FIZZ ~ Project work @ Fountainhead School


Fizz is a product of my skills in both web designing and physics. I think that physics is an interesting subject and using my knowledge and abilities, I intend to simplify and espouse physics learners.

This is, in my opinion, an issue of global significance. Many people find it hard to learn physics due to a range of reasons like: jargon, lack of resources, dearth of available help, uninteresting presentation in textbooks and most websites, non-practical approaches, no ease of use etc. Fizz is supposed to be a remedy for something that many students face in the present system.

These resources are provided as a free online service, and involve creative visuals to make it more interesting. This was an initiative by me and my friend (Manan).

One of the challenges I faced was my lack of expertise in drawing and visual art – due to which it often took me multiple trials and hours to churn in the visuals to supplement the units. Also, covering the entire syllabus was pretty long and tiring. It also took quite some research to set up cost efficient system to host the website.

Fizz required continuous hard work to market it and update it and launch it in the first place. This, I found pretty challenging with the amount of tasks that come with school. However, because of the sense of initiative that the project provided, I was committed to it and was able to successfully fulfill most of the deadlines.

Manan and I effectively distributed the work to suit our skillsets and constraints. I think that worked out pretty well for us and we were able to work very effectively as a team.

I think one of the major ethical considerations we had to make was to strictly avoid plagiarism and reference all sources. We also had to make sure that the content we put up online is factually accurate. We achieved this using rigorous review from our subject teachers.


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