FS 3/3 Basketball Tournament – Organising Committee

The organising committee

I really enjoyed the activity as I did what I am good at which is sitting at the registration desk, and register every team and make the announcement. By the end, I was a little exhausted as it were just 2 of us taking care of the entire thing.

It wasn’t the first time that I was helping with the organisation of a registration desk but this was a different event – basketball. Also, I had to update the score sheets of the matches which I was doing for the first time and I had practically no idea of how basketball is scored or any basic rules so that was one challenge which I overcame throughout the event. During the event I felt like giving up cause I was really tired but I didn’t because I had committed towards the activity irrespective of how tiring it was. 

I was definitely not in my comfort zone, because waking up at 5 in the morning coming to the court and sitting there in extreme summer was really difficult, also managing the registration fees of each team and helping out other sectors of the organising committee at the same time was a challenge. During this event and too much work I also forgot that I had to eat.

What I learnt was that I could multitask and I shouldn’t think less of me, also while working I realised that not everyone works the way I do and I should collaborate to get the most out of task and successfully complete them, it was not a challenge to work with others but definitely to compromise with my work style was a little difficult but I didn’t get agitated by that but just adjusted and learnt their ways. 


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