Me, Myself and I.


“Life begins, at the end of your comfort zone”

This has been my principle throughout my life.

I am Priyam Joshi and I grew up in a convent school, but when I was in the 11th grade, I decided to take up a challenge, get out of my comfort zone and shift to an international baccalaureate school.
And just as the quote says, that was when my life truly began.

The opportunities that were provided to me, led me to discovering my true self.
I found my favourite hobbies like singing, acting, hosting merely by trying something new.
Meanwhile, I could also develop my existing skills like playing guitar, MUNning and debating by making use of the excellent resources that were provided to me.
But the most important thing that I found was my passion – raising mental health awareness! As a part of CAS, I conducted an event to provide opportunities for differently-abled children and raise awareness about developmental disabilities. While it was a just a one day event, organising and executing it truly impacted me, I was inspired to make my own start-up called “Make a difference” which continues to work for such endeavours!
This project definitely affirmed by ambition and inclination of being a psychologist!

Other than psychology, I have several other interests, out of which travelling and different forms of art battle for my priority. Having grown up in a family of artists, my childhood was filled with drawing sessions, road trips to heritage sights, pottery workshops and glitter-tainted hands. Consequently, I have fallen in love with exploring new places, and different art forms.
I have also peddled in classical music and dance, and to this day, still enjoy every bit of it!

However, the most I have travelled in through books! My love for reading has been catalysed through exposure to new people, MUNs, IB subjects etc. I have lived multiple lives, travelled to infinities and had amazing experiences just through these books.

As I begin a new chapter of college next year, I aspire to raise mental health awareness and contribute to the field of psychology. I hope to continue finding new passions, and living life with a positive outlook while always being ready to try new things!

I am confident that wherever I go, whatever I do, I will put myself further out of my comfort zone to live the true essence of a magical life.