Learning Python on Codecademy

Computers have become an integral part of our lives, now we are literally surrounded by it everywhere and that’s why it is important to learn things about computers. One of the major aspects people learn about computers is computer language and programming. So i decided to learn the computer language Python and use it to do programming. This will help me in my future and i will also learn new set of computing skills. From the beginning i was passionate about computers and learning new things about it this also helped me to take this to initiative to learn Python. Using the website codecademy i started learning the language. Initially it seemed pretty easy, doing an exercise daily was not so tough however i as i progressed the language became difficult and the exercises became even tougher. This activity was difficult because i did not have a room for actually clarifying my doubts by a teacher i had to independently search all my doubts on internet and do the exercises. I had the room for cheating while solving exercises by copying programmes from the internet but i didn’t and worked honestly. One more thing was difficult was time management because we had a lot assignments from school sometimes it was hard to manage time and do my exercises, but i made a timetable for myself which helped me organize my activity and kept productivity on top form. After completing 50% of the course i found out that the other half is paid so i was not able to continue. However whatever i learnt helped me with other exercises kept online. This course of programming not only taught me new skill also improved my mathematical and analytical skills. It made me more focused in a way, as when we have a bug in a programme we have to look carefully and find the bug out.

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