CAS Profile

Currently pursuing IBDP at the Fountainhead School, Surat, I have a particular inclination towards Business and Management studies. One of my strengths is my fitness, which enables me to do good at most sports. I regularly play and enjoy football and kabaddi and I am quite competent in both. Doing good in sports gives me a special kind of joy. I would yet want to strive towards putting on more muscle and becoming faster. I also have a flair for video games such as Counter-Strike or Age of Empires and I love playing them. Moreover, I believe that I’m creative and when given a task, I can come up with really out-of-the-box ideas. I also cherish spending time with friends.


Management is another key component that I have been good at but I would still wish to improve in this particular aspect because I have a lot more to learn and also it is really important for me from a career-point of view. Leadership is also a valuable trait, which as some say, is present in me. I am not be among the strongest communicators so the kind of leadership I wish to perform is not always realised. However, I do acknowledge the fact that I am good around people and somewhat understand the art of dealing with people. Following that, I am a good listener and empathetic to people and their circumstances.




Working to the potential is also one of the things I like about myself. I give all of what I have to complete a given activity, whether it be committing to run till my legs hurt or improving on a submission till the deadline’s last minute. It allows me to produce quality work in different aspects of life. It, however, also consumes a lot of time and effort and makes it difficult for me to manage my time efficiently.


I think I’m fortunate that my talents and things that I enjoy the most coincide, or perhaps because they are the things I enjoy, I have worked upon them, and developed them. But still there are things, which I would like to improve upon.


One of the essential things whose importance I realised late in life is my communication skills. This is the primary area where I need to work towards because this will help at all things in life. Although I have improved a lot from where I started in Grade 10, I still have a long way to go and I believe I will be able to be quite decent at it soon. I would also want to push on improving my soft-skills.


My outlook on life is to grow every single day and be a better version of myself the next day. I continually seek improvement. I want to learn new skills and live many and different experiences. I find it interesting to earn more knowledge but only to a point that it is relevant to me; after that I start thinking about where, if at all, I’m going to apply this. So even though I crave for learning, I’m very selective about it. I also wish to become completely independent. I want to struggle, then counter them all by myself and be victorious – that gives me satisfaction.


I also deeply believe in working towards your passion. While playing football or organising my CAS project, I would get so mesmerised that I could not think of doing anything else but it. That’s true even when I used to play video games. I feel I would be really happy with my life if my life were to revolve around it. I am also generally very optimistic  – so even when bad events occur, I start looking for positives and it helps me maintain my emotional well-being. Because at the end of the day, all emotions are just thoughts and I determine how it affects me.


What concerns me is that all the people do not get equal access to opportunities, without which they are unable to realise their true potential and be the person they would have otherwise – in terms of education, exposure or the freedom to make choices. I also strongly feel for women, for they have been the victim of discrimination or abuse in all parts of the world.


I would like to explore more about human interactions in the world, which could be somewhat explained by areas like Management or Psychology. I aspire to achieve excellence in my field of study and also make significant contributions to the welfare of the society. Conclusively, I wish to maximise happiness for myself and for the people around me.

CAS Plan [Abhishek]

Name of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Learning Outcomes
Subroto Football Cup U-17 Action 7/15/2015 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Vansda Plantation Action/Service 7/18/2015 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
L6. Engagement with issues of global significance
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Gymming Action 8/30/2015 – 1/10/2015 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience
L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Hindi Immersion Creativity 23/09/2015 L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience
L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
L6. Engagement with issues of global significance
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
DP Fest 2015-16 Creativity 11/12/2015 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Surat Cage Football 2016 Creativity 15/07/2016 – 20/08/2016 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
L3. Initiate and plan a CAS experience
L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
Student Council Service 31/03/2016 – 21/06/2016 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboartively
L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Learning Camps Service 31/08/2016 – 15/10/2016 L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
L4. Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience
L6. Engagement with issues of global significance

CAS Essay [Abhishek]

I am truly grateful to the opportunities that the CAS component has provided me with and proud that I’ve worked towards them with sincere efforts. It has offered me the motivation to implement what I always wanted to.

Because CAS was sort of a compulsion, I’ve put myself in circumstances I would not have naturally been. As a result, I’ve expanded my comfort zone to a great extent, and developed essential skills for life. If I could broadly sum up the key features of the CAS experience, it would be :

Reality exposure – Beginning from understanding people – their beliefs, intentions and actions – I particularly made a big stride in this aspect. I was exposed to people who shook my mind and gave me the taste of reality. They taught me how people are not who they present themselves to be, how people swing their behaviour according to circumstances, how people exploit relations to their benefit, what politics people are capable of playing, but on the other side, how people portray integrity, how people are willing to take that extra step/extra effort for friendship, and how people forgive without a thought of vengeance.

In addition, I got hands-on managerial and organisational experience which would not have been possible without being a part of these CAS activities. I also developed specific skill-sets in the journey, and the sense of pulling of a bigger and better initiatives in the future.

Soft skills – Since most of the activities required working with people, I cultivated many of the social/interpersonal skills. I learnt to be sensitive to others’ emotions and needs, and became more analytical about people’s behaviour in order to act appropriately. In general, I was able to understand human psychology in many cases.

Under soft skills, the most important skill I developed was communication. Going for sponsorships, coordinating with team members and authority in various initiatives, persuading, negotiating to maximise benefit, networking and building contacts, approaching organisations – all have played a part in improved my verbal communication skills, personally an area which needed work. All that practice which took place without conscious efforts has made me a more confident communicator.

Unravelling myself – In different situations, I was able to uncover and identify myself as a person. I understood what kind of attitude I wore in tough/stressful times. I found out my inclinations such as grabbing growth opportunities and my disinclinations such as working under certain type of people. I also got to know the place of values and principles that I practice, and where I fail to do that. Due to the reflecting process, I recognised my approaches to managing people and circumstances, and also been able to find loopholes. CAS constituted a significant path to analysing myself and others in the process. I am grateful for Riya’s support in this journey for her invaluable insights and guidance to many perplexing situations, and I would never forget many of the learnings from her side.

Obviously my project work was the biggest highlight for me. It was sort of a game-changer in many ways for me too. I would always remember this event because this was my first city-wide initiative and because I had put immense hardwork, which had translated into success. I went trough dozens of emotions from hope to tension to joy to satisfaction, which make it very special for me. Although I’m not really a memory guy, I can ‘almost’ remember every bit of this event. It is a personal story that still motivates me to aim high.

Being more about myself, I was unable to meet the learning outcome of demonstrating engagement with global issues. I had to make deliberate efforts therefore. Now this was again helpful because it put me in a different situation such as Learning camps which I would not otherwise do. But the pleasant outcome was that I developed empathy for the needy and appreciation of the resources I endow. Such new situations also offer something interesting to learn.

The CAS component fuelled me with a mindset of engaging in extracurricular and other non-academic activities because that is where the real growth is. Although CAS might end this year, the fundamental is what I am going to take with me for the rest of my life. Many genuine thanks.

Learning Camps

I agreed to volunteer for learning camps but that was not something that I was looking forward to. My friend explained me why it was important to invest in the education of these children and how much impact it can produce, so I did. I’m very self-oriented, and I only tend to do things that I like or I would learn from. But I decided to do this purely out of service.

I engaged in this activity of teaching them things that they would have not learn from their surroundings. I was able to engage a large group of 50 students, and that was quite an achievement for, since I have not always been confident about addressing a group of people. I also understood how privileged I was, and yet I used to complain about the smallest of things. I decided that I will put myself in the shoes of these kids and then look at the kind of problem I would be in.

I did Learning Camps for more than a month, and I began to consider that I took the right decision to be a part of the Learning Camps. As it started, I also began reflecting on what am I doing and how are they benefitting from this concept of Learning camps.

I had a discussion with Riya over phone and shared my opinions. We realised that it was not possible to give them full-fledged education of maths/sciences/english but we could instead give them crash courses – which they would love to attend and learn substantially from the process. And we also realised that these subject mostly won’t be relevant to them in their life.

So we redefined the goals of Learning camps to make them understand the world we live in, to equip them with the right kind of thoughts and mindset, to break stereotypes and prompt actions of social welfare.

If we could just make a dozen of kids good citizens and people of good character, that would make our efforts worth it.


Student Council

Now, I had started to push myself to everything that was out of my comfort zone. I had the responsibility to effectively communicate the Grade’s issues and resolve it in a manner that would be reasonable to the school body as well as the student body. One of my strengths was that I was more approachable by my classmates, which would facilitate the required communication.

I was hesitant at first to speak out my thoughts and opinions, in the presence of Bhumika ma’am/Vardan sir and people from different grades that I have never talked to. I was insecure about the fact that I would be judged. No matter how may times I have tried to convince myself that it doesn’t matter what people think, I was unable to be fairly open about myself. I used to speak only when I thought I had a really great point to be made.

As sessions passed by, I had started to become more vocal. I learnt that from the students of younger grade – that although they make a repetitive or baseless point, they do it with confidence. I did see a huge improvement in me over a few months, and I am really grateful for that.

Another key point to note were that I had made the decision to miss playtime to attend Student Council. I still sometimes feel that it would be great to have one more playtime in the cycle, but then I congratulate myself to choose long-term growth over short-term temptations.

One of the ethical implications that came my way were to let go of my personal bias in any decision that were to be made. For instance, the decision to not play football in assembly was taken, which really affected me, but it did make sense that it had hurt many people and should thus be discontinued.


Surat Cage Football 2016

We had identified the gap in the market and the idea was ready – but months passed by and we hadn’t gone beyond planning. We investigated the idea, its viability, its lucrativeness, the market and the demand. Made a rough plan for marketing, operations and finance. It seemed doable and we gained confidence.

However, we were afraid to implement the event a large scale, since if not successful, we might incur a great loss. The idea was getting delayed but then, we made up our mind and made  a firm decision.

Initially we were planning to do it in a society, which had a good concrete ground, and almost perfect for a cage football tournament. However, we faced rejection from the society’s secretary despite several attempts. This what seemed as an obstacle turned out to be one of the main reasons for the event’s success.

We finalised another ground but because this was owned by a for-profit sports cafe, it demanded huge costs. It would cut our profit margins substantially, however we were destined to do it for the experience and learning. We also increased the registration prices.

We were able to held a tournament of 32 football teams, with city-wide marketing. The players seemed satisfied with the how the event was conducted and that pleased me.


Doing business with the owner of the cafe, we learned tremendous number of things. I learnt the importance of maintaining good relations with the one in power, I learnt that people are not the way they showcase themselves, I learnt analysing what people say from a business perspective, I learnt negotiating, I learnt many skills particular to organising a sports tournament, and much more.  We also acquired practical knowledge of various things of that business concepts I had studied.

The first time we went to approach a firm for sponsorship, we were really unconfident and if they said they were not interested, we would just nod and go away. It felt very uncomfortable to go to so many shops and face rejection. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. But we continued thinking that there’s no harm just asking. We began having better sponsorship pitch after every rejection, we persuaded greater, analysed our shortcomings and improved the benefits we provided. I could say that if we had not continued due to initial rejections, the event wouldn’t have been successfully implemented.

I also identified that I had a thing for designing. I went on to design all the social media and print materials for the event, which attracted a lot of attention.


On-day crisis, we happened to arrive a little late at the venue, and we were supposed to hang 5 banners on the cage. We were able to put 3 banners before the first match, and one banner was supposed to be hung inside, where the match was going on. So during the half-time of the matches, we rushed inside with the ladder and somehow tied 2 sides. Then again in the next match, we tied another 2 parts. This way, we managed to save up on the turf-time.

We had only 12 hours of booking and 16 matches were scheduled very tightly that we couldn’t afford wasting time. So at various times, we shortened the half-time breaks, took the photo-session outside the cage, called all teams to report 1 hour before time, among others complete the matches in a timely manner.

We worked insanely hard in the last 3 days. Amidst the hassles, we forgot to print banners for one of the sponsor. When he got to know, he got very furious and said he wouldn’t bring the footballs and trophies that he had sponsored if his banner is not made. It was 10 in the night and all printing shops were closed. We were able to manage the print from a shop, which was 30km away.

What I learnt and experienced was way more than what I wrote in the reflection – all I can say is that I has made me competent to organise a even bigger and better event.


DP FEST 2015-16

This event, for me, was a major doorway to understanding myself and others and to learn extensively throughout the process.

Initially, there was this inertia in people of getting serious about things and also we, Muskaan and I, were accountable for the blame. We did not gather details about the event – what date is it on, how much does each group have to perform for, what the theme is, and suchlike. After we were announced the event coordinators, we had a almost 15-day vacation where we should have planned the basics at least. This led to a wastage of the starting few days which we did regret later.

I was anxious of how we are going to put everything in place. During the initial days, I also had to attend a wedding so I was not very much involved in the process. But, Muskaan helped to make everyone pull up their socks and start working. I was glad she was there in my absence and things didn’t go haphazard. Even our teachers collaborated in planning and ideating which was helpful.

The way I led the event was very democratic in nature – made everyone involved in the decision-making process, made them formulate their own ideas and then update me, diligently listened to their ideas, gave suggestions but did not criticize or impose any of my ideas. The outcome was that they worked enthusiastically in their respective areas.

However, I didn’t like the idea of making the parents do a hands-on activity after the entire performance, which the VA group insisted upon. And turned out, that it actually didn’t worked out.

I feel I should have been more decisive and authoritative if I strongly felt it was a bad idea.

I believed I’m creative so I tried to come up with a theme myself, and after many failed attempts, I came up with the idea of ‘prison’. This was one key feature to make the event extraordinary. My bus mates helped to develop on this idea and I considered it important to acknowledge them. My mail to the class and teachers read “Pranjal, Jayani, Muskaan and I, on discussion, have finalised the name and theme for the DP mela”. I realize how good it feels to have our efforts acknowledged and I did the same from my side.

I learned this very important thing to always take blame and always share credits, whenever you should.

I did not only plan and designate responsibilities, but I was actually also a part of two performances – sang a song for ESS, and give an introduction for the Hindi video. This reduced my stage fear and boosted confidence to an extent. Moreover, I designed the invitation letter and invitation cards, thanks to my creative writing and design skills. I worked along with them rather than telling them to work. I guess this way everyone liked to work for the fest.


We also selected the host, based on emotion and logic – which meant one host was experienced while the other was given an opportunity. I did a lot of work such as printing the cards and photographs, helping in designing the banner, creating the setting, being the welcome-in host and all the many little last day chores. I was completely involved in the last two days, coordinating with everyone and I literally did not even have 5 minute spare time.

I’m proud to have put in all the efforts and have worked hard for it.

door xbox

Vansda Plantation

This was a short-term activity without any prior planning or preparation to it. When we reached there, I really admired the scenery. The landscaping was made to look natural but at the same time uniform. I felt pleasant and grew a desire to work for the environment which was what we were here for. I was aware of the environmental problems our earth was facing including global warming and I was motivated to contribute to a better environment by planting more trees within the city.

We were divided into two groups which reduced chaos and people had a better idea of their roles. I had a viewpoint that planting trees would be just sowing seeds in the ground but now I knew that hundreds of thousands of saplings were imported, packed in a plastic covering. We had to remove the plastic and sow the plant with the soil into the ground. This required four different activities so we divided ourselves likewise. We struggled but soon got hold of our activity. On seeing that one activity required more people, we transferred some more to that activity. We were working as a team and it was quick. It wouldn’t have been possible at this pace if every single individual did all the four activities. We had specialised in our part and it was more effective and also there was little to none moving from one place to another due to this. I, however, tried all the activities and it was enjoyable. I learnt to plough the soil, embedding saplings in the dug region, managing the soil with the plants to keep them in place, and finally covering them with more soil. If I had done a mistake and the sapling was planted improperly, I would remove it and do it again; I have always chosen to work with quality even if it took more time and efforts.


I had a very new experience of standing in a open truck while we go up and down the hill to bring a truckload more of plants. It was as amusing as it sounds. I have good strength and I used it to lift 8-9 plants at a time which saved a lot of time. I developed a sort of ignorance to insects and the dirty soil marks, which were on all of my body. I did not mind it that much after a time which seemed disgusting before today.

I was exhausted by working only for 3-4 hours and I recognized the efforts the workers put in when they worked the whole day for months. I developed empathy towards them and honoured the work they were doing. They were also kind to us and explained how the plants have to be planted in the best way. It felt good that we were extending a hand to help them and giving them a break so that they could relax for at least a day. I was tempted to draw away from work and just have fun like many were doing. But I sticked to the plan and what I had come here for, and did my part. I could escape the herd mentality because if I too started wandering around, maybe two to three more would follow and it would keep on increasing. This way we could not meet up with the aim we had in mind. Perhaps, seeing me work dedicatedly might also have encouraged others to work which I wouldn’t know.


Subroto Football Tournament U-17

I planned to attend the morning football camps specially for this tournament, being very excited and pumped up. For this, I got up 2 hours early than my routine schedule and that too without an alarm, straight for 5 consecutive days.This made me realize I am not lazy at all when it comes to something I am passionate about. I had pretty much zoned out of football due to my IGCSE board exams and it was followed by a month of vacation where I went for a tour. I noticed that I struggled with shooting the ball with accuracy and majorly I had lost quite a lot of stamina. The usual warm up felt exhausting. This got me thinking into the importance of fitness and I adjusted some time in my schedule dedicated to workouts. With each day of football, I could see myself play my original game. The camps proved really helpful as it got me back into shape after a long break. Moreover, I was able to set coordination with new younger players that were brought into the team since some of the players went overage for the tourney. I was glad I made the decision to join the morning camps or I would have made blunders in those important matches

I was confident that we have very good chances of winning and so were my teammates. Our main coach was not coming and one main defender got injured, that upset me a little but the excitement of the game took over. The journey to the ground helped me gel in with some of the new players and I think that was very crucial. We needed that trust between each other which would serve as the basis for our game coordination. The coach that accompanied us was rather criticised by most of the players but I saw how interesting and kind he was. Most of what people found annoying, him speaking endlessly, I found it pretty cool and was impressed by his speaking skill-set. I was inspired and wanted to build my speech like his.

We walked onto the ground and it looked no different than our school ground. The goals were huge and it seemed so easy to score. I saw other teams around and they looked very much amateurs. I maybe was stereotyping by their physique but I knew they were no danger. The coaches were called for the drawing of the chits which would set the fixtures. What the result of it was that we had to face the top 4 teams (excluding us) for the 4 matches we had to get to the trophy. It shook me. How was this even possible? How could our fortune be so poor? I believe it was all made up against us. Even though there was chit picking, I presume there is politics in everything. The organizers were football coaches and the coaches of the two top teams of the tournament were in fact the coaches of the city team, who did selection from the tournaments. Plus, we did not have our main coach who was quite a bit friends with them. It did all make sense. I reflected that contacts are important, not to pull something in our favour or encourage bad happenings but sometimes to stop the bad happening


We did not repeat the mistake of doing a lot of warm up and then running out of energy during the match. We stood positive and won the first match comfortably 4-1. This did boost our confidence but at the same time, we were nervous to face the former Subroto champion for our next game. Although we won, my partner at centre forward had a terrible game and he started losing belief in himself. I empathized with him and I could see two things after that – his mood was better and he considered me as a better friend. In the break till the next match, I was tempted by Coca Cola but I knew it made my stomach ache when I ran after drinking it. I avoided it. I even avoided milk for the same reason.


In the next match, The opponents scored within the first 10 seconds of the game and it was paralysing. The very next minute, we lost our main striker – his ligament tore. We already lost in our minds and got under extreme pressure. We could not keep the ball with us. Our game was definitely better than theirs but I noticed how they appeared out of nowhere and took the possession. They were taller than us and stronger than us. We lacked that level of speed and strength. We went 1-0 to halftime where the coach motivated us that we could still make it into the penalties. I could see everybody had lost hope and energy. I kept screaming ‘We are still in the game!’ but I do not know how much of a difference it made but I tried to cheer everyone up and focus. The captain, unlike others, kept going hard and I was amazed by his commitment and I now knew why he was the captain. Honestly, only the three to four of us were actually trying. Others just played their average game, including the best player of our team. He literally walked to an open ball and lost it. No one ever shouted on him because he was a senior and the most respected – our coach made us ponder about it after the match and it was true. We conceded another goal and the game died there and then for us. We returned 2-0 but however, I was not disappointed by my own individual performance. I did not give up till the end and I’m happy that we didn’t lose because I did not give my 100%.

On our way back home, there was no more the cheer. I kept thinking of the things that went wrong and how it could be better the next time, or what could I work on? However, I realised no one is to blame even though they did make mistakes because obviously they weren’t intentional. I recollected one huge point that we always lose under pressure. When we are under pressure, we tend to focus more on scoring and just scoring. We panic. What the coach always told us is to build a game and then gradually go for goals. I proposed to the coach to work on drills for body strength which we would never do. This time a defeat did not hurt too much because now I have been through a lot of them and it makes me feel stronger from the inside.



Hindi Immersion

I took the initiative along with Sahil to organize the Hindi immersion event. This was the first of a kind in the school and we were excited to make it worthwhile. The purpose of the event was to immerse the students into the language of Hindi and make them speak purely Hindi. The significance was that, all around the globe, English language has started to penetrate into every culture and language. So it was important that we make them relive the Hindi language that is forgotten. To make it interesting, we thought of keeping the theme as Bollywood so students could cherish the once-spoken language and also have fun.

We had nearly 10 days to do the entire planning. With this time constraint, we started our work right away. We ideated about what all things are we going to do and how do they help in achieving our central aim – hindi immersion. We made a plan and then consulted the ideas with teachers and students. After their suggestions, we reworked on it and made the changes accordingly. We sent our requirements to the respective people to have it ready on the day of the event – mics, shooting to be done, whiteboard and marker, etc.

We also sent mails for the introduction to the event, and explaining the event so we do not waste anytime on the day itself, as we had only one slot to finish 3 activities. We spoke to teachers from grade 11 and 12 to judge the event. We wanted one teacher from grade 11 and one from grade 12 so as to remove any bias in making judgements as it was a faceoff between grade 11 and grade 12. Finally, two teachers agreed to judge the event.

As we had less time left, I thought that a good way to reduce burden and divide the tasks in the limited period of time was to designate responsibilities. We sent a mail to the grade 11 students, asking if anyone is interested to volunteer for the activities. We got just enough volunteers to plan and execute the activities – 2 for each activity. We provided a basic idea of our plan but told them that they were free to add/change it; it was their own thing. I feel this motivated them to work as they felt in control. Nonetheless, we stepped in their part whenever needed so as to ensure the event quality is not compromised.

Sahil and I coordinated the planning of the event. We sat together calmly and discussed the outline, followed by every details that we could think of. We would also share progress of each activity by the volunteers and other preparations about the event (lights, music, resources). This was helpful; communicating and coordinating gave us a direction to work towards and we did not feel lost. For the 10 days, we were completely involved in the making of the event and constantly monitored work of volunteers, and did our part as well.

On the day of event, we faced a time crisis. The first activity took longer than it should so we had to revise the next activities by eliminating some portions of it. This was the last moment challenge we faced and had to be solved immediately. Furthermore, the whiteboard marker was not in place as per our request. We then decided to display the scores and other details on the screen by connecting it to the laptop which had to be done on the whiteboard. The two grades also didnt cease to make chaos in the xBox and people from the organising had to often ask them to maintain the decorum. What I learnt was to always imagine what situation will be and then plan activities, also keep some time spare for any mishappenings.

The ethical implications that came our way was to no be biased towards grade 11 in any way. We ensured this by asking the grade 11 volunteer to prepare dares for grade 12 and the other way round (for the third activity). We also did not disclose the quiz to anyone in our grade and let there be healthy competition. One more thing, we had to make sure that we did not violate any school policies, for example, inappropriate songs or pictures taken from Bollywood. We fulfilled this part of our duty too.



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