Subroto cup football

participating in the football tournament meant lots of practice and hard work. The football competition where it was going to be held was pretty much far from our school, so the travelling part was boring but where the matches were organised means the tournament place was very good. The place was pleasant and the weather was not too hot but when the sun came on top of our heads, we were all sweaty. Participating in this match gave me a great experience. I came across many  new people and their game but the competition was too long, so we had to miss our school. My purpose of coming to this tournament was achieved, that to play a fair and a skilled game.

By doing this activity, I got to know my strengths. That I am good at cutting and I am weak in long passing skill, so I have to develop this new skill.’

The challenge that I took was to learn short passing perfectly and regularly practicing in morning helped me learned this new skill.

Football is a team game and if we don’t work collaboratively we can not win the competition, so in morning we use to play matches to improve our teamwork and I loved playing matches.

Going in morning for football and practicing for football helped me improve my stamina and was committed to my morning camps but waking up in morning was boring.  

The ethical implication was to not wearing watch, cutting nails and not using  abusive words on the field and playing a fair game.   

The value of the activity was high because only 14 people got selected and that also from around 20 to 25 students. It value increases more by getting a chance to the whole team to go in states, if the team wins.

the ethical dilemmas were like not to wear watch in the match. Be in proper dress and with proper equipment’s also. Using proper language to communicating with people, cutting nails and the most important, being on time.  

I feel that the practice helped me increase my skills and stamina. Other then that overall it also helped me to increase my fitness and health. This shows that the activity was valuable.       

If you are committed to your goal, you can achieve anything. Win and loss is a part of game, if this time we have lost, the next time we will come with more practice. always have a positive attitude. That I learned.  



Bal mela

This activity was quite different from what I expected. I had to manage underprivileged privilege students to make them do the activity of tug of war but the number of students that came was unexpected to me. It was hard to control the situation and make the activity success from all the students. Thanks to the supervisor and the staff team that made the situation controllable. There were students who were deaf and dumb, so communication with them was hard. We use to give them hand signs and gestures to communicate. Sometimes also joined them to make the teams equal and it was fun.

After this activity i got to know that i am go at managing children’s and as i knew Gujarati it was easy to communicate with students because most of the students were comfortable with Gujarati as a language. I think next without any help of staff team i should be able to manage this many students.

By doing this activity I developed the skill of managing students and also I developed the skill of leadership.

I was fully committed to my activity and I was always with my partner and the staff team to make the activity successfully.

As there were too many students coming at a time like 50 students per group or more. I realize that it was getting much easy to manage them with the help of staff team. Before when the  staff team was not there. We were not able to manage our activity, so I learnt that working collaboratively is more efficient.

The ethical part was that to give equal chances to all the students on the field. Also quality activity and time to the students because sometimes due to the time restriction, we were unable to give equal chances to the students.

Participating in this activity made me feel good that I gave service to underprivileged students. The value of this activity for me was not that much but for the underprivileged students it meant a lot from them. They gained a new experience too. The activity was effective because larger number of students got this new experience, so yes it was effective. This activity will be a life changing for me. It conveyed  the message that be happy with what you have and don’t complain for the things you don’t have.

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