Sharing and Learning-One day with Orphans _19-09-15

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”- Steve Maraboli

Spending that one day with orphans and underprivileged kids was the day well spent. The excitement of meeting them helped me to stay committed and wake-up early morning on a Saturday. We invited the children of Charlie’s Help Age to our school so that we can use our knowledge and facilities for a good cause.

For starters, to know them we had like a quick ice-breaking activity in which we told them about us and asked them about their hobbies, passion and what they wanted to be in the future. My companions, teachers and I worked collaboratively to organize and execute different activities that were planned like card making, dancing, doing Zumba, playing dumb charade, dodge ball and watching movies. I used my creativity to help them by giving new ideas for card making and by teaching the younger ones how to draw. Moreover, I felt that they had so much potential and talent in each sector like visual arts, dancing or singing that they can become a remarkable individual in future if they are given an opportunity to do it.  

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One thing about them that touched me was the way they gave respect to what they are fortunate to have. For instance: praying and being thankful of the food they eat. They also taught me that we can be happy by enjoying small moments of our life because in spite of the fact that they were under- privileged they were extremely zealous and enthusiastic to do all the activities.

My main motive was to use that kind of gesture and language that makes them feel they are one of us and not upsetting them by any chance.

Yet, one difficulty that we faced was there were few young children who were not ready to open themselves with us as we were new to them. Though, I tried to blend with them and did some activities personally with them only to make them feel comfortable. At the end they were really close to me and ‘good-byes’ became difficult.

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At the end of the day, I felt that I have contributed something to the society, become reason to someone’s smile and used my time fruitfully. I think that we should have spent more days with the kids, so that we can know more about them individually, and share and learn some more life lessons.


Organizing Committee- Basketball 3/3 Tournament _25-09-15

Basketball 3/3 tournament was a student-led event. I was a member of Logistics Department and had to handle the MVP (Most valuable Player) tokens and the distribution of them. On the day of the event, I decided to come early in the morning to arrange everything in advance.

I had lot of work before and during the tournament as well. As I was in-charge of MVP tokens, I had to make almost 140 tokens. Designing, cutting and sticking, everything was my responsibility. This task was more time consuming than I thought it would be. However, I got some help from one of the tournament directors which made the task a bit easier to get it completed on time.

As I was working under the17 heads, I had to collaborate with them as well as with the referees. By this, I learnt how to talk to different people and surprisingly liked to know new referees and participants. My role was to ensure that both the MVP’s tokens are there on each table after every match and I kept a note about which player got MVP in which match. I also had to make sure that all the score sheet reaches to the Front desk/ table. Being a participant in one of the teams as well as being an OC (Organization Committee) Member, accomplishing my task became difficult.

One major problem that I faced was that my match timings were clashing with my work, and because there were four courts to cater to, distribution and recording of score sheets and MVP token became challenging. However, at times I delegated my task to other members.  

In this process, I learnt how to do multi-tasking and develop the skill of time management which will help me to develop as a person. In alI I felt that the tournament was a success and our efforts were worth it. At the end of the day, I was tired yet I enjoyed a lot as it was a new experience for me.
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Basketball 3/3 Tournament-Let’s Shoot_25-9-15_Activity

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” -Arnold Palmer

I am really passionate about playing basketball, so I made new goal to explore different formations and participated in one of the competitions that was being held in school, Basketball 3/3. Although I have been playing Basketball since a long time, 3/3 was a new concept and experience for me as the team consisted of only three players a side.

Some days before the match, during our physical education classes, we had practice time to gain some insight about how this formation will be played and what strategies we can use. My team members and I assured to show determination that will go in each practice mainly because of these reasons and also to know the rules which are to be followed, so that while playing the game we do not take any actions against the rules and follow our moral values.


As it was a league, we played around four matches. While playing these I was able to identify and exhibit my strengths/ my skills correctly. Due to having only three players, each player had more work to do then that in a usual five-sided game.  Mainly, one thing that I learnt while playing was how to cooperate with my team members.

Being the captain of my team, I had to form new strategies to improve our game to the next level. Despite of losing almost all the games, we enjoyed playing the game. I was really satisfied how my team performed and was able to spot their strong points easily. Also, our practice sessions were showing its fruits in our game, and that made our participation worth.

During the game, we faced many challenges, however, we gained experience which will make us learn from our mistakes and play other tournaments with much more accuracy.

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