cas plan

creativity /activity/service start date end date learning outcome
Tree plantation service 7/19/2015 7/19/2015 1/2/5/6/7
Champak workshop creativity /activity 8/8/2015 8/8/2015 1/2
athlectc tournament creativity /activity/service 8/12/2015 8/12/2015 1/2/4.
NDTV workshop creative 8/13/2015 8/15/2015 1/2/4/7
BASKET BALL TOURNAMENT (project work) creative 8/15/2015 8/15/2015 1/2/3/4/5/7
adding up on cretivty 7/20/2015 9/25/2015 1/2/4/5/7
Bal mela creativity /service 8/24/2015 8/24/2015 1/2/3/4/5/6/7
hindi divas creativity /activity/service 9/23/2015 9/23/2015 1/2/3/5/7
FSMUN creativity /activity/service 8/20/2015 11/29/2015 1/2/4/5/7

CAS essay

The ib life has been a real struggle for me  in the past two years , but CAS has been that one component that made me feel delight . Cas has not been and task for me to do , but a path to bring me closer to my self. Just like Mahatma Gandhi said   “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Cas gave me the opportunity to put his words into action .

Now that my requirements are over doesn’t mean i don’t do Cas any more , it just comes naturally to me to serve , to engage and to get creative .Today i have evolved due to cas .

Whenever the thought is about CAS the one event that come to my  mind at the very thought is Bal mela -the event of many smiles .Bal mela has been that one event that brings both tears and smiles to me , it has been an event where I understood that  Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action .  witnessing  the  faces of 1456 children light up with joy and ecstasy which gave our event a reason for contentment. Happiness never decreases by being shared, said Buddha and this day proved the words of buddha true for me .

To me Cas is something that will always be in my veins, because in order to make this world a better place Creativity , Action , and service is all that is needed and Cas has taught me that !


Munning has always been an engaging task for me , but for the past two times what has been more interesting for me is organizing them . Organizing Fsmun is an event that is very dear to me as it was the first time that I won the best oc member award, so when this time the venture forms were out I filled them as soon as possible, not only me but the organizers of FSMUN also wanted me to be a part of the organizing committee. However, due to this the organizers did not conduct any interviews for me but held them for others. I later realized that this was somehow unethical, but the duties were already assigned and I could not do anything about it. Unlike last year I was made the head of the food department which made me more zestful about the mun because in the past MUN I was just another volunteer.  However this year I had to collaborate and cooperate with a lot of people, Punya (my co-head), volunteers and the organizers . We had planned the meals with the school ensuring the school food policy was taken care of, this is again one area where ethics came into the picture.

We decided on the meals with the chef and Vishal sir , everything was set , but at the last moment the school chef was not there, he did not come back on time after his Diwali leave and was not even picking up the call as well. The school informed us about this situation just 2 days prior to the event. This led us to panic a lot. However, I knew that panic was not the solution but the action was. Maharsh , Punya and I then decided to go to different places and check out for food options , but we found meals to expensive or we did not like them. Hence we decided to get the food made by the school support staff itself because we did not have a lot of budgets. We fixed the menu with the school but got our socials meal from outside. So then I had to coordinate with the cater’s as well as the school accountant as I g=had to get payment done . One area where I faced struggles was that my co-head and volunteers did not turn up one day 2 and I had to manage everything alone .

But as they as at the end of the day your efforts will always pay off, I won the best Oc member award again ! This was a moment of pride for me and I was thrilled, the entire OC was proud of me for playing my role as a head well and handling the problem effectively.

One thing that I took back from the event is that no matter how effective your plan A is you should always have a plan B, because you never know what can happen when.



_DSC7290 image (6)















The event of smiles – Bal mela

Bal Mela for 2015-16 was scheduled on Saturday, 13th February 2016.

For this event, we invite  underprivileged children each year from all walks of life and community to celebrate and enjoy different sports, art and games.This  event is an opportunity for us to provide space and resources for underprivileged children to enjoy the joys of childhood.

This event has been growing up with me since a few years now , and each year has been actively participating in the event as a volunteer, but this year when the school gave us an opportunity to coordinate the event and make it our baby , I was thrilled , but it getting the opportunity was not that easy.We had to go through a selection process (interviews). I was lucky enough to get selected along with 2 other friends.

To start off with we first went through previous documents of the event , to see how we could plan the event , and also determine the changes we needed to make  . After look at which we made a list of activities that we could conduct for the children , for this, we also asked for the opinion of our classmates so that we could come up with number of activities and make them as creative as possible so that they are fun and engaging for the children

The second step was to get volunteers, so that we have more innovative ways of getting the activity done and that we could arrange for resources and volunteers. Hence, we invited other students to collaborate with us and help us conduct the  event.In order to do so, we sent out google forms to the MY/DP students as well as the school staff. We decided to divide duties  amongst students and teachers in order to have a smooth functioning. We also divided activities into different departments and appointed department heads , which ensured that all works happen simultaneously and within the stipulated time.This is one area where ethics played a role as we had to ensure that our personal biases don’t affect the job distribution process and that roles are divided purely based on one’s potential .

However even when we had planned well in time and divided duties we faced crises one week prior to the event because many volunteers backed off and were no more willing to participate and we could not risk our event and hence we needed more volunteers which we then arranged for .

execution :

One the day of the event I had gone to school early with the support staff in order to check whether everything was well in place and all resources were there in spite  of the fact that I had checked all resource baskets a day prior to then event because I did not want to take any risk  with the event

Everything went on well but on the day of the event  many volunteers did not turn up , and hence we decide to cancel a few activities as we did not want to sacrifice on the quality of the event.Also, few activities were out of resources so I had to arrange for more resources  Also in one activity that is flex banner , we released that the flex banner was too small for so many children so then we had to arrange  for new flex to let them work on it and enjoy the activity. I also did interviews with students , teachers , and volunteers this were I had to ensure that I did no hurt anyone’s sentiments

The other ethical implications that we had to keep in mind were the quality of food, quality of activities , making sure that sentiments of students were no hurt  , and that each student got equal opportunities to enjoy the event. 

The event taught me that how simple things can lead to great smiles . Overall, i think it was a well organised and successful event.

What I take back from the event is that  Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action .  witnessing  the  faces of 1456 children light up with joy and ecstasy which gave our event a reason for contentment. Happiness never decreases by being shared, said Buddha and this day proved the words of buddha true for me . Here is a glimpse from the day of smiles.


Hindi divas

Hindi Divas was a fun event to celebrate the existence of the language For this event  we had to organize various activities. Swani and I  were the head of ‘Arre Bhai Kehna Kya Chahte Ho?’ For this which had two rounds: First was Dumb Charades (Songs) and second was Taboo (Movies). We planned the game, made rules and decided the rounds which were a fun process

We  worked together to decide  rules, movies, and songs.

We got agitated  when the seniors claimed that we were biased to our grade as they got easier  movies/songs as compared to their grade. We were really upset when the doubting our integrity, However, we explained to them that we were ethical  as  before the game started we made the teams pick their own chits and hence we did not have any biases

While the event  took off  I was nervous, however, as time went by and I  saw  the enthusiasm of participants, the level of my anxiety reduced. I am that kind of a person who cannot speak in public, yet, it changed me in a way that it made me more confident about myself. The activity was small, but its effect was much big for me.

I wished we could get more time to organize the activity. so that we could make it more creative and engaging and also that we could enjoy other activities that took place

Picture7           Picture6



adding up on – Literature fest

Add up to was an event in the literary fest where we were given a product for which we needed to make an advertisement in an as creative manner as we could. It was a group activity.

We were given a time period of 2 hours in which we had to create an advertisement about a pen which only writes the truth. I could very well connect this activity to my language and business management knowledge, which helped us secure the 1st position in the competition. How ever I found it difficult to work with my group as there were many ideas but no conclusions as to what we really wanted to do, but  as time passed we started coping with each other to make an effective advertisement. Coordination was a key which brought me into my comfort zone. I could talk with the 7 Graders without any hesitation. This lead to a nice, effective advertisement.

Moreover determination was a second key for me and all of our teammates to make an effective advertisement. We needed to show some interest and passion in the composure of ad so that audience can easily buy our idea. Therefore, I gave my full devotion to my work and did it at my best.

We made our advertisement which was reasonably done well, but the way we presented it was something that was appreciated. Over all, I think I could effectively use persuasive, creative and literary skills while doing the task.  

We also had to take care of the ethical implications that go hand in hand with advertising, this were my business management skills played a role and ethics are an integral part of business management As advertising has its one ethics like ensuring that we do not hurt the sentiments of any person living or dead and we did use Einstein as a part of our advertisement and hence we had to take care of the ethical consideration  .Language came into picture because we had studied advertising techniques and persuasion, the knowledge of which helped me make an effective advertisementIMG_0292 IMG_0327

FS 3-3

FS 3 on 3 was a student-led basketball tournament that we took up as part of our CAS project work.This tournament was unlike the other basketball tournaments  as we had introduced the game in a new format. A basketball tournament is generally played by 5+1 players but in our tournament, it was 3+1 players

I had to serve as the Accommodation / marketing  Head in the Organising Committee of this Basketball tournament.

We had to start our planning as early as two months from the day of the event. . Being the Head, I had to communicate with the school’s, sponsors and other departments in order to ensure easy and effective functioning

I had to collaborate with the:

  • Registration Department, for the quantity of participants we have and the amount we need
  • Planning Dept. because I had to take them for sponsorship meeting with me, and also I was a part of the budgeting process of the event.
  • Finance, for a number of funds and sponsor we need
  • Food department- for food sponsorship

I identified my strength as being an able leader, which led to numerous benefits such as:

  • crises management
  • We got enough advertisement and sponsors
  • Minimal miscommunication with other Departments

For 60 days, I had to work with perseverance and dedication in order to put up a good show. Meetings at cafes after school time had become a common thing for us back then.

The ethics  also came into the picture when I had to when I had to persuade sponsors to sponsor the event because every statement that I told them every commitment that I made to them had to be fulfilled. Like we told sponsors that we will give them advertisement in return of their sponsorship , and many of them did not want anything in return  but on our part it would not have been ethical if we just took money from people and give nothing i

in return

Moreover, one major thing that I learnt forms the event is crises management.There were a lot of crises that were faced during the event:

1) One the day when players were supposed to arrive at the station, the transport department had some confusion and there was no one to receive the players. One of the player being a friend of mine called me to tell me about the situation. Because they were 20 players I was in a lot of panics because we had to find a place to accommodate them all. Because I live very near to the station I deiced to go receive them, get them to my place and let them fresh up until transport was arranged.

2) One day the of the match our breakfast sponsor had told us to collect it from some other vendor as his place was under renovation, When I went to collect the breakfast the vendor told me that the order was placed for the next day and not today. I panicked a lot, I called the sponsors to tell him about the situation and all he did do is say sorry. However that was not the solution, I had hungry players waiting for food, I missed the opening ceremony of the event and went into a sandwich store, helped the shopkeeper make sandwiches, got the breakfast delayed at the match, and after an hour and a half reached the match venue with wholesome breakfast

Overall, all 2 components of CAS were fulfilled, as I had to physically drain myself persuading people and running back and forth, serving as a medium between School’s sponsors  and TDs.  I think the format of the tournament(3 on 3) was not common as well as tournaments such as these are rare in our context, so it also achieves the criterion of Creativity

Also, because I was a part of marketing department by BM, and language knowledge played a major role. Bm because it teaches us about marketing techniques and language because it teaches me the art of persuasion both of which helped me make the sponsorship presentation

image (1)ec271bc1-cdaf-467c-8d7f-82d55fbcd832 image (2) image (3) image (4) image

Vansda trip



Our school had initiated  a CAS trip for us to Janki van . The undertaking for us was to assist in the manor process.The minute I came to think about this CAS trip I was prepared to go. I cherish getting dirty in mud and with planting trees it came as an inseparable unit. This outing really made me understand that it is so difficult to work and that it’s not in any manner simple to work in sun throughout the day. I thought it would be truly fun and plain cruising yet no it wasn’t. We needed to dig in a few places and sow the plant there. We likewise needed to transport the plants from one place to the other  which was truly tiring. Conveying that overwhelming hatchet made me contemplate upon the amount of quality is expected to simply plant and how they may have dealt with the majority of that. It made me empathetic  towards laborers and brought more respect for them as they worked hard each day. I likewise connected workers and treated them equally and came to know about plants and manure from them.


We worked cooperatively and attempted to lessen the work by working in a group so when we needed to transport the plants starting with one place then onto the next we stacked and after that passed the plants starting with one individual then onto the next so we didn’t need to move which made the work less tiring furthermore devoured less time. I was euphoric and felt sheer satisfaction after the work was done and I am additionally anticipating planting trees in my own terrace

Ethics came into picture as i had to take care while interacting with workers that I dont hurt their sentiments and do a effective job


Ndtv Workshop

I had attended the NDTV school TV workshop which was an engaging and fun learning experience.The workshop was  a 3 day workshop. Where in we were divided into groups and were taught the skills of movie making ( photography,videography,editing , compiling) and then were further asked to produce a short film of our own. During the course of the workshop I Identified my own strengths and developed on my areas of growth by means of learning new skills and improving on previously possessed skills.Also my areas of strength were further identified while we entered the movie making process as I then clearly understood where I stand in a variety of areas. However I faced many challenges when I had to edit the video as that was a new skill and I had never worked with high tech editing softwares. I have always been with the camera and hence it was a challenge for me to leave my comfort and work with the computer.Also one major thing that i learnt was the commitment and collaboration are the 2 main keys to the making of any movie.Commitment because one cannot just leave the movie whenever they feel like, and also that one has to do a scene as many times ( retakes ) as required and not be reluctant to not doing them . Also collaboration because even a small difference in  the coordination and teamwork of the crew can lead to a disastrous movie. Furthermore   I also understood the ethical implications that need to be kept in mind while a movie is being made as it should not hurt the sentiments of any person living or alive as then it can lead to huge controversies.This workshop based on creative aspects not only gave me a  lot of new skills  but also taught me life long learnings.

Champak workshop


It  was a creative workshop, initiated by Champak (a children’s magazine). In this workshop, I developed a new skills in photography. I had prior  knowledge about photography that we learnt during art classes at school(Visual Arts), while designing the My aim for attending the workshop was to improve my knowledge of using a camera and developing better pictures as this is my field of interest

We were shown a presentation which was informative, yet not as interesting;  as there were other students as well and a lot of time was taken in explaining things I already knew; also because each student had a different kind and model of camera, there were a lot of hazards in learning proper techniques. The most interesting thing in the presentation were a few pictures  that formed illusions which gave a lot of interesting ideas for my art works also increased my understanding of photography and the art of illusion

For this task, we  had to work on our photography skills individually  , but  it was bit insipid  because we were a lot of students and hence it became difficult to clear our doubts and develop new skills but eventually we all collaborated with each other and shared our knowledge with each other which helped us learn better  . I  learnt a lot of new photography skills which i was unaware about previously. I learnt how to play with aperture and shutter speed and also about ISO. Over all it was a fun workshop but could have been organized better

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