Health Poster for School (Creativity/Service)

I volunteered to make a health poster for school during a workshop by a very famous dietitian, Rujuta Diwekar. Our school has a very strict no-junk-food policy and to promote healthy eating we have many posters all around the school, including many in the dining area. After Ms. Diwekar taught us about healthy eating we realised that there we a few mistakes in the posters. A few of us volunteered to make new edited posters.

I volunteered without thinking about the problems I would have to face because of my poor designing skills. I edit a lot of pictures for social networks, but composing a poster was difficult. I learnt how simple things can also look impressive.

The workshop taught me more than the poster. But, while making the poster, I kept recalling the important tips Ms. Diwekar gave us. She told us two very simple but powerful words: “EAT LOCAL” and that is what I have been pushing myself to do.

It was not possible for the whole school to attend her workshop and the only effective way of spreading her message was by putting up the posters in different places around the school. This poster will help a grade 1 student in the same way as it would to a homeroom teacher of grade 12.

This activity has helped me get more creative with my work and also helped me know the importance of food. The things I learnt while making this have helped me in editing my Instagram pictures too.

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