I used to play chess before, but at a very basic personal level without seriousness. However, this time I realized the seriousness of chess as a sport and applied for the selections of the school team. It was a great experience, especially because I had to start giving attention to small details and rules of the sport. It was also very challenging for me as I had taken no coaching for the sport at any point of time in the past. With the support of one of my friends who was amazing at chess, I learned all the rules in a few days and also got selected for the team. This was kind of unexpected and hence I recognized my potential in a new sport. The competition itself was very tough, and I think I will need to prepare more for the next time, therefore evoking the need of undertaking challenges. But the exposure, as such, of learning a new sport altogether and representing the school for it was great and I’ll be glad to play more Chess in the coming years. I learned that trying new sports expands my horizon and gives exercise to different parts of the mind – which is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I used to play only football for most of highschool, but playing chess gave me an insight into an entirely new game.

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