Cas essay

There are two activities which I enjoyed doing the most. Those are playing soccer and plantation. I am passionate about soccer. What I liked the most about soccer this academic year is that I was able to play at state level. According to me I played reasonably well. We even reached till semi-finals but lost to a club team so we came 3. After evaluating my game I can say I have developed my game to adapt the requirement of my team. However, Plantation has also been one of the important activity during this year.
I never thought I would enjoy doing it. I wanted to plant trees because it would be count in CAS but I didn’t think I would develop my interest in planting trees therefore I did my cas project on plantation as well.

I have learned many things from CAS such as taking responsibility, being patience and many more skills. I have also learned to be inquirer, thinkers, communicator, being knowledgeable and open-minded. Through my cas project I have learned to take responsibility and communicating with people in order to find resources for plantation, being knowledgeable about techniques of planting and being open to my partners perspective. I have used this learner profile in activities as well such as being patient and taking responsibility in soccer
and other activities.

Cooperation leads to less effort but more quality and faster result. I can handle pressure at taking responsibility. However, I am not very fruitful with my work because of my lack of communication skills and leadership skills. I do not indulge in activities out of my comfort zone. There were activities which required you to have communication and leadership skills. Although, my as project required the most of this two. I struggled in conveying the idea to my teammates but I managed. I was satisfied with my performance. I still have time to sharpen my communication and leadership skills.

We have faced difficulty in finding resources for plantation, so particularly we had difficulty in finding seeds and soil, however we knew few people who could help us find it and who worked for nursery. In the past two years, I have attended lot of football tournaments which gave experience if I ever want to pursue my careers in soccer. I can perform task efficiently if it required cooperation. However, I need to learn to execute task which require solo efforts.

The learning outcome 3, Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience, was difficult to achieve because I have never initiate in any activities. I usually never take responsibility about anything therefore I struggled achieving this particular learning outcome. Communication skills that I require to develop is what made me struggle in demonstrating learning outcome 3 effectively. However, I will continue indulging
in activities which improve my skills such as communication, leadership and many more. I will be initiating to organise activities in future.

Of course, I want to keep planting trees and helping those in need. I am very proactive about dominating my time to those in need. I will continue indulging in activities that have greater cause to helping people and nature. Overall, Cas have been very significant part on student’s life.

Cas Plan


Proposed Activities Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Learning Outcomes
Trip to Vansda Activity/Service 18/7/2015 LO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaborativelyLO 6 :Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
Book Club Creativity 1/8/2015 to 24/4/2016 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 7 :Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Subroto Cup 17 Activity 16/7/15 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaborativelyLO 7 :Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Gyming. Activity 24/7/2015 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 7 :Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Dance Creativity/Activity 4-Jul-2015 to 31-Mar-2016 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
Mahakhumbh Activity 3/3/2016 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaborativelyLO 7 :Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
Farewell for seniors Creativity/Activity 8/4/2016 LO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
Plant nursery Creativity/Activity/service 17/7/2016 LO 1 :Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthLO 2 :Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processLO 3 :Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experienceLO 4 :Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesLO 5 :Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

LO 6 :Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

LO 7 :Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions


Nursery for school

I always enjoy planting trees. Two of my friends and I decided to build a nursery in our own school. We have become a role model for younger children to respect nature.
I had lot more experience in plantation than any of my partners. I have been part of football team and it is possible for me to carry out this activity for the longer amount time. Strength wise I was very confident. I knew how capable I am.
The most challenging part was to planting huge number of trees. Filling soil in a bag was very challenging. It does not have equipment that make it is easier. It required only man-power. It was very tiring. We were not professional therefore it took lot of time to fill up the bags.
Planning was pretty easy and quick. We had planed the number of bags filled on each day and how many bag will contain same seeds. Initiating was much more difficult than planning. Planning required only three of us. It got difficult when other people got involved. Which taught me the intensity of patience that I have handle. There was difficulty in decide time when we can do this but then we decided to work regular early during the weekdays.
It tested our patience. Waking up early was not my cup of tea specially in winter. With lack of voluntarily participants we were suppose to work even harder than what we had expected to work. According to the plan, all three of us had come regularly even though few volunteer do not appear.
The goal was big so we needed lot of human help. We definitely had to work as a team. We anyway had less time to complete the project. Working as a team was easy and faster. I worked with one of the volunteer to work faster. One of us would hold the bag and other would fill it with the soil which has definitely quicker than individually filling the bags. I believe it is every individualist responsibility to contribute to nature.
Plants and trees have always been significant part of human being. Unknowingly they play big role in keeping humans alive. With growing population we are creating space for new generation. It is part of civilisation. However, we are not realising that cutting trees can be dangerous for future generations.
We had to make sure we complete our task according to our plan. We were suppose to fill bags completely. There were times when I thought about filling bags with quarter left to fill but I had to fully committed to therefore I did completely filled all the bags and even made sure everybody fills their bags completely too.

IMG_7165          IMG_7181


We were required to reads books in grade 11 but then later it was not mandatory. However, I decided complete this task. My language teacher helped to decide books to read according my capabilities.
I am never good English language as whole. I am specifically weak in communicating skills. This activity has been very fruitful for me. I have significantly improved my reading speed. I have also improved fluency while speaking.
I never read a book completely. It is really difficult for me to commit to something I have never done. It was very challenging to take out time to read. I had to finish reading before exams starts. I have fulfilled my goal. It was difficult to take out time to read when you have to study.
However, I was committed to completing at least 5 books in a year. Which is a big deal to me because I have never completed single book. I remained committed to this goal and completed all 5 books. I was motivated to complete reading this books because of benefits it can do to me.
I did read all the books and not just started reading it and then dropped or read the summary or anything. I was frustrated in the midway because I had other work to do and wanted to read the summary instead of reading the books completely.


Farewell for seniors

In 2016 first ever batch of our school was about to graduate. Two of my class mate decided to organise farewell for our seniors. I took part in volunteering for farewell for seniors. We decided to organise farewell for now formal grade 12. I volunteered for dance, a small movie and also decorating the venue. All the dance members were required to choreograph the dance sequence of the farewell. As there was less time, the choreography was modified during rehearsals by two of the dance members which had experience in dancing. Acting is not my cup of tea, even though I successfully took leading role in one of the scene. I was satisfied with my performance.
We did take out time for practising the dance. We were also able to finish the movie which we made for the formal grade 12 in time. I like dancing therefore I was very excited to learn it at the first place. We recorded scenes that replicated grade 12 behaviour during their schooling years.
We had very less time for working and practising due to our grade 11 final exam were close.
However, we were able to execute the plan successfully by working in a team. Collaboration lead to more creativity. The decoration was on going till the last second of the starting of the farewell. The overall experience was very upbeat. Everybody enjoyed their time.

Mahakhumbh football above -16


This was our last football tournament with few teammates because it was their last year in the school. This tournament was really important for me to win because like the subroto tournament the whole teams qualify for state level if the team wins.

Well, the age category allowed coaches from our school to play with us therefore our football coach played with us which gave us confidence. I wasn’t nervous before the game unlike most of the other tournaments. Plus, I was in a good shape. So I was hungry for the glory. We were tough and not under pressure. I think because of our football coach playing with us made my game better. Anyway, we reached the finals. The opponent team was the same team that defeated us in subroto cup, but it was stronger compare to their subroto team. There was lot of pressure on me in the final game as I was playing forward which is not my main position but I could handle it. In the first half itself we scored a goal which lead us to win the tournament. It was very emotional moment for me to win the tournament that I always wanted to win.
I have improved my ball controlling skills and I have improved stamina as I was able put same effort through out the game. I had developed skills and techniques require for playing at forward position.
Coordination still wasn’t that good when started our first game because we don’t play with the other coaches who were in our team. Fortunately, the first two opponents were not very tough so we were then able to create understanding in our team, knowing the position of our teammates and keeping the possession. This helped us in further matches.
I remained calm through out the tournament even though there was fight in the final match. I didn’t take advantage and tried to end the fight. I obeyed to the decisions made by referee.
What I learned from my coach is how to handle pressure. How to be patient and you will get the result. Winning this tournament is a great achievement for me. This is the moment I will always remember.





I never was very obsessed about how my body looked. I anyway joined the gym with few of my friends. My aim was to build muscles and build it in good shape. I wanted work my upper body more than my lower body, but even working on my lower body. My food habit is quite healthy so it was not a big problem. I thought gym is an easy task, but later I realized it is not very easy task. Every day I had to increase the weight so that I can progress.
In the beginning, I was able to lift the weighs which I thought would be heavy for me and even that without any external help.
First, few days my body used to get really tense and tired. It made me not continue on next day. I had to skip few classes because tense muscle. I learnt how to relax the tense muscle and recovered quickly then I got back to the routine. I was then consistent.
I had to wake up an hour early than my routine wake up schedule. Waking up early for football practice was not difficult because I was passionate about football whereas for the gym it was difficult but I kept pushing myself.
Ethical issues invoked in this activity was that I had work efficiently without any supervisor watching me. I had to make sure that I increase my intensity as per my progression. I had to be consistence and not lift weight for just sake of doing it. I had to make sure I improve my strength by following the daily routine without skip days. This made feel confident about my body.

As I continued for a month, I was more confident and motivated. I continued gym for two more months. Now I can see the benefit of the gym. I was able to build muscles not very huge muscles but I was able to convert my fat into muscle which is a big achievement for me. My main focus was on strength training because cardio is done when I play soccer. In the beginning, the difficulty I faced was being consistent for the gym because getting huge muscles in a week workout are not possible. This is what I learnt that to achieve something you have show consistency in your hard work.

Some of the exercises I performed were :

  • Chest seated rowing
  • Barbel rowing
  • Push ups
  • Lat pull down
  • Pull ups
  • Barbel curl
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Crunches
  • Bench press
  • Skull crush
  • Barbell squat
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension

GYm 2

GYm 1

Plantation(KV school)

We were required to go to KV school for plantation early in the morning. There were couple of my friends. It was on weekends so we had sufficient time to complete the activity. All the resources were available there. We just had to be ready to work. There was struggle due to unfamiliar situation which made the activity more interesting.
As I have done plantation earlier, I was able to perform it without any hesitation so my strength was I had knowledge about techniques and method of plantation. I was able to put that knowledge into action.
The one of the difficulty we faced during the plantation was that it was monsoon season so there was heavy rain. I thought it is not possible to plant trees in rain because there was too much water water so water would fill up the hole and plant might not grow. But the sir told us it is not a problem if you plant in soil with lot of water. The water will be absorb by the soil later and plant would grow.
I always wanted to keep participating in any kind of plantation activity because trees have very important role in our life as we breath because of trees. It is essential for us to keep planting trees so that us and our next generations don’t face difficulty in the future.
As it was raining, digging and planting became difficult. It took lot more man power than it took during plantation activity in vansda so it tend to give us ideas to leave covering plant base in soil halfway. However, I still did not give up. I dig appropriate holes for all the trees I planted and covered it effectively. No matter how many obstacles there was we completed our task. The activity was tiring but it was satisfying and fun.

7ff66201-4292-4b40-870f-d9792d4f86c2-225x300                                          img-20160703-wa0023


I was really excited when I heard that I got selected in schools football team again. I always wanted to win this particular tournament because if we win the tournament then the whole team can go further for state level subroto competition.

I was quite nervous at the beginning of the competition. I just recovered from my leg injury so I wasn’t in my best shape but I was fit enough to play the game. However, we succeeded in winning the first match which wasn’t very tough team.

I was able to make few passes in the first game which lead to goal. I was able to keep the ball in our possession most of the time and I was even able to tackle the ball.
I was able pass with accuracy most of the time. I felt I wasn’t tough enough to continue my form in the game. For football, even stamina is very important so that I can keep running and supporting your teammates. I felt I lack endurance.
The challenge I faced was controlling the ball. I wasn’t able to control high and fast ball in the game so what I did is I just gave ball a direction and didn’t stop the ball at all. I simply pass the ball without stop the ball. I succeeded almost all the time.
I played as a midfielder. The responsibility of a midfielder is to keep the ball in possessing and support both forward and defence. As a team we weren’t in regular practice so lack of coordination in our team lead us to defeat in the second game against the home team.
I wanted to play a good game, by good I mean fair, and win the tournament. I played clean game. I would have played physically rough with opponent players who were playing unfair game but I remained calmed and didn’t react in a way which could have injured opponents. There was no foul called on me by referee.
What I learned from our game is that most important thing in any team game is passing skills which keeping the ball in possession of our team.


subroto 2


Dance performance-Kalautsav

I learned hip-hop style in dance. I dance on the song “sorry” by Justin Bieber. This is completely new style as we used to perform different folk dances in As performance till now. It was completely different experience. I thought this form of dance would be easier than other but it turned out it was as difficult as another form of dance. I was quite nervous before the performance. I was scared what if I forget steps. Although, I was excited because I was going to perform the new style of dance. We practiced during our AS slot.

My strength was I could learn quickly. I was able to replicate what our choreographer was teaching us. My weakness was the pace at which dance was perform was fast so before I could finish my first step, the second step was already started. This even led me to remember few steps.
It was challenging because I was not very flexible. There were steps which required us to be flexible which restricted me to perform clear movements. I work on my flexibility with methods like warm up, cool down and stretching exercises.
It was not a solo dance so we required coordination. Working as a team helped us to know each other. As It was a completely new form of dance for me, It made me tired and difficult to show the consistency in my performance. And time management was also required. We had really few classes before our final performance and we were left with few seconds of our song so reaching early for the class helped us finish the dance. I have attended almost all the classes so make sure that I am not lacking behind.
Working in a group is easier for me because I coordinate with other and we make best of it. Working with a group of the dancer who were familiar with this style of dance was benefiting for me as I could always ask them for the demonstration about steps that I had to clear upon.
Dance is an entertainment. I enjoy seeing audience enthusiastic and energized by our performance Learner profile I achieved was reflective by learning the steps from our choreographer. However, It was a really different experience. Now hip-hop is my new favourite form of dance.

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