Organising and conducting the Maths Science Trivia

This event was an initiative by our school where our Math and Science teachers gave us various responsibilities and helped us conduct the event for Grade 9 & 10. The event included a preliminary round and a final round. The final round consisted of a complete presentation showing all the distinct rounds.

The number of questions that had to be made for Mathematics and Science was appalling. As the event coordinators and the hosts, we had tons of responsibilities. I’d anticipated that making all the questions would be the toughest part, but we figured out that if everyone put in the required amount of hard work, there would be no problem. However, making questions turned out to be the least of our worries. There was an extreme lack of coordination between us, and no one was ready to give up time for the event.

We kept procrastinating, and the result was that just two days before the trivia, the questions were in an abysmal condition. There were repetitive questions, and everything was extremely unorganised. But then final two days of hard work and dedication helped us make the event a great success. Working with this team also made us realise that while organising events such like these, things don’t often go the way we want them to, however, it also taught us the importance of other people’s opinion over ours and how our personal thoughts can be relatively narrow and a 2nd perspective can broaden our points of view and help us make and event better and more enjoyable.


The trivia proved to be an enormous challenge. The audience was uncontrollable, but the event went on smoothly in the end. Working for the event in the last minute taught me how to handle last minute crisis like taking preventive measures for the audience to keep them from prompting and keeping an extra stopwatch if the first one was too stop woking at the end moment. It also taught me how to function well under stressful conditions with a team.

Not being partial towards people belonging to my house or my friends was the ethical consideration I kept in mind throughout I did this by not giving them easier questions or more time to answer than the rest. This event helped me take a step forward in getting over my fear of stage speaking. Conducting the event along with my team gave me a feeling of triumph and its success was heartfelt. After the event, the audience and teachers appreciated our efforts. Overall, I’m glad the I got such a great opportunity to organize this event and was able to make it entertaining and enjoyable.DSCN0363

A day with the orphan Kids.

Charlie’s Help age came to our school to spend a day with us. We planned various fun and exciting activities for them. Their trip to our school was planned by Krishna Ma’am and she helped make the day very interactive for them and us. There were 36 children aged between 3 and 17. Their arrival had been delayed by one and a half hour, which put us largely behind schedule. This made us reduce the time required for some activities and we had to cut down on some. Each one of them was talented in their own unique way. Not even once did we see a slight bit of despair when they met us and saw how we studied. Rather they were delighted to be there and very enthusiastic to perform whatever we had planned for them.

We made some very great friends in that little time we had and enjoyed thoroughly. Besides the delay, the entire day went as planned. That day made me realise the benefits of the privileges I receive every day and the love care and affection provided by my parents. These children were extremely talented and if given a stage appropriate enough to showcase it, they would beat all expectations. We learnt how people from different backgrounds perceive the meaning of various situations in different ways and react differently. In all, the day spent with and for them was brilliant and enlightened me in different ways and I’m looking forward to the next time we get an opportunity to meet them. We developed new skills by working collaboratively with the students from Charlie’s help age. We did this by not only adhering to what we had planned for them but also asking them as to what they wanted to do. We learnt a lot from the children that day when some of them taught us a new way to communicate that is by signs. They made us realise how we must respect, love and treat with care everything we have. We also exhibited perseverance and commitment to the service by coming up with interesting ideas to make their visit to our school as memorable as possible and giving in our best to help our teachers out. We also undertook a new challenge as

We also exhibited perseverance and commitment to the service by coming up with interesting ideas to make their visit to our school as memorable as possible and giving in our best to help our teachers out. We also undertook a new challenge as difference in the cultural background made it a little difficult for interaction initially however we still managed to form a great bond with them. We maintained an ethical outlook towards the visit by not delaying and treating them as equal to us.

We also undertook a new challenge as a difference in the cultural background made it a little difficult for interaction initially, however, we still managed to form a great bonding with them. We maintained an ethical outlook towards the visit by not delaying and treating them as equal to us.


Team Duathlon

The event consisted of 2 members for each team. One partner had to run 5 kilometers and the other had to cycle 10 kilometers. I previously had the practice of running only 2 kilometers at a stretch so completing 5 kilometers seemed like a huge task but I decided to start practicing every morning and evening. Initially, it was very difficult to wake up early in the morning and then go running. I would feel extremely sleepy at school in the day. Running in the evening also proved to be a difficult idea since the roads would be extremely crowded and it would be difficult to complete the distance without breaks.

After seven weeks of pushing myself to my limits, I managed to practice along with my partner and completed the Duathlon. It was a feeling of immense pride and satisfaction. However, my achievement was not the one that was the most satisfactory. It was my parents who on being pushed hard completed the duathlon and overcame the limits age sets.

I learned to work collaboratively with a team since I had to be on time for my training practices with my companions and also followed the rules they abide by which were to run at the decided pace and to give the full amount of time required. I attended all practice sessions regularly and took responsibility for any problems that arose.

Since a pollution free world is what the entire globe is aiming for and by participating in an event such as this one, we come one step closer to creating more awareness of the impending disaster to earth.

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Reflection 6 (Joining gym)

Doing gym exercises are always tiring and time-consuming. It was a long 6-months tiring sessions I had, where I needed to wake up early morning, come to school and lift these heavyweights. It was initiated by me and some of my friends, where we planned the duration of our each gym session, the exercises we are going to do and also how many times are we going to attend the session in a week. A lot of focus on our planning helped us to have a clear direction of where we are heading to. I always thought performing this activity would quite be fascinating but it all ended up being tiring sessions.

Performing this activity was not my cup of tea as I would not prefer to wake up early morning for getting tired. However, the obstinacy I had towards my goals was to its extreme. I showed a lot of devotion to the activity, and I tried to curtail missing the gym sessions so as to reach goals quickly and effectively.

I identified vigor of mine in respect to gym exercises. I was constantly increasing the weight to lift so as to build muscles more efficaciously. However, I could not attempt frequent repetitions of the same weight, which really obstructed me to achieve my goals. It was a great drawback I faced while venturing this activity.

The primary thing which motivated me to do this activity for long 6 months was my friends’ company. My 6 friends were with me doing the same activities. It really made the activity less monotonous and more joyful.

Doing gyming was very a constructive way of using time because it would really help me in sports like Football. So doing using time on this activity was worth it. My goals were very simple, to build up muscles so that I can stay fit and healthy. This activity did really help me to build my muscles, and day by day I was feeling much better in terms of health.

I finally completed 6 months of gym training and there was a reasonable growth in my muscles. I could see a great change in my Football skills due to the gym exercises. Being tiring, this activity provided me fruitful results.


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Reflection 5 (Naggar trip)

I perceived this trip as very adventurous and also one of the most enjoyable trips because I travelled this beautiful Naggar with my friends and teachers. The place where we stayed did also possess numerous stories of ancient times. The beauty of snow in Manali added up the enthusiasm and fun we had. However, the thing which might have terrified me before going here was the cold weather. Although after going there, chillness didn’t bother me as I wore layers of clothes, and thus I could do activities with a lot of ease. Furthermore, exploring different ancient temples and paintings made us know about the existence of creativity in those times.
While this trip I could identify a strength of mine that I could easily trek for 2-3 hours without any hesitation which really helped me on this trip. However, my laziness at morning while waking, restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively. Waking late restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively.

Skiing was one of the greatest challenges for all of us. Skiing was something we don’t do it customarily which made us uncomfortable. However, the expertise provided by them made me and my friends do a very good job in skiing which made this trip more interesting and adventurous.

As we were 30 people travelling together, we needed to make sure that we needed to work with a lot of coordination and without any conflicts among us. Keeping this in mind, we coordinated and adjusted with each other while travelling by bus and train, while choosing rooms for staying etc. This really helped all of us to stay peacefully. Moreover, there were some places where the Jain food available was very limited. So the four students who were Jain including me needed to share the limited food available there.
Furthermore, the main focus of this trip was to enjoy the nature and treks. So it was compulsory to stay away from gadgets and, therefore, our school didn’t allow us to bring any type of gadgets especially, mobiles. So in order to accord with credos of school, I didn’t bring mobile and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Additionally, I also did not throw any type of plastic garbage on the road in Himachal Pradesh as it is strictly prohibited. It helped me to save the nature.
Overall, this trip was a great success because due to this activity I could identify my numerous strengths and some weaknesses to work upon. I could also get an opportunity to know local people of Naggar and their lifestyles.


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1. Enjoying with friends in Naggar

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FS 3/3 Basketball Tournament – Organising Committee

The organising committee

I really enjoyed the activity as I did what I am good at which is sitting at the registration desk, and register every team and make the announcement. By the end, I was a little exhausted as it were just 2 of us taking care of the entire thing.

It wasn’t the first time that I was helping with the organisation of a registration desk but this was a different event – basketball. Also, I had to update the score sheets of the matches which I was doing for the first time and I had practically no idea of how basketball is scored or any basic rules so that was one challenge which I overcame throughout the event. During the event I felt like giving up cause I was really tired but I didn’t because I had committed towards the activity irrespective of how tiring it was. 

I was definitely not in my comfort zone, because waking up at 5 in the morning coming to the court and sitting there in extreme summer was really difficult, also managing the registration fees of each team and helping out other sectors of the organising committee at the same time was a challenge. During this event and too much work I also forgot that I had to eat.

What I learnt was that I could multitask and I shouldn’t think less of me, also while working I realised that not everyone works the way I do and I should collaborate to get the most out of task and successfully complete them, it was not a challenge to work with others but definitely to compromise with my work style was a little difficult but I didn’t get agitated by that but just adjusted and learnt their ways. 


A Day with Orphan Kids


The aim of the activity was to spend some time with the orphan kids and entertain them and not make them feel that they have something less, so what we did was invite some of them to our school and did some activities with them like playing dumb charades or dodge ball, we danced, we made them paint and showed them movie and ended the day with treating them with good food.

I felt really great spending time with them, because they were so content of what they had irrespective of the fact that they have to live in an orphanage. They were always enthusiastic, what I earlier thought about orphan kids was that they might have really low self esteem but I was proved wrong, this again made me realise how incorrect my paradigms are. This activity was like a reality check, it made me feel that all I had was far more than what many people don’t have in their lives and I should be happy and content about it.

After spending the day with those kids I felt as if I’ve done something great and given them a new experience in their lives and added to their good memories, even though my responsibility was of a photographer for that day but I tried my best to conduct a few activities as well. Also, capturing their pretty smiles made everyone of us feel great because we were responsible for that.

In the beginning I felt a little out of my comfort zone because I wasn’t really open with them or danced with them, but soon I broke that barrier during the activity so that both the children and I could enjoy.

The most difficult part during this activity was that one of the children was really upset because of some reason and to make him smile was the most difficult task. He wouldn’t dance, sing, play or watch the movie but only cry. Ultimately, in the end all of us tried to cheer him and get him to express so that was on kind of an accomplishment.

I feel that this activity was just a one time thing, we just did it for a day and that’s the end. We never thought about the kids, even they would have wanted a commitment right? This is one thing I would wonder forever, and feel that we were a little unfair but we can definitely try spend more days with them.

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Athletics Tournament

I participated in an Athletics Tournament on 12th August 2015, the two events that I played were Shotput and Discus Throw. I stood 1st in Discus Throw and 2nd in Shotput. It wasn’t the first time that I participated in athletics, but it was the first time that I participated in Under 19 category. Due to which I had other people with whom I had to compete with. Usually it’s just 1 person that I need to compete with which makes victory easy, but this time I had to compete with 3 other girls and all of them were good.  We get three trials and the best measurement is selected, so what happened this year was that I was the first one to throw so I did not give my best because of which 2 others threw further than me, this happened because I was confident that the rest would not be able to do well. This surprised me, so the next 2 throws I got were the best I could do.

The challenges that I faced were to take out time from academics and work on my throwing skills, because I did not pay more attention to Shot put I couldn’t do well. During the entire process I tried to manage my time and tried learning new skills in discuss throw which really helped.

Through this activity I learnt that I should not be overconfident in whatever I do because that might not always lead me to victory. Also, I thought I that I required more practice because my performance wasn’t exactly my best.  To improve my performance I used to come early to school before the event which did help to a certain extent but could have been improved, by coming early I showed commitment by learning new techniques which helped me sharpen my skills.


Teacher’s day

I have never been able to handle kids because I am not a person who can stand all the whining, crying and the noises that they make. I have no idea how our teachers handle them every single day. It takes tremendous mental power and a calm attitude to be able to do such a job and that is what I learned to do on the teachers’ day.  All of us were paired up and assigned classes that we had to teach. I was paired up with Muskaan and we were given the class Sr kg Dazzle. We had a set of activities ready for them however when we got there, all our plans went down the sink. Interacting with the kids was very hard and we had to devise creative ways to keep them occupied and make them have fun. I realised that day that I am a very impatient person and that I had to learn how to be patient and this is something that I took up as a challenge that day. I also had to work collaboratively with Muskaan which turned out to be quite fun. Over all I think that I acquired the skill of being patient and learned a lot that day and especially to value the art of teaching.

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Football- Subroto Cup 2015 (Activity)

I participated in a state level Football tournament on 8th and 9th of September 2015. This is a very elite International tournament and we got into the second round (after district level) of the qualifying stage. We have been winning the state level for 2 years and this could have been our third consecutive year, but we lost.

We played well in our positions till the semi-finals and then switched positions in the finals. I played right wing in the first half and then changed to centre defense in the second. This was not a new skill, but it was definitely a new experience. I have never crossed the midfield line.

I have already learnt a lot of attributes, like cooperation and patience, from Football, but this tournament taught me to stay calm in the most hyper situations. The tournament was delayed and later we were called on a very short notice, moreover the ground was not satisfactory. This taught me a very simple lesson that “not everything is in one’s favour”.

We had many young players and players who don’t play Football very often. This tournament gave them experience and also motivated a few, like me, to continue rigorous practice. This Football tournament, like every other, got the teammates more closer to each other. The pressure of the game forced me to take unwanted decisions like scolding a team member for a very small mistake or substituting them without thinking much, but after the game, the team got back to normal and sat together for all the meals.

Losing this tournament was very hard on us, but we got immense support from each other and our coach. I wish we had won again and represented our state in the International tournament.


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