Activity 5: FSMUN 2.0

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I volunteered for the second edition of Fountainhead School Model United Nations, India that took place in Fountainhead School on the 28th and 29th November 2.0 as a graphic designer which includes making ID cards for the participants as well as organizing team, designing posters for each committee, creating certificates for all categories.

This was the first time that I had volunteered for something new. I hoped to learn new skills in order to develop my personality, and contribute fairly towards this 2-day event.

For the best outcome, I had gone through the documents of the first edition of FSMUN. Going through past year’s certificates, ID cards, posters, I had a clear idea about my areas of concern for the event. It benefitted me in such a way that I could do my work effectively i.e. quality work, in minimum time.

As it was a new task for me, I had minimal idea about the applications to use. I researched, consulted my friends, and concluded that the best application was Microsoft publisher. I learned using various new tools.  I had to admit, that in the beginning it was difficult and challenging for me, however, I got the hang of it gradually. It was really challenging to find new templates, and then match different textures and designs using the new technology. I am grateful to all the people who helped me overcome this fear of not doing well. Additionally, this event gave me the wonderful opportunity to develop my research skills. I gained knowledge about  different parts of the world while making posters representing agendas and an image related to the issue. I was able to connect with the issues of the world, and even though I wasn’t participating in the conference, I could think about the best possible solutions of the issues with global significance. It enabled me to get a deeper understanding about the conflicts and problems of various nations.

I, truly wanted to participate as a delegate and indulge in the conferences, however, due to some problems, I couldn’t participate.

I had to struggle between my studies and  taking out time to design posters. Therefore, time management is something that I got to learn from the event. For the print of ID cards and certificates, and various posters, I also had to collaborate with the team of utilities frequently. Keeping the dimensions of all documents as accurate as possible was very important, for which I had consulted the Director General of the event, Maharsh Benday, and the Secretary General, Aashna Jain often.

I made sure that the documents, folders, ID cards, certificates were available at least 4 days before the 28th of November, thereby maintaining my devotion and responsibility towards the event. I had also printed extra documents, so that they are useful in last minute crisis.

According to my ethics, I was very crisp and clean with my work. I made sure not to mix any documents or photographs. I made sure that I do not create any loop holes. I didn’t copy any information from the internet. They were my own pure, creative ideas. While taking images as reference, I maintained academic honesty by citing the reference. I didn’t give the organisers the chance to complain about any of the work I had done.

To conclude, I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to learn something new. I can’t wait for the third edition of FSMUN.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.14.54 PM FSMUN Poster 2016-03-05  UNSC (FB)

Learning Python on Codecademy

Computers have become an integral part of our lives, now we are literally surrounded by it everywhere and that’s why it is important to learn things about computers. One of the major aspects people learn about computers is computer language and programming. So i decided to learn the computer language Python and use it to do programming. This will help me in my future and i will also learn new set of computing skills. From the beginning i was passionate about computers and learning new things about it this also helped me to take this to initiative to learn Python. Using the website codecademy i started learning the language. Initially it seemed pretty easy, doing an exercise daily was not so tough however i as i progressed the language became difficult and the exercises became even tougher. This activity was difficult because i did not have a room for actually clarifying my doubts by a teacher i had to independently search all my doubts on internet and do the exercises. I had the room for cheating while solving exercises by copying programmes from the internet but i didn’t and worked honestly. One more thing was difficult was time management because we had a lot assignments from school sometimes it was hard to manage time and do my exercises, but i made a timetable for myself which helped me organize my activity and kept productivity on top form. After completing 50% of the course i found out that the other half is paid so i was not able to continue. However whatever i learnt helped me with other exercises kept online. This course of programming not only taught me new skill also improved my mathematical and analytical skills. It made me more focused in a way, as when we have a bug in a programme we have to look carefully and find the bug out.

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Karate National Tournament (SGFI)

“No Pain, No gain” the quote suggests that if you do not go under pain you would never gain your goals. This quote holds true for my life. Every year the Indian government organizes the school games tournament, it is a huge tournament publicly supported and run by the government. This year I had the opportunity to participate in the school games tournament in the sports Karate. I have been doing Karate since I was in grade  and I have also received my black belt. But this year I was aiming to achieve something above the belts, I was aiming to achieve to represent my state in the national tournament of Karate. Since July 31st I have been training as hard as possible, trained about 4 hours every day and on the weekends I used to train for 5 hours with some special endurance and stamina building training. I also had to keep control over my weight as I played in a specific weight category of 60-65 Kgs. I also had to make my diet more strict and apt enough to give me strength to survive the training sessions.

With the training received by my coach I cleared the district level. Now was the time when the real challenge came up. Clearing the states is never easy tough and brutal opponents come and I have to face them and overcome my fear. This time, due to rigorous practice I was able to clear the states. It was not easy my opponents were competent and give me quite a challenge. With clearing the states, a lot of responsibility fell on my shoulders of both academics and sports. However, I managed both and balanced such that nothing was compromised. After clearing the states I had to train even harder as Nationals are really really tough. This was my first ever nationals so I was scared. During my first fight, i saw my opponent and was frightened as he was tall broad and muscular where I was quite small in front of him. This fear took control of me, which made me lose my first fight at Nationals and I was knocked out. However, I was not upset because reaching to a stage like this is even a big achievement and I decided to learn from my experience.  

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Naggar ~ Best Trip Ever

As a part of our school’s winter trip we went to the Northern side of India, in the Mystical state of Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal the cities we explored were Manali, Kullu and Nagar. Initially I was not so excited for this trip as treks are challenging in the cold weather with cold breezes. It wasn’t as tiring as I thought it would be, but it was definitely physical exertion and challenging. However the view while trekking was breathtaking and it mesmerized me by its elegance.We were provided with the freedom to sit back and relax when the other went for trekking however I wanted to make the most out of the trip so I pioneered each and every trek. On the second trek I was so motivated that i ended up being the first one to reach the site. After that all the treks I embarked I showed perseverance to complete it and reach the site first, it was challenging as i tested my physical limits. I also learnt the new skill of skiing and it was a great experience.

From the 16 psychological type I was proved to be an introvert however this trip gave me the opportunity to make new friends and open up. Me and my new friends worked collaboratively while trekking and staying together in the rooms.We helped each other while difficult times during trekking, we even divided the work in the room so we were more productive. It was a great collaborative effort and we forged great bonds between me and my friends which would never break! We learnt about the art and culture unique to the villages near Naggar by visiting the Roerich Art Gallery and the homes in the Rumsu village. It was awesome to learn about the villagers lifestyle. We also learnt how the quality of apple farming deteriorated due to rise in temperature. We learnt about how we need to protect nature from the garbage and the littering done and how we need to be careful about our activities as they have a major impact on nature. We also learned that we should preserve such natural beauties for the future generations. This was an ethical concern that we had to take into consideration and also an issue of global significance. This trip was one of the best trips of my life and I hadn’t been on this trip I would have regretted missing it.


Naggar Naggar

Flash mob

In this activity, I had to make flashcards and the charts on Education for all, Religion and Cast, Girl Child for the team to can way the message to the audience. I am not very good at making charts and me also never liked to make chats also but this is the first time that I made charts for the activity myself. It was not that hard and boring to make charts that  got to know and I thought that it was fun for the first time. The drawing and sketching part I loved the most but I also had to do the writing part.

I identity that making a chart is not so hard that I use to think but I have to work on the handwriting part a little because that took a most of the time to write in good handwriting. Would have been easier and faster to make charts.

I took the challenge of making charts, that also for the mass audience that was going to see my charts, so I had to make big and clear fonts on the charts.

Flash mob was a team effort and in chart making also I had my friend as a partner. Who sometimes gave me ideas was to make charts and also helped me correct my mistakes on the charts. Also being a part of a team I did not only have the job of making charts but while the show was happening I had help, my team with the little things here and there. The activity was successful because of the collaborative work.

Our aim was to make people aware about educating children and this was the issue for global significant. In our team activity, we also had uneducated students, so people can connect to our activity and aim easily.

I only had limited time for making the charts, so therefore, I had to be committed to my work. I proactively submitted my charts to the team. They were happy with my work and accepted the charts.

Participation in this activity made me feel good that I am making some difference in the society for education. The value for the activity for me was that we are getting a stage where we can convey the message of educating children to all. The activity was effective. Many people saw our work and donated money also to the children’s for education. I learned that making small steps to a problem can really make a difference in the society.  

Subroto cup football

participating in the football tournament meant lots of practice and hard work. The football competition where it was going to be held was pretty much far from our school, so the travelling part was boring but where the matches were organised means the tournament place was very good. The place was pleasant and the weather was not too hot but when the sun came on top of our heads, we were all sweaty. Participating in this match gave me a great experience. I came across many  new people and their game but the competition was too long, so we had to miss our school. My purpose of coming to this tournament was achieved, that to play a fair and a skilled game.

By doing this activity, I got to know my strengths. That I am good at cutting and I am weak in long passing skill, so I have to develop this new skill.’

The challenge that I took was to learn short passing perfectly and regularly practicing in morning helped me learned this new skill.

Football is a team game and if we don’t work collaboratively we can not win the competition, so in morning we use to play matches to improve our teamwork and I loved playing matches.

Going in morning for football and practicing for football helped me improve my stamina and was committed to my morning camps but waking up in morning was boring.  

The ethical implication was to not wearing watch, cutting nails and not using  abusive words on the field and playing a fair game.   

The value of the activity was high because only 14 people got selected and that also from around 20 to 25 students. It value increases more by getting a chance to the whole team to go in states, if the team wins.

the ethical dilemmas were like not to wear watch in the match. Be in proper dress and with proper equipment’s also. Using proper language to communicating with people, cutting nails and the most important, being on time.  

I feel that the practice helped me increase my skills and stamina. Other then that overall it also helped me to increase my fitness and health. This shows that the activity was valuable.       

If you are committed to your goal, you can achieve anything. Win and loss is a part of game, if this time we have lost, the next time we will come with more practice. always have a positive attitude. That I learned.  



Bal mela

This activity was quite different from what I expected. I had to manage underprivileged privilege students to make them do the activity of tug of war but the number of students that came was unexpected to me. It was hard to control the situation and make the activity success from all the students. Thanks to the supervisor and the staff team that made the situation controllable. There were students who were deaf and dumb, so communication with them was hard. We use to give them hand signs and gestures to communicate. Sometimes also joined them to make the teams equal and it was fun.

After this activity i got to know that i am go at managing children’s and as i knew Gujarati it was easy to communicate with students because most of the students were comfortable with Gujarati as a language. I think next without any help of staff team i should be able to manage this many students.

By doing this activity I developed the skill of managing students and also I developed the skill of leadership.

I was fully committed to my activity and I was always with my partner and the staff team to make the activity successfully.

As there were too many students coming at a time like 50 students per group or more. I realize that it was getting much easy to manage them with the help of staff team. Before when the  staff team was not there. We were not able to manage our activity, so I learnt that working collaboratively is more efficient.

The ethical part was that to give equal chances to all the students on the field. Also quality activity and time to the students because sometimes due to the time restriction, we were unable to give equal chances to the students.

Participating in this activity made me feel good that I gave service to underprivileged students. The value of this activity for me was not that much but for the underprivileged students it meant a lot from them. They gained a new experience too. The activity was effective because larger number of students got this new experience, so yes it was effective. This activity will be a life changing for me. It conveyed  the message that be happy with what you have and don’t complain for the things you don’t have.

flash mob  123

Activity 7: Organising Bal Mela’16

The Bal Mela- The day we made masses smile, and we smiled as well!

Education is just not about gaining knowledge but also about giving and sharing knowledge. This event gave  me the opportunity to share all the knowledge I had in a form of a Mela. A Mela where children of the city from the government schools and local communities, normally children who aren’t privileged were given access to various activities.

The Bal Mela, on 13th February 2016, was a notch apart, especially for the Grade 7 to 11 students since this time, they were the volunteers.  It was a unique and fun experience as well as a learning experience. We, Hetvi, Naomi and I, the organisers of the event positioned ourselves as the head of the event, which included planning the activities, allocating those activities, selecting the volunteers, planning the schedule, ordering the resources, calling government schools, arranging the food for around 1500 children from government schools, and what not. Student volunteers positioned themselves at  every stall, tattoo making, face painting,  mask making, puppet making, science experiments, the running stage, and many more.

The under-privileged students from all over Surat, as well as the neighbouring villages, visited our school. The smile stretched on their faces, was really priceless. It made me realize the real worth of so many things of our daily life, we took for granted. It made me realise how I could use my skills to make them laugh, and most importantly to make them enjoy. It made me feel positive about my developing skills, as a person and as an organising head as well.

After the schools had visited all of the stalls, the students also got a platform to showcase their talent in front of the whole school and other children, giving them a lot of inspiration and motivation. From, dancing to awe-inspiring stunts, the children were capable of everything. They became very friendly with us, and we were also very delighted to get these many new friends. I captured all these memories through numerous photographs and videos, with them. I was left amazed, by their talents and gifts. When we asked the teachers and students the best part of the Bal-Mela, we more or less got the same answer- The contagious and innocent smile, by the children.

The Bal Mela ended with all of us, the students, their teachers, the volunteers, the helpers and our teachers, ALL dancing freely with each other. From Garba to the latest Bollywood songs, we danced and sang along at the top of our voices without any boundaries. Any outsider wouldn’t have guessed that the under-privileged children just met us today; we got together that well. The thrill and the enthusiasm in the air was really intoxicating.  The time just flew by when we were with them, teaching them, talking to them, dancing freely with them and enjoying ourselves. And then they left and the school fell silent as there wasn’t the chatter, the buzz and the over-all jolly atmosphere. This once-in-a-lifetime memory is going to be etched on our minds, forever.

There are always many ups and downs in an event. Our team was truly disappointed when some of the volunteers didn’t turn up on the D-day. However, I believe that it was my commitment, it was OC team’s commitment and perseverance that made the event a big success. Because of this event, I have learned to work under pressure. A day before the event, nervousness had trapped me from head to toe. However, on the 13th of Feb, I have learned to be prepared for the worst and the best.

I started working with my team a month ago. Out team, Falguni ma’am and Aayushi ma’am have had several meetings so that we make sure nothing goes out of way. This event taught me the importance of working collaboratively and the need to be patient and tolerant because in a team of nearly 100 volunteers and 1500 children, success can be achieved only if people work together. Our team and I have cooperated with all the volunteers at least twice before the D-day by inviting all the volunteers for meeting. This made me feel connected with all the volunteers, and also made me realise how much vital it is to interact with volunteers well to make the event go well. The meetings centred around the activities give to the volunteers and the issues related to the same. We made sure that the volunteers are satisfied with their events. Google forms had been submitted earlier, so that we act fairly, and unbiased with the volunteers as it was against our principles, against our ethics. While deciding food, I strictly followed the school policy as junk food wasn’t allowed on that particular day. This was an ethical decision made by me and the team. I believe that if renowned schools from all over Gujarat start organising activities like these, it will have a huge impact on the minds and bodies of underprivileged children. The number of students getting opportunities to discover new things in their life will develop them personally and professionally. Slowly by moving from Gujarat to other states and then to the countries, will have a global impact on the mindsets of people. We would be able to find more positivity and optimism in the world around us.

If I get a chance to organise the event again, I would definitely make sure to get as many volunteers as I can, because I have realised, that without sufficient volunteers, the event is highly likely to fail miserably. I remember, that while the teachers of our school were taking an interview of mine for the organiser of Bal Mela, I told them about my past experiences with many activated I conducted. I also shared my records of being punctual with all tasks and how I promise them to do everything on time even for this event. I am glad they felt I had the potential to organise this huge event.

We had also changed the logo of the event after a long time.


Here are some evidence from the event:

IMG_3328 IMG_3332 IMG_3334 IMG_0101

Bal Mela’16

To sum up, I would like to say that this event gave me the skills to manage different tasks at a time, conduct meetings with volunteers, guide them to the right way, communicate with teachers, staff members and underprivileged students, ensure the availability of resources on time, checking all tiny details one day prior to the event, cooperating with volunteers, working as a team and not loosing my temper. I have developed a lot as an individual.

As  Kahlil Gibran  truly said “You  give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself and your time  that you truly give.” I got to experience the real joy of giving.

Activity 4: Teachers’ Day

Every year, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in our school on the 5th of September. Since the past 3 years, I’ve been a part of this event. It is the perfect, most accurate day to exhibit our affection and care for all the teachers of the school. This year, the teachers’ day was celebrated on the 4th of September, 2015. We, Disha, Aarsh and I planned to organise this auspicious day.

I developed my organizing skills, learned how to juggle with time management, and also improved my communication skills with my co-partners. Moreover, it was difficult to coordinate with all grade, ranging from Grade 8 to Grade 12. To collaborate with all the grades effectively requires a lot of efforts.

This time, and it was the last year for Grade 12, we, (Disha, Aarsh and I) decided that Grade 12 should do something unique, innovative and special for their subject teachers. Whereas, for students of Grade 8 to 10, it was decided that they would be appointed a section of a grade ranging from Jr.Kg to Grade 7. Here, I faced a lot of challenges. To keep track of the practice of Grade 12 performances, and allocating different section to the senior year students was burdensome. Thus, organising such an event requires commitment and perseverance.


I would like to appreciate the support of my partners, Aarsh and Disha. Without them, this event wouldn’t have been so successful, impactful and ecstatic. The three of us had struggled a lot during giving the allocation of junior grades. We tried our best to be fair to all the students of Grade 8 to Grade 11. Giving equal rights to everyone during allocating the classes to the students from Grade 8 to 11 was our another aim besides making this event a successful one.


From left to right: Khushali (me), Aarsh and Disha

Lastly, the thought of giving all the teachers a card with a rose (colours: yellow and red) was remarkable. This day will be a memorable day for all the teachers that because of such an exclusive idea.

If I evaluate my performance, I’ll be giving myself a 9 out of 10 because I have worked really hard, developed my decision making skills and gained confidence in organising huge events. I have also learn to accept new challenges and work on my weak areas. As far as I know, I have not received complaints regarding the collaboration with the volunteers or the event. From the beginning, till the end, I have tried my best not to be unfair to any of the volunteers or teachers. I believe, that the event was successful because of my perseverance, my coordination with Disha and Aarsh, and the support of all the volunteers and teachers involved.

Teachers' Day Card to all the teachers of our school

Teachers’ Day Card to all the teachers of our school that we designed.

Appreciation- Vaidehi Shethji (Teacher)

Appreciation- Vaidehi Shethji (Teacher)


Cas Reflection Gym

On 3rd September, 2015 I decided to start going to gym for personal fitness. Going to gym was an activity that I wanted to do from a long time, but never had the commitment to do so, until 3rd September. I decided to regularly exercise at my school gym for four months from then.

The biggest trouble I faced in this activity was waking up early to go to gym in school. I started getting less sleep because of this. At that moment I really wanted to quit this activity, however, instead of quitting I decided to go to the gym near my house instead of the gym in school. This helped me get proper sleep.

We were only supervised by our mentor on the first day, and after that we were required to exercise on our own. This created ethical implications in the activity such as we were expected to productively use our time and also take care of the equipments in the gym. This even lead to teamwork as me and my friends were helping each other as necessary in the form of motivation and pointing out each other’s mistake.

I developed a lot of things from this activity other than fitness. The most crucial of which being commitment towards your goals. This activity made me realize how important it was to be committed in life.



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