CAS Trip: Vansda

“I have a new appreciation for farmers and laborer as they work the day and night for such a small income.” When our school planned to go to a plantation site I was mesmerized as it was my first CAS trip. We were been told to take things seriously as they will be evaluating our performance. I was getting jitters as the day was arriving near. My goal were clear to just give my best efforts to make a change in our society. What I thought about are plantation activity was to sow plants but in reality it was much more though than I ever imagined. Gradually I found my feet while working.  The experience of the trip was amazing, we got time to bond with our colleges and had a gala time. We only worked for 3 hours as I was too exhausted to work anymore. I wonder how those laborer work whole day and night for a very little income to feed their family. My motive behind working so hard is to bring a slight change in society which will hence lead to big one. I was able experience and also recognize my strength and weakness in terms of physical and mentally.  I also explored the challenges faced by laborers over there. Even how hard they were working to grow plants. As it was a collaborative event we all classmates worked together and planted trees to make the globe evergreen. At last all I want to say that it was a remarkable event with some learning outcomes and fun time with my friends. I and my colleagues were appreciated from the work we did and make the forest look more beautiful.

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