Vasnda Plantation_19/7/15

This was our first field trip of the year. Not only that it was the first time I was going for a tree plantation program. I was pretty excited to know about it. The place where we went to was Vasnda. Just, a little before Dang. Vasnda was a great place and it had a lot of barren land. So, the government had used that land to construct an enormous garden. We were asked to come there and contribute and help the workers there. I was pretty excited. Social service is something i enjoy at some extend. I felt lucky to get the opportunity to plant trees to a place, which in future will be used for hundreds of people as a place for leisure. We were given different tasks to do like planting the plants, moving plants from the trucks to the ground, digging the ground. We had a group of 15 people. We all mutually decided and divided the task so that the given task is completed faster and we can do more of it. Synergy played a vital role in all the tasks given to us. We all had to be committed to what was assigned to us to finish the tasks faster.Working in team helped us complete the tasks before and time and so we did other extra work to help more rather than just sitting ideally after finishing the assigned task. It was a lot of fun interacting with the workers, helping them with their task and learning from those experts about plants, how are they planted, why that technique is used etc. The workers there were very happy to see us and we were glad to be there helping hands. I feel proud to contribute my little efforts for a good cause The activities were planned very well and those people made sure we enjoy the activities. I did not make a “Quantitative Goal”, my aim was simply to do as much as possible and give 100% to whatever work I was given and moreover to enjoy the tasks and do them willingly with zest by showing active participation. I am glad that I selected this as my CAS activity.Without CAS, I don’t think i would’ve got the opportunity to do something like this that will help for the betterment of society by giving them a place to have family picnic or have fun during holidays or weekends, etc and also planting trees that will lead to the betterment of the environment. I feel proud to take the decision of going on this field trip. I learnt a lot of things like working in a team, how our little efforts can help the community for a good cause. I thoroughly enjoyed my involvement in this activity. It was pretty fun interacting with the workers over there. They were very friendly and demonstrated different skills and taught us the process of planting trees, how to dig the ground properly, which plants are to be put on what side and why that has to be done. The ethics that we applied is to that to do all the tasks given in the correct manner with honesty and not doing things which were not allowed. Abiding by the rules that were told to us there and finish all our work with utmost integrity. We achieved success in planting a lot of trees and achieving our group goal of finishing the specific assigned areas and tasks.

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Reflection 1 (Football Camps)

As I am deeply passionate about sports, I loved attending football camps. This CAS activity meant a lot to me because I desperately wanted to achieve something in the field of my passion. So for an achievement I wanted to get participated in Inter-School Subroto Football Competition as well as states Subroto football competition.

To work upon my weakness and to advance my football skills, I adjudicated to join football camps. Although I thought that waking up early morning for football camps would be very tiring and boring. It was completely out of my comfort zone as I am a person who is obsessed to sleep. However when my passion overruled my sleep I could show the commitment toward the camps, I realized that it retained my freshness throughout the day rather than tiredness. Additionally, these type of camps helps all of us to remain fit and healthy.I also thought that attending a 2 hours camp for 5 days would be not useful as it will not bring a drastic change in my football skills. However, I was wrong because I was attending the competition as well as camps after a very long break (nearly 2 months). So, these camps brought back my form in the sport and made my journey of qualifying for states quite easier. I noticed a great weakness of mine while attending the camps. It was frequent muscle pulls that I faced while playing. This restricted me to play football for a long time. I took some advice from my coach to deal with the problem and now will try to avoid these types of pulls further in my sports career. The camps included numerous things which I could have explicitly learned. The most important thing I learned is the coordination. It helped me to work collaboratively with my teammates. I learned this when our coach, Mr. Anwer Hans made us play offense vs. defense. Additionally, the skill of coordination might help me in future while doing a business in the team. Not only this, but I could also brush up my Football passing skills which is one of the most important skill in any game. There were many problems I faced and many things didn’t go according to my plan. Firstly, I missed camp on day 2 due to transport problems but I tried to cover the training in free slots during my school time. So, the entire period of camps was tremendous and worth it.

Additionally, as per my first goal, I got selected in district football competition. My efforts helped me to get myself selected in district competition, and my efforts helped my team to win the first match. To gain this win, we needed to interact well with each other and we did so. The way we communicated with the coach and our partners lead us to our first win. Furthermore, a lot of perseverance and commitment also lead us to our first victory.Sportsman Spirit is one of the main features a sportsman requires. Additionally playing fair was always a primary motto of our entire team including me. I had a chance to give a false certificate to school and play unscrupulously in under 14, whereas I am 15 years old. However, I didn’t conduct this iniquitous act and played fairly. I also cut the nails, removed the watch before the game and avoided fights during the match so that we can play a fair game. Unfortunately, we lost deciding the match and hence I could not get selected for the state level. It really disappointed me however, this made me and my teammates go back to drawing board to try to detect the weaknesses which made our journey end so that we do not repeat these mistakes again in other tournaments. Apart from the loss, the whole experience of this CAS activity was spectacular. It really pleased me to achieve learning outcomes through this CAS activity.



1. My football team:




















2. Getting ready for our first football match:













3. Doing warm-up and stretching to avoid muscle pulls.

Untitled 2









Football Subroto States_7/9/15

We had finally made our way to State Level. The districts more than a month ago. We had to practise hard for the tournament to keep our record of being the state champions on. Also, this was the last subroto cup we will be playing as Team because of age limitations. We had plenty of time to practise for the tournament and make ourselves ready for the state level competition. Due to a lot circumstances and limitations, we could get into practise more often. Extra practises got irregular, team practises rarely happened as some of us play multiple sports and their competition were also scheduled during this time period. Some of the senior players backed out due to their circumstances. Our spirits were down already. The dates did not come when they were supposed to and got delayed. Just 3 days before the tournament, we came to know about it. We were still a little confident because we were playing on this level from past 3 years and had plenty of experience. So, we made up till the Finals in tournament but could not be the champions. And that was the time when we learnt the significance of hard work. Apart from what happened and the reasons we lost, there is one lesson which Subroto Cup taught us was Team Work. It taught us the significance of teamwork and coordination. It made us understand that Football is all about synergy, it is all about how well you can play with your own team members. As it is correctly said “We win as a team, We lose as a team.” Football being a team game, every small or big effort made by  anybody makes a difference. Every single shot, tackle or defence done by anyone of us helped the team. I figured out that I was pretty comfortable playing any position given to me except the goalkeeper. I played the position according to our situation in the match. Sometimes, defence, midfield or striker. The efforts that I made for team made me realise my significance, it made me realise that I was an integral part of the team. Not only me, but all of us played keeping all the fouls and violations in mind. Though sometimes we thought that the referee was biased, we still controlled our emotions and proved ourselves by playing our natural game. Though the opponent team violated the rules and tried making us injured, we controlled our anger and followed the ethics of the game. Though we get angry or aggressive but we don’t become violent in the game.  Overall I am glad that I participated in this tournament and took this up as a CAS activity. I grew as a person, I realised a lot of things which I couldn’t have realised elsewhere.

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Activity 1: Subroto Cup Football Tournament (District Level)

I participated in the district level football tournament on 16th July 2015. It was a different experience for me, because I was playing a new position. I was the goal keeper of the the team, and I have never felt so much responsible while playing a football match.
I developed goalkeeping skills, which helped me develop physical strength (endurance, stamina). I gave in my lots of hardwork and efforts to develop this new skill. I attended morning camps to practice all the new skills of goalkeeping. Hardwork and determination was my main focus during the camps.
Moreover, I developed a new bond with my team, that helped me in synergizing with the team both, on and off field. The coordination between my team helped me focus more while playing in the match.
As I was the goalkeeper, the team was a lot dependent on my participation and activeness. If I lose my concentration during the game, the team can suffer. I had to make sure that I didn’t let the opppnent team score a goal.
Football is a team game, and in this sport, being and playing fair is a vital part. Anwer Sir, our coach, always taught us to play fair during the game. I had always kept in mind not to hurt anyone intentionally during the game.
This activity helped me build my physical strength, as well as my mental abilities to be strong and stay focused. It also helped me in learning how to synergize with my team mates. Cooperation with the team members is a signicant ascpect of football.
To conclude, I would like to say that it was a thrilling experience. I enjoyed playing for my team. All the hardwork didn’t go in vain as we won the competition. Therefore, I was glad that I was a part of the team.
Subroto District

Reflection 2 (Plantation in Vansda village)

This activity was quite boring as we did the same thing for all over the time. We were provided plants which we need to plant in the same manner for 5 long hours. This made us tired as well as bored. However, doing the activity with all our friends made the experience worth remembering. Doing the service with our friends, had a high possibility that we would start talking and playing with each rather than doing what we are expected to do. However, we thought to do our work irreproachably so that our purpose is fulfilled.

I thought the activity might be boring and it was, as I expected. The reason behind my participation in this activity was to expose myself to a different subject; which was the plantation. My motto of going to the forest was to gain knowledge the way farmers work, what are the processes they use to plant the saplings, do they use pesticides or chemical fertilizers etc. This can help me to explore an agricultural aspect.

As I did this activity first time in my life, it was completely uncomfortable for me to plant the saplings. Putting all dirty, wet, soiled saplings under the ground and then cover it with sand was quite unhygienic and awkward for me. I was tired after the activity but also proud of being a responsible ESS student because ESS teaches us to take steps which lead you to ecocentrism, and this activity was a small but effective steps towards ecocentrism.

I learned many things about myself after doing this activity including my strengths and weakness and where I need to improve. The strength I noticed about me was the endurance; I worked for 5 hours without much tiredness. I mentioned earlier, this activity was quite tiring and a way out of my comfort zone hence this became a great weakness of mine while doing the activity. However, I felt good So, after doing this activity I would like to be more open-minded towards different things and conditions.

Without collaboration, we might not achieve, so it was a milestone. Our coordination helped us to plant nearly 100 plants; It was a great pleasure after doing so. I am the person who never planted one tree, and suddenly planting these many trees was an honor itself.

As far as my goals are concerned, we collaboratively worked together to make results effective. I definitely learned new things and skills about the plantation. As studied in ESS, the world is facing a serious issue of global warming followed from deforestation. So a small step of planting 100 plants might save a life, so doing this activity definitely made me feel proud. Therefore YES, this activity was successful as an individual as well as a global prospect.


1. Travelling in the bus to reach the forest, situated in Vansda village:


2. Travelling in the forest to reach the place where we need to do plantation.




3. Started doing plantation




Reflection 4 (Lit fest: Ads to add up)

It was a longest Inter-House event conducted in literary fest where we were given a product for which we needed to make an advertisement in an as creative manner as we could. It was a group activity. It was again an electrifying encounter for me as I came across multitudinous new things.

I thought that activity would be good but doing it for long two hours would quite make it monotonous. Sitting for two hours to make an advertisement for an imaginary product (a pen which only writes truth) was quite tedious. However, this event meant to me a lot because it was an Inter-House event and, therefore, we wanted to win it. As there were new people in my team, I found myself quite uncomfortable to talk to them. Moreover, it was a first time when I made this type of advertisement at a competition level; this made me feel very apprehensive. Feeling this challenge was quite excruciating for me however it benefited me to make new friends. As time passed we were coping with each other to make an effective advertisement. Coordination was a key which brought me back into my comfort zone. I could talk with the 7th Graders without any hesitation. This lead to a nice, effective advertisement.

Moreover determination was a second key for me and all of our teammates to make an effective advertisement. We needed to show some interest and passion in the composure of ad so that audience can easily buy our idea. Therefore, I gave my full devotion to my work and did it at my best.

We made our advertisement which was reasonably done well, but the way we presented was quite extraordinary because we included an element of drama. This made our entire work very efficacious. Therefore, finally we won the first prize; I could also learn marketing and presenting skills. Hence, this activity was full of entertainment and worth learning.


1. Our advertisement chart


2. Our presentation


Reflection 3 (Lit fest- Anagrams)

This event was an Inter-House competition in the Literary Fest conducted by our school. I participated in the event to contribute to the house points. The experience was tremendous and worth learning. There were three rounds where we were provided with the set of jumbled words, which we need to arrange in given time.

Pre Handedly, I thought that the event would not be exciting might go boring for me as I don’t like English language at all. I considered the event to be out of my zone. Being challenged this way was difficult although I wanted to experience something new, something which is alien to me. Additionally, the activity also meant a lot to me, as it was an ‘Inter-House’ event, and I anyhow needed to win it.

First of all, I hoped a win from this event. Secondly, I hoped to come across new English words which we are arranging. These were the two main rationales for which I took part in this CAS activity. To achieve this, we needed to coordinate with each other. Without cooperation, there was no scope of winning the event. So accordingly, we coordinated with each other by distributing words among each other, so that we could complete the task easily; and because of playing as a ‘team’ we got the results in our favour. Our house was the one who arranged a maximum number of words in the event. Hence, we successfully got a victory in the event. Moreover, I could also come across various new English words, which I could use in my English essay.

I could distinguished some of my foibles during the event. As I am not so good in English, I could arrange the word but was not sure whether it made sense or not because of low vocabulary I have. However working as a team, allowed me to ask my teammates about the words and therefore coordination also helped me personally to know new English words.

There were great chances of finagles occurring while this event because all 4 houses sat beside each other. This could have made easy for house members to hear the arranged words from other group members. However, I as a person would not prefer to cheat and rather play virtuously. Not only me, but my entire team played virtuously by concentrating on just our jumbled words. This gave us the result in our favour, and we achieved the victory.


1. Rearranging jumbled words



2. Contribution of each member


Activity 2: Attending Garba Classes

Dancing is something I have always loved. To attend Garba classes has been my dream since a long time. After attending garba classes, I have always felt rejuvinated and fresh. I believe it is really difficult to manage school time with garba time. I managed to attend the class at 7:30 to 8:30 pm for about 3 months, starting from July 2015.

I have always been passionate about dancing. I have won many prizes for dancing, and therefore, I have been confident about dancing since a young age. These classes helped me in my developing my previous dancing skills. Moreover, learning such a dance form has taught me how to express beautifully. I have improvised on the way how I danced on every beat. Attending garba classes, so far has been the second best thing about Navaratri Festival. The first best thing is undoubtedly going to different places, and play Garba. I would like to credit these classes for my grace in dancing. I’ve started enjoying dancing more than ever. Dancing continuously (specially Garba) requires a lot of stamina and endurance. Collaboration plays a significant role here. Unless a person doesn’t coordinate with the people around her/him, it is very likely that everybody will bump into each other. Thus, having perfect coordination with ever is a must.

Garba is all about dancing, sharing happiness and enjoying with the colourful lights surrounded by us. This form of dance gives me pure satisfaction and contentment.

It eventually hepled me maintain my fitness, and also gave me the opportunity to dress up beautifully by allowing me to wear traditional garba clothes, also known as, ‘Ghaghra Choli’.

Some beautiful moments:


Dancing in the ‘Garba Fest’ held at school on the 10th of October, 2015

Below are the glimpses of me doing garba at the “Surat Tennis Club”


Reflection on Garba Fest

I was one of the Heads of Decoration Department, with my co-head worker Muskaan, in a student-led event named Garba Fest. I was really very excited for doing this job. We both had a list of works to be done, which we had divided to help us reduce our burden as well as reduce internal conflicts that could have occurred, although we did work together and helped each other in making decisions.

As decorating things take a lot of end moment efforts and time, we had started planning for things well in advance so that we have a bit less last-minute jobs left. I had the task of making poster for photo-booth background, rangoli and collecting props for photo-booth.   For the work mentioned above I had started working on it from a week before.

The biggest challenge that we had to face was to get a quality work done in low budget. Due to this we had a lot of things from decoration that we either had to remove or reduce the price through bargaining.  This also had increased our task because we wanted things that were not available at low price (even after lot of request made to the shop keeper) and some were not available at even rent. In the end, we had borrowed a few things from our friends (which I am grateful of), a few we got rented (we were lucky enough) and few had to be bought (We tried our best).

On the day of the event, we got the job of all the lights, speakers and fans in place, all the food stalls were set-upped, getting the photo-booth ready with the props, and background posters, and creating rangoli. Many people had appreciated the work that we had done (luckily no one criticized), letting us know our scale of success achieved which made us feel proud of our efforts taken.

Through this activity I had improved my Management and creative skills. I also improved my skills of working with a team. In all, I enjoyed my work and the whole event.IMG_0123 picture1017

Reflection on Champak workshop:

It was a creative workshop, initiated by Champak (a children’s magazine). In this workshop, I developed a new skill of designing layouts (for making year book) using/on technological devices. In this, I had used my previous knowledge and understanding of colour theory and different layout structure (Visual Arts), while designing the cover page. My aim for attending the workshop was to improve my knowledge of use of Visual Arts that would help me in my subject as well as in preparing for designing year book for my next year (another CAS related activity).

We were shown a presentation which was informative, yet not as interesting;  as there were other students as well and a lot of time was taken in explaining things I already knew; also because the site we used was newly developed, by group of students, there were a lot of hazards in learning proper techniques. The most interesting thing in the presentation were a few slides of illusion which gave a lot of interesting ideas for my art works also increased my understanding of illustrating words/pictures.

For this task, we first had to work individually on our devices and later with a group, but because it was bit insipid many people from our group did not participate and many also had left the workshop in middle! This was unexpected and unaccepted but true. This was a result of the workshop going to slow and also because of the technical hazards in the software. In my opinion, if those technical hazards have not had taken place then it would have been a much better and informative workshop.

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