CAS Essay


According to me the best CAS activity I have been part of is Fizz. Fizz was founded by my friend and I in order to provide quality education and doubt solving for students in the field of Physics. The hard work and commitment we showed for this activity according to me was commendable. We planned the syllabus we made felicitous notes for the users/students and we used innovative ideas to teach Physics. Not only that we provided a platform where users/students could solve their doubt and also test their knowledge by appearing for a quiz. This is one of the most impressive tasks i have pulled because I successfully balanced my life between my academics, Fizz and other extra curricular activities.

CAS is not just an IB core rather it is a platform where students can explore and learn new things while exploring. During my CAS experience I have learnt a lot of things however the most significant one is that how nature is quite vital in maintaining the natural balance on earth. Also how if you give heartily to nature it will always give you back. This lesson is one of the strongest things I have learnt during CAS activities like Tree plantation at KV college and our winter trip to the enchanted valley of Naggar. I can connect this lesson with the IB learner profile as now I am more reflective about my activities which cause disturbance to nature. Also I have developed the quality of caring for nature as we need to protect it. I have spent a lot of time dwelling inside nature ‘open-mindedly’ which allowed me to gain the ‘knowledge’ about how it functions.

While exploring different fields in CAS I realised that I had good artistic skills where I could draw and sketch art pieces and I believe that i could further use these skills in my future life. Also while doing CAS activities with my friends I have developed skills of working in a synergy also while working a group people tend to have a pessimistic viewpoint however I have realised optimism is more powerful and helpful to maintain human relationships and to achieve certain goals. What I have learnt about others is that everybody is different and unique in their own sense and we need to be open minded about it and accept people the way they are.

In the activity learning camps I had to teach small children, well they are not easy to deal with so i built a lot of composure to tackle them. This has helped me tackle any situation in life with tranquility. The overall CAS experience was smooth but we all have had some had hard times during the entire experience. One of the toughest was managing time. During one of my activities the learning camps i had to stay back at school and teach ICT to the nearby village students. Staying back every day would have hindered my academics so I decided to split up the teaching load so that I had to stay back on some particular days only. My friends helped me to do so.

The most difficult one was the global significance outcome. Well to do an activity which has global impact and significance is difficult as all those activities need high level of determination and commitment. But then I soon realised that small steps towards global awareness is possible, so we arranged learning camps in order to battle the lack of IT education problem.

CAS has been a very beautiful journey for me. I have learnt a lot and in the end I feel eternally happy to give something back to the society. So for these strong moments of happiness and self satisfaction I would love to continue these activities even when I grow up and go for higher level education.

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