Dancing to the beat of a different drum

Dancing is one of my hobbies and I have always been passionate about this activity as it is a stress buster for me. I have always wanted to join dance classes and learn new dance forms except contemporary. Attending dance classes have always made me fresh and has given me immense pleasure. It is the only thing I want to do when I return from school extremely tired and I love doing it. I managed attending dance classes 5 days a week from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm with my regular school for about 3 months.These classes have helped me develop new skills, identify my own strengths and improve my previous dancing skills.

Learning new and different dance forms like rock and roll, hip-hop, bachata etc have improved my body posture in dancing and also have helped me get control over my body. I have mainly improvised on getting to know the song better so that I don’t miss any beat while dancing. By joining the classes I have started enjoying dance more than ever and now I can feel the intensity of a particular dance form. I have also improved my stamina in learning all these dance forms as dancing continuously requires a lot of stamina especially dances like hip-hop and rock and roll. I had also performed a carnival which requires true commitment and dedication and it was a stage performance of what I had learnt during those 3 months. Sometimes during the practice we were supposed to stay there for more than an hour and we did that. This is where I was committed towards the activity that I was performing. We were a group of 20 students where we had to collaborate with each other to have a synchronized dance performance. And this helped in interacting with new people in a new environment without having issues with adjustment.

Dancing has helped me in a lot of ways like it is one of the mediums through which I can express myself when words aren’t sufficient, it has brought grace in my moves and clarity in my steps. I have become more expressive due to dancing. Dancing gives me extreme happiness and every time I dance I get to know a new side of me and this is what makes me keep going.





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