My role in the FSMUN organization committee was that of the head of the IT department and I was responsible for designing and maintaining of the FSMUN website. I always had a like for web design. When given the opportunity, I thought I could use my strengths for the service of the MUN – something which I thought dealt with an issue of global significance, enhancing the debating skills of high school students. Education is very important, and MUN was a great source of a new spectrum of enhancing practical and rational intelligence. I also explored new design features – expanding my circle of knowledge in the field. I experimented with some cool designs which found great appreciation too. Thus, I identified and utilized my creativity by providing service for building the website. I faced many challenges in the process, indubitably. The website was to change very often, often more than two times a day. It was a constantly demanding task. I found it increasingly hard to balance between my other tasks and prioritize. However, with perseverance in my duties and by collaborating with the head of the department of design and other member(s) under the FSMUN as well as school IT department itself, I split some work and found effective ways to capitalize on time. I learned the very important skill of time management through FSMUN, to which I’m pretty thankful.


Website URL: http://fountainheadschools.org/fsmun


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