I am Nikunj Panssari, I am a 16 year old student studying in Fountainhead school, Surat. I was born on 31st January, 2000. From the age of 4 my parents didn’t left me a choice of any video games and was exposed to sports i had also aimed to win each and every type of race, even if it’s running or skating. My parent made me join skating classes so that i can get a motivation towards my interest. Hence i became a very sporty kind of person who can give everything to be best. I liked the speed at which i was moving while skating and tried to be the best and participated in different city competition. I won many medals and made my mom proud. Sometimes i was able to see tears in my mom’s face which made feel nice. Even though i was very sporty i unconsciously build skills in arts. I build a skill in coping real life object and due to that i was able to draw same sketch in the book. It was soon when i left skating and joined soccer as a preferable sport and after than i played many matches in different level and city. Soon i also gave up my sketching and and end up taking dance as my current preference and even dance i represented my school and also danced in different award function. If i looked upon my academics than i was only interested in two subjects which was math and science. And even science was the subject that i end up not taking it. Writing english has always been a struggle for me and due to that i half the time i end up unable to express myself. I am always ready to take up thing as challenge and now i end up taking my career as a challenge. I like adventure and due to that i want to do skydiving and scuba diving which one day i will be doing it.cas

CAS- Essay

CAS is what help me to explore three different components which were creativity action and service. As initially it forced me to explore creativity and service but activity part is what most enjoyed about CAS. Even though the other 2 components was difficult for me to complete but i did it. I loved it when i performed my CAS different components. There are memories which stuck in my mind which were in service when i saw a smile in that child face. In creativity when we made step collaboratively it was a joyful experience.

Cas helped me to coordinate between time and work. There is not only one but i learned multiple thing from CAS which are that Whatever we do we need to commit to thing and always do the work ethical from our side. The most fun part about CAS were activity that i performed like football, dance, gym sessions, etc. this activity motivated me to do more.

CAS has given me memories which won’t be forgotten by me like naggar long trip where we did different adventure and breathtaking experiences. All this activity help me to work on myself by thinking mentally and logically. It help me to grow personally. One major skill that i learned is to work collaborated, teamwork which will help me my whole lifetime. This skill was successful but there were time were it did not work the task was to try your best try to make it work in different activity.

The most tedious and hard learning outcome to achieve was to have a group project as it was hard settle on the same idea as everyone and it requires weeks of planning which was tiring but in the end the commitment that what matters. The end product come hand in hand where we were able to collect that much fund that we could donate stationery to the orphan children.

CAS activity were a pleasant experience for me where i explored different phase of myself and which were awesome.


Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration with start date and end date Goals Learning Outcomes
plantation activity the activity was organised by school, i took an initative to plant trees in vasda forest park Service only on 19th of july to give best service, even do all that i can help in. LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills. LO4commitment to and perseverance
LO6:engagement with issues of global significance
Dance to learn and perfome a dance in the end of the year. Activity only on 26th of july learn new skill and a new art LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
OGIS football tournament play football and win try to win matches Activity 5th september perfom best, have a good sporting spirit LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
LO7:Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
trip to naggar A class winter trip to Naggar, Himachal Pradesh where we took part in various adventure activities. Activity 27th December 2015 to 4th January 2016 To try out each and evry thing and not let go the oppourtinity. LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
LO6:engagement with issues of global significance
gyming to work on your body to make it more fit Activity 1st december to 31st march to improve endurance and increase my strength LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
kabaddi tournament group project where we organized a tournament for student to increase the awarness activity, service and creativity 14th of july to 24th of august increase the awarness about the sport. also to show all gender are equal. LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO3:initiate and plan a CAS experience
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
LO6:engagement with issues of global significance
LO7:Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
teachers day celebration we taught grade 4 student for 2 hours creativity and activity september 5th to teach the kids that wont be taught by there teachers and make the class more joyful. LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
garba fest help to choreograph dance creativity and activity 5ht october to 10th october make the dance more meaningful for the topic and make it more joyful. LO1:Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
LO2:Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills
LO4:commitment to and perseverance
LO6:engagement with issues of global significance

Just Dance


Dancing has become a part of my life and I have always been passionate about this activity as it helps me to relax and I express myself while doing it. I always wanted to learn dance from professional and learn different forms of dances. However hip-hop is what passionate me. To fulfill my wish our school offered dance classes from professional where we had to attened dance session for twice a week for 3 whole months, where we will learn two forms of dance contemporary and hip-hop.

These dance classes have helped me improve and polish my dancing skills, by making my movements more clear and precise. It has also improved my body posture, increased my body control while dancing and made me more flexible. These dance routines have helped me develop a keen interest to consider this art as a profession or as a part time job in future, as I feel enthusiastic. Along with the other advantages, dance has made me physically more fit, by increasing my stamina, as dancing requires a lot of endurance, especially forms like hip-hop. On the other hand, contemporary helped me maintain my mental strength, as it requires patience and determination. I didn’t like Contemporary because I thought it was a very tedious form. However after practising for hours, I kind of started feeling the dance form and started taking it positively. As I was learning this form for the first time, it  proved to be a very big challenge, because this dance form is quite hard.

“Kalakriti” was an amazing art event organized by our school. This is when we show our practise, hours of hard work, commitment and amount of passion towards dance to our parents. We have to show it all, the efforts we applied like to come school early, skipping meals, etc. To perform the the best as we could we needed synchronization and for that we had to communicate with each other. This is when our communication skills worked alot as i needed to coordinate my steps with other 14 members of the crew. This when my skill paid off and also got better from it’s experience.

Dance has always been a part of my life and this class helped me to make form of presentation more precise.



Our CAS project was all about organizing a kabaddi tournament in our school. The whole process was to lengthy and which was became a bit boring but in the when it eventually ended i had good feeling and a sigh of relief. Kabaddi is a indian sport which got famous in past 2 year due to international tournament called PRO KABADDI!!! This was our one of the major influence which lead us to organizing this tournament. So being not so popular sport in our school became our one of the major challenge for our group which were my classmates Anay, Varun and I who needed to face this.

We chipped in our ideas and finalised our project on Kabaddi Tournament. We needed co-ordination in our group as we had to plan a lot for the tournament. We needed to finalise the venue, also needed to advertise, make the teams. We short down the possible venues that we can organize this tournament in. We came up with three options for our safe side. Where our first venue request was rejected which was of assembly and the other option was PE area which was approved by our sports faculty which completed our part of venue.

We simply executed three different advertising strategies, posters, online awareness and the word of mouth. First two strategy were easily applied but when it came to word of mouth all three of us had problem in speaking to unfamiliar audience. To beat the fear we aloted each of us some classes were we had to announce the competition details which was much more difficult than it seems. Finally we listed the participants but when we gathered and cleared out the doubts about the possible injuries and risk during the tournament. Some people took their names back and unregistered. So we atlast end up with 30 contestant our hands.

At this point we needed to start collecting the charged money from the participants. We gave reminders through emails. We had to tackle the problem of collecting money as each student were in different grade and section. It was one of the big challenge to face and by the proactiveness of the participants we were able to collect it on time. From the fund we were giving rewards like best raider defender and the winning prize for the winning team.

Now this was the stage of making teams fairly which couldn’t have become interesting enough if wouldn’t have included auction into it. As auction are much fair than making teams by ourself. As we decided 5 captains from 30 students on the basis of their capabilities.

I had to handle the post of the referee and even needed to manage the tournament and see that all the participants are on time and referees are available who knew the rule. My whole commitment was to give my best while referee sitting . We tried our best to be fair and square towards each and every participant.

Finally we had 5 teams and we are ready to start the tournament. So all we were left to decide the type of tournament and the fixtures. We decided that we will have knockout and league. First their will be knockout between 4 teams and 1 team who wins the coin toss will straight away got to league and other 2 teams from 4 will fight their way in the league and fromthat winner will be chosen. According to the structure of the tournament fixtures were decided but due to school academics meeting the fixture had to rearranged according to the dates of meeting. This became a hurdle in our project and delayed the matches which we eventually crossed.

So this was the time all the matches took place. Keeping in mind of ethical objectives to be fair during the whole journey of this tournament. We had closing ceremony where we rewarded the winning team and the best raider and defender. It was a great experience as we had exposer of taking spontaneous decisions and build great communication skills. We got know about the talent that players from different grades had which were unpredictable. I felt amazing as the tournament was finished and now we no more had to do multitasking work between our studies and tournament.

Our motive was to not only promote kabaddi as a sport, to encourage gender equality. As we had girls participating we were trying to bring a change in our surroundings. We also tried to cater to global issue in our society as girls are as good as boys and their are women even better men which is totally normal. Which we tried to break the stereotype as we had female participants which were doing extremely well. As they gave a tough competition to any gender who came across. This was to promote gender equality throughout the event which proved when invited any gender participant could participate in the tournament. This event made feel that i achieved something and by slowly taking action could  not only encourage girls to play kabaddi but also to encourage equality between two genders. This made me feel proud about the results of our action.

We earned profits which weren’t expected. We as a group decided to chose to buy stationery from our whole profit and donate to children. this was one more step closer to bring joy in children life and have an impact over society in positive way. We earned 1000 rupees, which were fully used to buy stationary, The fact that we again dealt with an issue of poverty. The moment i could never forget is when i saw a smile on the kid’s face which wasn’t going. At this moment i gained respect for things that i have which i have been exploiting for years. This not only makes me feel proud but also excited to conduct more activities of this type. I could proudly say that it was a successful event followed by a donation made the event valuable. I would be keen to do this type of events more often. casimg_20161121_182853

Gym Session

Gyming has never been my cup of tea. As in the day of 21st century i never get over with the electronics. But i have alway was in shape. I have never focused about my diet and never cared about it till the time i started seeing its outcome. As i never had energy left due to all those junk intake i was never hungry enough to consume health food. I use to think and have experienced for a month that doing gym exercises are always tiring and time-consuming.  

I tried gyming once before but it never worked as my football coach denied me to do it. As i am bit short in height so my coach told me not to focus my muscle.  I was trying to start gyming once again as My 6 friends were with me planning to do the same activities. It really made the activity less monotonous and more joyful.

The most difficult thing in this task was to wake up early morning. For that needed change my schedule according to it, but it also requires commitment to get out of bed in the early morning although I chose to wake up early. Due to my height i chose a different type of workout i use to do cardio, core and muscle stretching exercises. following this cycle allowed me find out my own strengths and weakness such as after 2 cycles I identified that my abs/abdominal is the strongest region compared to my other body parts therefore I was able to do 50plus sit ups in the second cycle itself and it is an area for further growth. The second most  challenging task was push-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my biceps workout on day 1 I did 5 push ups and on day 25 I did 30 push-up although I was committed to work on my weakness ,I committed to myself that I will increase the number of push up done by me although this commitment caused me to use lots of effort and hardwork to achieve my goal therefore it is not easy for me to commit things.

Soon cardio became my one of the major strength i reduced my weight i gained more stamina and could run for 25 minutes straight. This helped me in football majorly i had endurance to survive in the field for a whole game. As my goals were very simple to stay fit and healthy. And i stopped eating junk food for time while i was doing gyming.

I finally completed 4 months of gym training and see good changes in my physique.  I could see a great change in my Football skills due to the gym exercises. Being tiring, lead me to great results in my body.

win_20161121_104521 win_20161121_104544

Teachers day celebration

Teachers are very important in our life as they share the knowledge they have and share it with students like us. Teaching is a type of trait which isn’t present in each and every student. So my friend and I took an initiative to teach student for 2 hour on teachers day. We were allotted grade 4 attitude.

The difficult part of the task was to maintain the class decorum. As kids wanted to play but we had to teach so to have a win-win situation for a day we made them study for whole 2 hours. They were troublesome and hard to handle and at this point of time i thought about how interestingly our teachers use to manipulate us to convince us to study. From this thought i decided that to make the learning creative and enjoyable we made them play an activity on their current unit migration. The activity was more of a quiz roulette where person fails to answer he need to do a dare which class decide. In this part of time communication skills and coordination with my friend was must and we were able to do it.

While teaching i was able to explore a skill that i consist was communication, I was able to communicate appropriately with the students as we need to make them feel as their teacher and to do so patient was an another challenge. It feels good to know that you possess skill which will help in future especially in my near future for my English exam IOC. Although it very important for a person to know his/her strength or weakness because it allows you to analyse yourself and helps you to know the areas which you are good at and areas where you need to work on.

After an hour kids were getting distracted and the interest level went down. Even Spontaneous act were must as after a hour of roulette student interest were shifting. On that point of time we gave them a break for 5 min and find a possible that could make the participating in class activity increases. This is where our Spontaneous act with creativity comes into picture as we used math where they were learning fractions make them use the math to get correct answer for multiple choice questions which we wrote on the board. This also test our capability of the patient and tolerance. As kids made a chaos out of the class in the end. After the constant 2 hour tolerance test i had especially had a sign of relief.

Now we know that teaching is much harder job than it seems to be, it’s hard to tell that how teacher deal with us, hats off to them .cas


I have been seeing different flashmob in the different occasion where my friends were taking part in. I sort of had an idea about how could we make a flash mob blast in any type of audience. That opportunity was given to me by my friends were they asked me to choreograph a dance for a social cause which was about saving girl child. This time instead of performing in a mall we decided to perform in our school on the day Garba fest.

One of our friends organised this event in school on the 10th of October and they allowed us to crash their event and perform a flash mob. Volunteers were gathered from the word of mouth and survey conducted from the mail. This time we were a group of only 20 members. As this was a really huge event organized by my friends. we had to give our 100% to grab the audience’s attention. The challenges that I faced during the last flash mob were not because of the practice sessions or the time management but because of my academics. Managing the event and preparing for exams simultaneously was a difficult job. Nevertheless, like before as a team we gave in our 100% and cooperated with each other to make this last flash mob a perfect one. Women empowerment was our issue for this flash mob. In order to begin from home we took this up as our issue for performance in school because this is that one place where we study about women being discriminated and treated badly all over the world.

Facing ups and downs, overcoming all the challenges that came in our way as a team we created ASTH. All of us had different strengths and weaknesses. Combining all the strengths and eliminating all the weakness we made these series of events successful. This activity has given me a lot to remember. During the entire journey of performing flash mobs for social cause, apart from learning I have made some beautiful memories. By taking responsibility to choreograph and also had a good time making new friends during this journey.


Football Tournament – OGIS

I was in for an U-16 Gujarat Football Tournament which took place in Olive Green International School Ahmedabad. I was very en and was looking forward for the tournament. As it was a long time since we played as a team in a tournament, this wasn’t our original team, so we lacked in coordination. I was confident enough that I would perform to my best ability, however, football is team game where we can’t win the game as one man army so we needed to make a well developed understanding between teammates.

Our first match was against Podar International School who were last year’s champions of this tournament.The pressure was at its peak because i was the main striker and midfield as I had to make a game and score goals against the last year winning team. I had a talk with coach, captain and a vice captain so that i can have more skilled players with me and try to score goals. The difficulty was mainly because all of us had contradicting point of view  and which took a lot of our time, however after a long discussion we came up with the starting lineup. I learnt to accept differences and others point of view which i wouldn’t have learnt if i would not have participated in this tournament.

We lost the match by 3-0, however, I wasn’t satisfied with my performance throughout the game.  However I was quite unhappy with my and the whole team’s performance. We had several attempts at scoring goals but missed by mere inches.  Coordination and communication seemed to be the major reasons for us to lose this match. I think that I was unable to give my 100% in the whole game, I was making many passes and was playing in the whole ground however I feel I was unable to execute all the techniques missed a chance of scoring a goal. Nonetheless, I was able to identify mistakes and where to improve (long passes and heading in defence).  We lost our first match. However, even before the match had begun, we were aware of their strengths and knew they had a greater chance at winning, but still we didn’t show that and planned on showing the best that we had.

Managing a team isn’t easy when you are also a part of that same team, many issues rise up as this was my first time. This tournament gave me an insight into how you can manage and collaborate equally with teammates.  Also a new thing that i leant was working collaboratively with my team mates.

Through all this, I have experienced playing against a strong team, accepting failure and managing a team. Managing a team isn’t easy when you are also a part of that same team, many issues rise up as this was my first time. This tournament gave me an insight into how you can manage and collaborate equally with teammates.  Also a new thing that i leant was working collaboratively with my team mates.

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IMG_2995 IMG_20160102_114616

We travelled to an awesome place called Naggar which was located near Manali. This was my first 10 days CAS trip. The place where we stayed had many different stories of it’s history. The crystal clear snow adds beauty to Manali . However the thing which terrified me before the trip was the height at which we will be staying and the numbness because of the cold weather. Although after going there, chillness didn’t bother me that much, thus I could do activities with a lot of fun.


We did explore different ancient temples and paintings which made us know about the existence of creativity in those times. While this trip I could identify a strength of mine that I could easily trek for 2-3 hours without any hesitation which really helped me on this trip. However, the only weakness which I faced in the trip was laziness, at morning while waking up, restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively. Waking up till late restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively. Skiing was one of the greatest challenges for all of us. Skiing was something we don’t do customarily and personally I never did skiing so this was a new activity for me. However, the expertise provided by them made me and my friends do a very good job in skiing which made this trip more interesting and adventurous.


We were 30 people travelling together, we needed to make sure that we needed to work with a lot of coordination and without any conflicts among us. Keeping this in mind, we coordinated and adjusted with each other while travelling by bus and train, while choosing rooms for staying, trekking etc which really helped all of us to stay peacefully. Furthermore, the main focus for me of this trip was to enjoy the nature and treks. So it was compulsory to stay away from gadgets and, therefore, our school didn’t allow us to bring any type of gadgets especially, mobiles. So I didn’t bring a mobile phone and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Additionally, I also did not throw any type of  garbage on the road in the whole trip which helped me to save the nature. I could also get an opportunity to know local people of Naggar and their lifestyles which helped me in developing my communication skills.  Overall, this trip was a great success because due to this activity I could identify my numerous strengths and some weaknesses to work upon.

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