AS performance

This was the first time when 3 of my friends and I took music as our AS hence this was our creative activity.We started with the basics and then we started to learn a song although we had to change many songs because my friends and I are amateurs, therefore, we finally decided to sing “Stitches” by Shawn Mendez. We had to split the stanzas so that everybody gets a fair chance to sing hence we had to collaborate our efforts to sing the whole song properly.The strength that I developed by doing this ┬ácreative activity is, how to identify beats of a song.The first challenge that my friends and I faced was to perform on the stage as this the was the first we were performing a song and the second challenge was to develop coordination because all of us had difference in our voice pitch although we were able to overcome those challenges by practicing for months because everybody was committed to this creative activity but when we performed we were not good at the pitch of the song although we were good at following the rhythm, beats and we were able to cooperate properly. My friends and I will be continuing to learn music for the next year as well and work on our weakness.






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