Activity 5: FSMUN 2.0

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I volunteered for the second edition of Fountainhead School Model United Nations, India that took place in Fountainhead School on the 28th and 29th November 2.0 as a graphic designer which includes making ID cards for the participants as well as organizing team, designing posters for each committee, creating certificates for all categories.

This was the first time that I had volunteered for something new. I hoped to learn new skills in order to develop my personality, and contribute fairly towards this 2-day event.

For the best outcome, I had gone through the documents of the first edition of FSMUN. Going through past year’s certificates, ID cards, posters, I had a clear idea about my areas of concern for the event. It benefitted me in such a way that I could do my work effectively i.e. quality work, in minimum time.

As it was a new task for me, I had minimal idea about the applications to use. I researched, consulted my friends, and concluded that the best application was Microsoft publisher. I learned using various new tools.  I had to admit, that in the beginning it was difficult and challenging for me, however, I got the hang of it gradually. It was really challenging to find new templates, and then match different textures and designs using the new technology. I am grateful to all the people who helped me overcome this fear of not doing well. Additionally, this event gave me the wonderful opportunity to develop my research skills. I gained knowledge about  different parts of the world while making posters representing agendas and an image related to the issue. I was able to connect with the issues of the world, and even though I wasn’t participating in the conference, I could think about the best possible solutions of the issues with global significance. It enabled me to get a deeper understanding about the conflicts and problems of various nations.

I, truly wanted to participate as a delegate and indulge in the conferences, however, due to some problems, I couldn’t participate.

I had to struggle between my studies and  taking out time to design posters. Therefore, time management is something that I got to learn from the event. For the print of ID cards and certificates, and various posters, I also had to collaborate with the team of utilities frequently. Keeping the dimensions of all documents as accurate as possible was very important, for which I had consulted the Director General of the event, Maharsh Benday, and the Secretary General, Aashna Jain often.

I made sure that the documents, folders, ID cards, certificates were available at least 4 days before the 28th of November, thereby maintaining my devotion and responsibility towards the event. I had also printed extra documents, so that they are useful in last minute crisis.

According to my ethics, I was very crisp and clean with my work. I made sure not to mix any documents or photographs. I made sure that I do not create any loop holes. I didn’t copy any information from the internet. They were my own pure, creative ideas. While taking images as reference, I maintained academic honesty by citing the reference. I didn’t give the organisers the chance to complain about any of the work I had done.

To conclude, I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to learn something new. I can’t wait for the third edition of FSMUN.

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