The unexpected benefits of planting a tree!

We were taken to Janki Van- a new botanical garden which is being developed by Ministry of Forest (Gujarat) under the guidance of Head of Forest Department. This was our first trip, I was filled with excitement. We were going to help the workers in planting saplings of ‘Mehendi’. All these years we have been studying about global warming and deforestation, but today was the time when we were actually going to fulfil our responsibility towards   nature. It was a new experience and I felt a positive vibe that day. The variety of plants in the garden, with different colours, provide a dazzling view of the place. All the goals that were made for this activity were attained.

The following were the goals:

  • Learn techniques and acquire knowledge about plantation.
  • Learn new skills and experience a day of a worker’s life.
  • Start acting responsibly towards nature.

We learnt the technique of planting the saplings. The process was simple, but required proper focus to neatly plant them. Though the whole activity was a smooth process, it was a challenging task. I had to come out of my comfort zone and do the labour intensive work. It required a lot of hard work and was a very tiring exercise. From morning till the evening we were on the field, under the hot burning sun. I  made a commitment for the service and acted to make a positive difference in the world around us.

Doing teamwork was essential for this particular activity. My friends and I coordinated with each other to do the work assigned to us. We distributed the work, so that no one had to bare much pressure. We helped each other in carrying the heavy utensils. Cooperation between the group was maintained by doing effective communication with our groups members, as well as with the workers (as we had to take their guidance for completing our task fitly).

The limitations that I faced were regarding my lack of knowledge in this task, as well as not being physically too fit was a barrier. I was not aware with the technical way of using the equipments and therefore I was finding it difficult to use them in a correct way. Secondly, I am not physically that fit, so carrying the heavy utensils was a very tedious duty. It was an amazing experience and the activity worked as a stress buster for me.



Process: Filling the vessel with the small plants, carrying them to the designated area, planting them and then watering the plants.

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