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Hi my name is Manan Shah and I am in grade 12, surviving IB at Fountainhead school. Personally I believe in Carpe-Diem living the life to its fullest as life is short and unpredictable. I am inspired by many characters which appear on television such as Jon Snow. They have inspired me to do the right thing in life and follow my heart. In nature I am an introvert, I think introversion is one of my greatest abilities as it helps me focus on minute details in life and I can introspect and all the small and big matters in life. However this does not mean I do not talk to people, I am quite close to my friends and family.  

My area of talents are sports and learning new things.  I am highly dedicated towards my sport Karate and I constantly keep honing my skills. Also I think Karate has improved my power of concentration which has also helped me academics. Karate constantly creates new challenges for me in ways of competition and learning and developing new skills. The other skill i have is to learn new things. I am always ready and enthusiastic to learn new skills in the my area of interest. Like recently I took up the challenge of learning a new computer language, Python.

Well there are a variety of things which I enjoy. Firstly i love watching movies and tv shows, I can go all day and night watching my favorite tv shows and movies. Also I really like travelling to new places, as I am quite passionate about exploring, as it adds thrill to my life. I like to listen to music and explore different genres in music. I listen to soundtracks created by music composers, they are like symphonies. I also enjoy reading comics I especially love comics by DC Comics as they have my favorite super-heros.

I would like to work on the area of arts as I am not so good at it. I would especially want to sharpen my keyboard skills. Also i would like to develop new skills in visual arts.

I would like to be involved in projects which have more of service components as I want to work for the betterment of the society. Society has given us so much so I would want to repay it in any form.

I am quite optimistic in nature. I think we all have one life so why not live it to its fullest, Carpe Diem. I am also a feeler, so my emotions has more significance in my life. I am also quite punctual, I like to complete all my work before all the deadlines and not procrastinate them.

I think education is one of the most imperative issues in my society, many children do not receive education or quality education. I think this is one of the biggest issues in our society and we need to do something about it.

I would like to learn different computer languages such as C#, Ruby, Pearl, Java and others. As computer is a growing field I think it is important to learn all these languages as they will help me in our near future.

There are couple of things in life I want to try such as adventure activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, cliff jumping, scuba diving and advanced level river rafting.




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