Kala Utsav Singing ( 2015 )

Since I was a child, I have persistently participated in activities involving music but one area which I hadn’t explored was singing. This year, in the Kala Utsav held in my school, I decided to audition for singing to represent my house, fortunately, I got selected for solo singing. Considering that this was something I had never tried before, I was nervous to go on the stage and sing, but nonetheless, I worked hard for a week leading upto the competition. 5 minutes before I was supposed to sing, I started panicking but I overcame that and sang. I did not win but I did overcome my fear of singing in public, I was complimented by my friends. This activity taught me that its important to try new things and to overcome your fears. It was a new challenge and I realized that I have a lot of scope of improvement, which is something I have been working on since the day of the competition. Even though I didn’t win, I really enjoyed singing and I will surely participate next time.

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