I was really excited when I heard that I got selected in schools football team again. I always wanted to win this particular tournament because if we win the tournament then the whole team can go further for state level subroto competition.

I was quite nervous at the beginning of the competition. I just recovered from my leg injury so I wasn’t in my best shape but I was fit enough to play the game. However, we succeeded in winning the first match which wasn’t very tough team.

I was able to make few passes in the first game which lead to goal. I was able to keep the ball in our possession most of the time and I was even able to tackle the ball.
I was able pass with accuracy most of the time. I felt I wasn’t tough enough to continue my form in the game. For football, even stamina is very important so that I can keep running and supporting your teammates. I felt I lack endurance.
The challenge I faced was controlling the ball. I wasn’t able to control high and fast ball in the game so what I did is I just gave ball a direction and didn’t stop the ball at all. I simply pass the ball without stop the ball. I succeeded almost all the time.
I played as a midfielder. The responsibility of a midfielder is to keep the ball in possessing and support both forward and defence. As a team we weren’t in regular practice so lack of coordination in our team lead us to defeat in the second game against the home team.
I wanted to play a good game, by good I mean fair, and win the tournament. I played clean game. I would have played physically rough with opponent players who were playing unfair game but I remained calmed and didn’t react in a way which could have injured opponents. There was no foul called on me by referee.
What I learned from our game is that most important thing in any team game is passing skills which keeping the ball in possession of our team.


subroto 2


Dance performance-Kalautsav

I learned hip-hop style in dance. I dance on the song “sorry” by Justin Bieber. This is completely new style as we used to perform different folk dances in As performance till now. It was completely different experience. I thought this form of dance would be easier than other but it turned out it was as difficult as another form of dance. I was quite nervous before the performance. I was scared what if I forget steps. Although, I was excited because I was going to perform the new style of dance. We practiced during our AS slot.

My strength was I could learn quickly. I was able to replicate what our choreographer was teaching us. My weakness was the pace at which dance was perform was fast so before I could finish my first step, the second step was already started. This even led me to remember few steps.
It was challenging because I was not very flexible. There were steps which required us to be flexible which restricted me to perform clear movements. I work on my flexibility with methods like warm up, cool down and stretching exercises.
It was not a solo dance so we required coordination. Working as a team helped us to know each other. As It was a completely new form of dance for me, It made me tired and difficult to show the consistency in my performance. And time management was also required. We had really few classes before our final performance and we were left with few seconds of our song so reaching early for the class helped us finish the dance. I have attended almost all the classes so make sure that I am not lacking behind.
Working in a group is easier for me because I coordinate with other and we make best of it. Working with a group of the dancer who were familiar with this style of dance was benefiting for me as I could always ask them for the demonstration about steps that I had to clear upon.
Dance is an entertainment. I enjoy seeing audience enthusiastic and energized by our performance Learner profile I achieved was reflective by learning the steps from our choreographer. However, It was a really different experience. Now hip-hop is my new favourite form of dance.

Trip to Vansda(Creativity and service)

This was our first ever CAS trip. We went to a place called Janki Van which is a new botanical garden in Vansda village. This botanical garden was under construction so we were
given an opportunity to contribute to the garden, plant trees. This was the first social service activity to which I actively participated in. We were there to help laborer and learn how
to plant trees. We were divided into two groups of 15 people in each group. Both group were assigned different location. Competition between these group who will complete their
work first.

My strength was I was able follow instructions correctly. I was able to understand the information which workers were giving. I was able to transport sampling from one place
to another faster without damaging any of the plant samples.

As I was planting trees first time in my life so I had no clue how to plant a tree. The challenge I faced was tearing out the plastic that was covered over the bottom of the plant
was difficult. If I use too much strength I would damage the sample, and If I use too little the plastic won’t tear. This required proper amount of balanced stregnth. Few of my friend
and I used axes to dig in the ground without anyone’s advice because we wanted some more difficult task. I effectively and carefully used axe with the help of one of the worker. It
required great strength and accuracy. I knew I had enough strength but I wasn’t sure about accuracy. Accuracy is difficult to obtain in a short period of time. I overcome this
challenge by communicating with working which was very fruitful. He even demonstrated me how to dig with accuracy. I was able to replicate it to most extent.

We were faster as we worked collaboratively with teammates and we competed other team. Working in a pair alternetively during digging with axe helped us to regain our
strength. It made our taskier simpler and easier.

Major cause for global warming is concentration of carbon dioxide in the enviorment which can be reduced by planting trees. By planting the trees I really felt proud as it will
impact on environment. It will not impact to a very large scale but to some extend it will so I really felt that I fulfill my goals by planting few trees. felt good after helping to plant

After lot of work on this warm day, it was certain that I would try to find shortcuts to finish task faster. I could have improperly buried a plant or skip adding fertilizer, but I was
motivated by how the workers over there put in efforts so I managed to plant trees correctly, in a right manner, by completing all the steps.

It taught me how to be patient, how to not lose temper and not to get frustrated as it was very warm day. I was also able to appreciate the effort that labourer put in to planting the
trees. However I enjoyed planting trees and digging in the ground. I felt really productive because I completed task successfully.

TRIp to vansda

TRIp to vansda 2