Foosball Table (Creativity/Activity)

Vitan, Aarsh and I made a Foosball table as a part of our ‘Arts Special’ project for Marker’s Space. We made a low priced Foosball table for unofficial use.

The first very important skill I learnt was patience. We were already running quite late on our schedule and then we finally started making the actual table a week before the exhibition. Making the frame of the table took us ages, we had a feeling that we would never finish it. But once the frame was made, we were satisfied that at least one job is ticked off the list. All other steps were very important but didn’t take a lot of time, but they were delicate, so we had to be fast and careful at once.

I learnt my life lesson that only people who know how the work is actually done should do it. Kirit bhaiya (carpenter of our school) helped us immensely to put that table together, and we gave him the liberty to take all the decisions for our table. From gluing to drilling and cutting he kept suggesting us and we kept agreeing to everything.

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The table work was never over. Three days before the exhibition we were getting our Men 3D printed, a day before the exhibition we were rushing to get LEDs and sensors, and that was not it even an hour before the exhibition we were trying to fix the LEDs and Men. But all of this did not matter once we had our first ever game on the table. Everybody who played on it went with a smile, and that made us happy. They enjoyed, hooted, supported and appreciated.

This activity, like every other long term activity gave me a reality check on how much I procrastinate and mismanage my time. But it also gave me an assurance that I don’t leave things, I complete them even if they are last minute.

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Football- Subroto Cup 2015 (Activity)

I participated in a state level Football tournament on 8th and 9th of September 2015. This is a very elite International tournament and we got into the second round (after district level) of the qualifying stage. We have been winning the state level for 2 years and this could have been our third consecutive year, but we lost.

We played well in our positions till the semi-finals and then switched positions in the finals. I played right wing in the first half and then changed to centre defense in the second. This was not a new skill, but it was definitely a new experience. I have never crossed the midfield line.

I have already learnt a lot of attributes, like cooperation and patience, from Football, but this tournament taught me to stay calm in the most hyper situations. The tournament was delayed and later we were called on a very short notice, moreover the ground was not satisfactory. This taught me a very simple lesson that “not everything is in one’s favour”.

We had many young players and players who don’t play Football very often. This tournament gave them experience and also motivated a few, like me, to continue rigorous practice. This Football tournament, like every other, got the teammates more closer to each other. The pressure of the game forced me to take unwanted decisions like scolding a team member for a very small mistake or substituting them without thinking much, but after the game, the team got back to normal and sat together for all the meals.

Losing this tournament was very hard on us, but we got immense support from each other and our coach. I wish we had won again and represented our state in the International tournament.


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Health Poster for School (Creativity/Service)

I volunteered to make a health poster for school during a workshop by a very famous dietitian, Rujuta Diwekar. Our school has a very strict no-junk-food policy and to promote healthy eating we have many posters all around the school, including many in the dining area. After Ms. Diwekar taught us about healthy eating we realised that there we a few mistakes in the posters. A few of us volunteered to make new edited posters.

I volunteered without thinking about the problems I would have to face because of my poor designing skills. I edit a lot of pictures for social networks, but composing a poster was difficult. I learnt how simple things can also look impressive.

The workshop taught me more than the poster. But, while making the poster, I kept recalling the important tips Ms. Diwekar gave us. She told us two very simple but powerful words: “EAT LOCAL” and that is what I have been pushing myself to do.

It was not possible for the whole school to attend her workshop and the only effective way of spreading her message was by putting up the posters in different places around the school. This poster will help a grade 1 student in the same way as it would to a homeroom teacher of grade 12.

This activity has helped me get more creative with my work and also helped me know the importance of food. The things I learnt while making this have helped me in editing my Instagram pictures too.

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