Reflection 6 (Joining gym)

Doing gym exercises are always tiring and time-consuming. It was a long 6-months tiring sessions I had, where I needed to wake up early morning, come to school and lift these heavyweights. It was initiated by me and some of my friends, where we planned the duration of our each gym session, the exercises we are going to do and also how many times are we going to attend the session in a week. A lot of focus on our planning helped us to have a clear direction of where we are heading to. I always thought performing this activity would quite be fascinating but it all ended up being tiring sessions.

Performing this activity was not my cup of tea as I would not prefer to wake up early morning for getting tired. However, the obstinacy I had towards my goals was to its extreme. I showed a lot of devotion to the activity, and I tried to curtail missing the gym sessions so as to reach goals quickly and effectively.

I identified vigor of mine in respect to gym exercises. I was constantly increasing the weight to lift so as to build muscles more efficaciously. However, I could not attempt frequent repetitions of the same weight, which really obstructed me to achieve my goals. It was a great drawback I faced while venturing this activity.

The primary thing which motivated me to do this activity for long 6 months was my friends’ company. My 6 friends were with me doing the same activities. It really made the activity less monotonous and more joyful.

Doing gyming was very a constructive way of using time because it would really help me in sports like Football. So doing using time on this activity was worth it. My goals were very simple, to build up muscles so that I can stay fit and healthy. This activity did really help me to build my muscles, and day by day I was feeling much better in terms of health.

I finally completed 6 months of gym training and there was a reasonable growth in my muscles. I could see a great change in my Football skills due to the gym exercises. Being tiring, this activity provided me fruitful results.


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