Botanical garden

My friends and I had to work collaboratively to plant the seeds and dig the soil. While doing this activity I was able to develop more physical strength and more coordination between my team and I. We could have used chemicals to make the soil more fertile but it would be unethical hence we did not use any chemicals. I was tired on the 2nd day but, with my commitment and perseverance, I was able to complete this activity. We faced challenges like some of the equipment were not in a working condition, many of the teammates remained absent, although these challenges were overcome with the help of new volunteers joining our team.

Cas Profile

Bonjour, my name is Zoheb. I am a teenager studying at fountainhead school. I am good at playing sports like football and cricket. I am also good at playing competitive games like Counterstrike and Call of duty. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Focusing on skills is essential for every student although I have a tendency to get distracted easily, currently I am working on to improve my focusing skills by studying for 2-3 hours a day at home. I would like to get involved in the French immersion camp held in our school to expand my horizon by improving my communication skills in French.

The issue that concerns me the most is “terrorism”, this issue is amongst the biggest problems faced by mankind in today’s world hence it also affects the safety of the citizens worldwide.

Computers are amongst the basic necessities, to develop new skills I took basic classes of writing ‘Code’ although and I am willing to learn more  about  coding which can help me to design my own website.

PS: I am on the right side in the first photo and on the left side in the second photo


CAS Essay

The best activity in this academic year’s CAS was ‘cooking’ because everybody loved the food that my team and I had cooked and this was the first time I have cooked something which is considered to be delicious. Because of CAS, I was able to explore unidentified skills that I possess like leadership and collaborative skills, due to CAS I used the skills of a thinker when I had to design/create activities for the learning camps  and skills of a risk taker when I decided to play offensive even with a weaker football team. I learned things like how to manage/organize and conduct  an activity by conducting the basic English classes, before doing this activity I used to think it would be hard to work in a team although it is easy if we have the same goal and enthusiastic approach. Because of CAS, I was able to use attitudes like creativity, commitment and cooperation because I tried my best to  perform these activities in an efficient and creative manner although I was able to complete these activities with my commitment and cooperation from my teammates. CAS has benefited me in many ways  like helping me in developing more self-esteem and confidence by helping me to develop leadership skills although, the most difficult learning outcome to achieve was learning outcome number six because most of my activities were about exploring new areas and many of them did not have any global significance. I would like to continue doing new things even after CAS and that new thing would also include helping people to make this world a better place.

CAS plan

CAS plan

Activities Components (C/A/S) Duration & Start/ End Dates Learning Outcomes
Football Tournament Held In OGIS Activity 5th March 2015 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills LO 4  commitment to and perseveranceLO 5 Collaboration
AS performance Activity and Creativity 10th September 2015 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills LO 4  commitment to and perseveranceLO 5 Collaboration
Trip to Naggar Activity and Creativity 27th December 2015  till 3th January 2016 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skillsLO 5 Collaboration
Gyming Activity 1st September 2015 till 20th December 2015 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills LO 4  commitment to and perseverance
Teaching Activity and Creativity 5th September 2015 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skillsLO 5 Collaboration
Learning Camps Activity, Creativity, and Service 15th September until 20th October 2015 LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills LO 4  commitment to and perseveranceLO 5 CollaborationLO 6 Engagement with issues of global significanceLO 7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Assisting in my friend’s CAS project. Activity and Service 10th october LO 4  commitment to and perseverance LO 5 Collaboration LO 7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Setting up a small botanical garden in School Creativity and Service 1st December until 10 December 2016 LO 1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skillsLO 4  commitment to and perseveranceLO 5 Collaboration

LO 7  Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Cas Project Creativity and Activity 20th October until 12th December. LO 1   Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills LO 3 initiate and plan a CAS experienceLO 4  commitment to and perseveranceLO 5 CollaborationLO 7  Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

CAS project- leg tennis

Proposal: My friend and I came with the idea of organizing a tournament  which has never been played in the FS hence with our creativity and collaboration we designed a new game called leg tennis and decided to organize a tournament of it.

Planning stage: We made a google form and recorded the responses of the participants.

and the responses were good which can be seen below.

After getting responses we decided to make the rules for the game.

And then we made the poster.

Execution: while executing the event we faced problems with the location where the event was held, with the participants who opted to back out at the end moment and with the PE staff who were not  able to supervise our tournament, although with our collaboration and commitment we were able to overcome this problems by requesting a teacher to supervise the tournamnet, changing the teams and deciding a suitable location for the tournament. As my friend and I were the refree of this event we tried to take a fair decision and we were unbaised to towards our classmates who participated in this event because it would be unethical if we didnot give a fair deicision. The event turned out to be a sucess hence it helped me to develope a new strenght which is how to manage an event in the times of problems/crisis.


Learning Camps

In today’s world education is indispensable and as students, it is our responsibility to spread the knowledge that we have gained from our helpful teachers. A group of students took an initiative to start a learning camps for free with the help of school’s faculty, I was influenced by this idea hence I decided to be a part of it.

We were divided into pairs of two, my partner and I were assigned to teach basic English to the children living in the village nearby.  My partner and I worked collaboratively and used our creativity to design new activities to teach English, we decided to split the participants into 2 groups which allowed us to provide more attention to the participants.

We expected the participants at least to be 10 years or above although on the first day we had many participants below 10 years and we decided to teach them too because it would be contradictory from our goal which is to helps these children to learn basic English and it would also be unethical if we only teach a set of students. The first English class that we conduct was moderately good because the participants were able to understand the activities and it was fun for them although this made me realized a strength that I possess which is to design/create activities that are helpful in learning something and I would like to focus more on this strength and develop it further.

There were no problems between my partner and me. At the end of the class we use to revise what we have taught and most of the times, the participants would have understood what we have taught hence I was able to identify two of my own strengths: I am good at working with a partner or a team and I can do a moderate job when it comes to teaching English.

The first challenge that I faced was the communication barrier between participants and me, all the participants use to speak the regional language ‘Gujarati’ where else my Gujarati is not very good. The second challenge my partner and I faced was managing the participants because the number of participants was increasing after every class and the third challenge that I faced was managing my time table. I tried my best to overcome the first challenge with the help of my partner although it was hard but, due to my commitment, perseverance and proper collaboration from my partner the challenge was eliminated. We were able to overcome the second challenge by maintaining an online record of the participants although the hardest challenge was maintaining my timetable because the learning camps were scheduled after our schools hours were over and I use to reach home 2-3 hours later than the normal time hence my timetable was disturbed which resulted in me getting lesser sleep, although with my commitment and perseverance I was able to manage my time table and overcome this challenge by completing my sleep on the weekends. Due to this challenges I was able to develop new strengths/skills like speaking moderately good Gujarati and properly maintaining my time table.

We tried our best to treat each and every participant equally and we were unbiased when we were teaching them because we decided to achieve our goal ethically. We also decided to focus and engage with issues of global significance like global warming and poverty, we collaboratively planned a creative activity which helped us to spread the information to the participants about the possible causes of global warming like carbon emission and possible cause of poverty like corruption and unequal distribution of income. Overall, it was a good experience which allowed me to learn new things.








Teaching is an important thing in this world,it allows us to pass the knowledge we posse. My friend and I decided to teach grade 7 insight on the occasion of teachers day.

The most challenging task was to maintain the class decorum,it was challenging task because it is hard the students were mischievous and I have not done anything like this before hence my friend and me overcome this challenge by making a deal with students that we will teach in the first 1.5 hours and we will play games is the remaining 0.5 hours,it was important for my friend and me to overcome this challenge because we wanted the students to listen to us and understand what we were going to teach although it is important to overcome any challenge in life because challenges drag you down but it makes u stronger if you overcome them.

While teaching I identified a strength I pose and it was communicating skills,I was able to communicate properly with the students and I was able to cater 2 or 3 doubts at the same time due to fast and good communication skills hence I used effective language to communicate while teaching which made it easy for the students to understand the topic taught by me.I feel good after knowing the strength because this strength can helpful for in future activities such as FOA.Although it very important for a person to know his/her strength or weakness because it allows you to analyse yourself and helps you to know the areas which you are good at and areas where you need to work on.

The class was interesting in the start but then after 45 minutes students were getting bored and distracted it was challenging for my friend and I because we need to teach and maintain the class decorum at the same same time although this problem were overcome by using “technology” while teaching we played some attractive and interesting videos which were related to the topic we were teaching, therefore, we were able to overcome this challenge,it was important for us to overcome this challenge because we wanted the students to understand the concept thoroughly.

When we decided to play in the remaining 0.5 hours ,we decided to play dog and the bone,while the game started some students started to fight we tried to resolve but after few minutes again they started to fight and this situation occurred much time although we stopped them due to the commitment we made to play games in the remaining 0.5 hours,commitment was required  for this activity because if we did make this commitment students would not have paid proper attention in the class although this commitment has cost us time ,energy and hard work due to the fight that took place.

At the end of this activity, I learned that teaching is a not an easy task and my respect for teachers have increased .

Teachers for a day



In this twenty first century world it is essential to keeping yourself updated with social media and technologies although it is also important to make yourself fit and healthy due to the increasing number of wide spread disease hence me and my friends decided to join the gym at school.

This is the first time I have decided to join the gym.The most challenging task done by me was,to wake up early in the morning it was challenging due to lack of sleep and change in timetable,this challenge was overcome by sleeping early and changing my timetable but it also requires commitment to get out of bed in the early morning although I chose to wake up early.The week days were divided into upper body,lower body,back,chest and abs,it is cycle which we followed throughout the academic year,following this cycle allowed me find out my own strengths and weakness such as after 2 cycles I identified that my abs/abdominal is the strongest region compared to my other body parts therefore I was able to do 50plus sit ups in the second cycle itself and it is an area for further growth.After realising the strength I poses it boosted my confidence level and allowed me overcome my weakness such as my tricep region,it is the weakest region of my body hence I was able to overcome that weakness by changing my diet(increased protein intake).It felt good after doing this activity as it allowed to overcome the challenges and weakness and helped me identify my strengths,it is important to identify the strength and weakness you because it tell you the areas you need to work on and vice versa.

The second most  challenging task was push-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my biceps workout on day 1 I did 5 push ups and on day 25 I did 30 push-up although I was committed to work on my weakness ,I committed to myself that I will increase the number of push up done by me although this commitment caused me to use lots of effort and hardwork to achieve my goal therefore it is not easy for me to commit things.

After 2-3 cycles I identified a new strength,the new strength identified by me was I had a strong back hence it is the second strongest area in my body,I felt good about finding out this new strength I posses hence it is an area growth in the future because my body is not fully developed yet therefore my back might become more stronger due to hormonal changes.

The third most  challenging task was pull-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my back workout on day 1 I did 10 pull ups and on day 25 I did 40 pull-ups,it is challenging because it requires you to lift your body weight and I haven’t done anything like this before hence it is important to learn new skill because these skill makes me fitter,stronger and healthier.I was able to develop this new skill because of my commitment to increase the number of pull-ups done by me,this task is difficult because it requires more energy and strength while doing this activity and I felt good after developing this strength with the help of my commitment.

I liked doing gyming because it has allowed me to stay fit,increase my BMI and helped me to develop new skills and identify my weaknesses and work on it.

Upper body workout

lower body workout































































































































Trip to Naggar



This year my classmates and I went on a trip to Naggar. It is a beautiful place with low temperature and have a good scenery. Naggar is located is located near Manali,it is a hilly region with adventures activity.

The first and challenging activity which we did was trekking in the mountains, it is tough to trek on the mountain because as the altitude increases the level of oxygen decreases although trekking allowed to me to identify my own strength which is trekking for long distances without getting exhausted although I need to work on making my legs more strong because after long distance trekking I had to endure some leg pain because my body was not familiar with the environment.Trekking allowed to me increase my stamina hence we trekked on hilly region which allowed me to develop proper balance while trekking.I feel good after identifying and achieving this strengths because now I know the strength I poses and this will allow me to further develop my strengths in the future.

A challenging and a creative activity done by my friend and I was “sliding down the slope in a tube”.After doing this activity I was able to identify and demonstrate the challenges undertaken by my friend and I,the first challenge we faced was “balancing the tube” it is essential for us to balance the tube because dis-balance may cause fatal injuries while sliding down the slope,the second challenge we faced was “Try to sit steal” it is important to reduce any movement on the tube while sliding down hence it may lead to injuries if we move more while sliding down.The tube consisted of a space for 2 people,my friend and I decided to do this activity to together as it was a creative and challenging activity for us because we have never tried anything like this before, we had to work collaboratively because it requires proper balance from both sides of the tube,it was a challenge for my friend and me because this activity was dangerous and could cause some serious injuries if not conducted properly.The first time we did we lost control while sliding hence the second time we did it correctly because we were able to overcome that challenges faced by working collaboratively hence this lead to the development of new skills like “having a good balance while sliding” and “to reduce any movement done by us while sitting on the tube”

Third activity which we did was skiing, skiing is challenging and difficult especially for a beginner like me,The first problem I encounter was to keep up with the speed while simultaneously balancing your own body it is a hard thing to do while skiing although fell around 4 to 5 times while I was trying to keep up with the speed while simultaneously balancing your own body but in the end, I was able to balance my body and maintain my speed due to my repeated attempts I was able to over come that challenge hence it allowed to helped me to develop new skill such as “how balance and maintain speed simultaneously”.The second problem faced by me was “gripping” it is challenging to hold the grip due to slippery surface I slipped 2 to 3 times while trying to ski although I was able to increase my gripping skills while skiing by maintaining proper balance hence this allowed me to over come the challenge and develop the new skill “gripping while skiing” .The trip helped us in trying new things and developing new skills by commitment to learn ,due the commitment I poses I did not give up and tried to overcome every challenge faced by me.



Bon appétit


The french assembly allowed students from both the subject to participate in a event which included preparing  french dishes and decorating the dinning table.This event gave me a chance to explore something I have never explored ,”cooking”. My team consisted of 5 members including me, the first obstacle as a leader I faced was to decide which french dish we were going to prepare because the all members in our team were cooking for the first time, finally I decided to prepare a french dish known as “Caramel potatoes”. Just deciding the dish was the end of the first obstacle hence which gave rise to the second obstacle,”efficiency”. As the time limit was very short we had to work efficiently and cooperatively to prepare the dish hence we were able to overcome this obstacle by working collaboratively and showing commitment for the activity everybody was working collaboratively and showing commitment because all of us wanted to learn this new skill therefore all the staff members were cooperative enough to finish the job.The dish prepared by us was delicious according to the audience,this creativity allowed us to explore our strength in the areas like cooking and how to overcome the challenges faced by developing new skills like how to work collaboratively and efficiently while preparing a dish.The only challenged faced my me as the leader was the to assign the different task to my team member because this was the first time we were cooking as a team hence I decided to rotate in every 10 min therefore every member of the team was able to do every task.


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