extreme. I showed a lot of devotion to the activity, and I tried to curtail missing the gym sessions so as to reach goals quickly and effectively.

I identified vigor of mine in respect to gym exercises. I was constantly increasing the weight to lift so as to build muscles more efficaciously. However, I could not attempt frequent repetitions of the same weight, which really obstructed me to achieve my goals. It was a great drawback I faced while venturing this activity.

The primary thing which motivated me to do this activity for long 6 months was my friends’ company. My 6 friends were with me doing the same activities. It really made the activity less monotonous and more joyful.

Doing gyming was very a constructive way of using time because it would really help me in sports like Football. So doing using time on this activity was worth it. My goals were very simple, to build up muscles so that I can stay fit and healthy. This activity did really help me to build my muscles, and day by day I was feeling much better in terms of health.

I finally completed 6 months of gym training and there was a reasonable growth in my muscles. I could see a great change in my Football skills due to the gym exercises. Being tiring, this activity provided me fruitful results.


1. IMG-20150925-WA0003

2. IMG-20150925-WA0001

Reflection 5 (Naggar trip)

I perceived this trip as very adventurous and also one of the most enjoyable trips because I travelled this beautiful Naggar with my friends and teachers. The place where we stayed did also possess numerous stories of ancient times. The beauty of snow in Manali added up the enthusiasm and fun we had. However, the thing which might have terrified me before going here was the cold weather. Although after going there, chillness didn’t bother me as I wore layers of clothes, and thus I could do activities with a lot of ease. Furthermore, exploring different ancient temples and paintings made us know about the existence of creativity in those times.
While this trip I could identify a strength of mine that I could easily trek for 2-3 hours without any hesitation which really helped me on this trip. However, my laziness at morning while waking, restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively. Waking late restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively.

Skiing was one of the greatest challenges for all of us. Skiing was something we don’t do it customarily which made us uncomfortable. However, the expertise provided by them made me and my friends do a very good job in skiing which made this trip more interesting and adventurous.

As we were 30 people travelling together, we needed to make sure that we needed to work with a lot of coordination and without any conflicts among us. Keeping this in mind, we coordinated and adjusted with each other while travelling by bus and train, while choosing rooms for staying etc. This really helped all of us to stay peacefully. Moreover, there were some places where the Jain food available was very limited. So the four students who were Jain including me needed to share the limited food available there.
Furthermore, the main focus of this trip was to enjoy the nature and treks. So it was compulsory to stay away from gadgets and, therefore, our school didn’t allow us to bring any type of gadgets especially, mobiles. So in order to accord with credos of school, I didn’t bring mobile and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Additionally, I also did not throw any type of plastic garbage on the road in Himachal Pradesh as it is strictly prohibited. It helped me to save the nature.
Overall, this trip was a great success because due to this activity I could identify my numerous strengths and some weaknesses to work upon. I could also get an opportunity to know local people of Naggar and their lifestyles.


 cam 1100 

1. Enjoying with friends in Naggar

cam 1105

Reflection 1 (Football Camps)

As I am deeply passionate about sports, I loved attending football camps. This CAS activity meant a lot to me because I desperately wanted to achieve something in the field of my passion. So for an achievement I wanted to get participated in Inter-School Subroto Football Competition as well as states Subroto football competition.

To work upon my weakness and to advance my football skills, I adjudicated to join football camps. Although I thought that waking up early morning for football camps would be very tiring and boring. It was completely out of my comfort zone as I am a person who is obsessed to sleep. However when my passion overruled my sleep I could show the commitment toward the camps, I realized that it retained my freshness throughout the day rather than tiredness. Additionally, these type of camps helps all of us to remain fit and healthy.I also thought that attending a 2 hours camp for 5 days would be not useful as it will not bring a drastic change in my football skills. However, I was wrong because I was attending the competition as well as camps after a very long break (nearly 2 months). So, these camps brought back my form in the sport and made my journey of qualifying for states quite easier. I noticed a great weakness of mine while attending the camps. It was frequent muscle pulls that I faced while playing. This restricted me to play football for a long time. I took some advice from my coach to deal with the problem and now will try to avoid these types of pulls further in my sports career. The camps included numerous things which I could have explicitly learned. The most important thing I learned is the coordination. It helped me to work collaboratively with my teammates. I learned this when our coach, Mr. Anwer Hans made us play offense vs. defense. Additionally, the skill of coordination might help me in future while doing a business in the team. Not only this, but I could also brush up my Football passing skills which is one of the most important skill in any game. There were many problems I faced and many things didn’t go according to my plan. Firstly, I missed camp on day 2 due to transport problems but I tried to cover the training in free slots during my school time. So, the entire period of camps was tremendous and worth it.

Additionally, as per my first goal, I got selected in district football competition. My efforts helped me to get myself selected in district competition, and my efforts helped my team to win the first match. To gain this win, we needed to interact well with each other and we did so. The way we communicated with the coach and our partners lead us to our first win. Furthermore, a lot of perseverance and commitment also lead us to our first victory.Sportsman Spirit is one of the main features a sportsman requires. Additionally playing fair was always a primary motto of our entire team including me. I had a chance to give a false certificate to school and play unscrupulously in under 14, whereas I am 15 years old. However, I didn’t conduct this iniquitous act and played fairly. I also cut the nails, removed the watch before the game and avoided fights during the match so that we can play a fair game. Unfortunately, we lost deciding the match and hence I could not get selected for the state level. It really disappointed me however, this made me and my teammates go back to drawing board to try to detect the weaknesses which made our journey end so that we do not repeat these mistakes again in other tournaments. Apart from the loss, the whole experience of this CAS activity was spectacular. It really pleased me to achieve learning outcomes through this CAS activity.



1. My football team:




















2. Getting ready for our first football match:













3. Doing warm-up and stretching to avoid muscle pulls.

Untitled 2









Reflection 2 (Plantation in Vansda village)

This activity was quite boring as we did the same thing for all over the time. We were provided plants which we need to plant in the same manner for 5 long hours. This made us tired as well as bored. However, doing the activity with all our friends made the experience worth remembering. Doing the service with our friends, had a high possibility that we would start talking and playing with each rather than doing what we are expected to do. However, we thought to do our work irreproachably so that our purpose is fulfilled.

I thought the activity might be boring and it was, as I expected. The reason behind my participation in this activity was to expose myself to a different subject; which was the plantation. My motto of going to the forest was to gain knowledge the way farmers work, what are the processes they use to plant the saplings, do they use pesticides or chemical fertilizers etc. This can help me to explore an agricultural aspect.

As I did this activity first time in my life, it was completely uncomfortable for me to plant the saplings. Putting all dirty, wet, soiled saplings under the ground and then cover it with sand was quite unhygienic and awkward for me. I was tired after the activity but also proud of being a responsible ESS student because ESS teaches us to take steps which lead you to ecocentrism, and this activity was a small but effective steps towards ecocentrism.

I learned many things about myself after doing this activity including my strengths and weakness and where I need to improve. The strength I noticed about me was the endurance; I worked for 5 hours without much tiredness. I mentioned earlier, this activity was quite tiring and a way out of my comfort zone hence this became a great weakness of mine while doing the activity. However, I felt good So, after doing this activity I would like to be more open-minded towards different things and conditions.

Without collaboration, we might not achieve, so it was a milestone. Our coordination helped us to plant nearly 100 plants; It was a great pleasure after doing so. I am the person who never planted one tree, and suddenly planting these many trees was an honor itself.

As far as my goals are concerned, we collaboratively worked together to make results effective. I definitely learned new things and skills about the plantation. As studied in ESS, the world is facing a serious issue of global warming followed from deforestation. So a small step of planting 100 plants might save a life, so doing this activity definitely made me feel proud. Therefore YES, this activity was successful as an individual as well as a global prospect.


1. Travelling in the bus to reach the forest, situated in Vansda village:


2. Travelling in the forest to reach the place where we need to do plantation.




3. Started doing plantation




Reflection 4 (Lit fest: Ads to add up)

It was a longest Inter-House event conducted in literary fest where we were given a product for which we needed to make an advertisement in an as creative manner as we could. It was a group activity. It was again an electrifying encounter for me as I came across multitudinous new things.

I thought that activity would be good but doing it for long two hours would quite make it monotonous. Sitting for two hours to make an advertisement for an imaginary product (a pen which only writes truth) was quite tedious. However, this event meant to me a lot because it was an Inter-House event and, therefore, we wanted to win it. As there were new people in my team, I found myself quite uncomfortable to talk to them. Moreover, it was a first time when I made this type of advertisement at a competition level; this made me feel very apprehensive. Feeling this challenge was quite excruciating for me however it benefited me to make new friends. As time passed we were coping with each other to make an effective advertisement. Coordination was a key which brought me back into my comfort zone. I could talk with the 7th Graders without any hesitation. This lead to a nice, effective advertisement.

Moreover determination was a second key for me and all of our teammates to make an effective advertisement. We needed to show some interest and passion in the composure of ad so that audience can easily buy our idea. Therefore, I gave my full devotion to my work and did it at my best.

We made our advertisement which was reasonably done well, but the way we presented was quite extraordinary because we included an element of drama. This made our entire work very efficacious. Therefore, finally we won the first prize; I could also learn marketing and presenting skills. Hence, this activity was full of entertainment and worth learning.


1. Our advertisement chart


2. Our presentation


1 2