FS 3-3

FS 3 on 3 was a student-led basketball tournament that we took up as part of our CAS project work.This tournament was unlike the other basketball tournaments  as we had introduced the game in a new format. A basketball tournament is generally played by 5+1 players but in our tournament, it was 3+1 players

I had to serve as the Accommodation / marketing  Head in the Organising Committee of this Basketball tournament.

We had to start our planning as early as two months from the day of the event. . Being the Head, I had to communicate with the school’s, sponsors and other departments in order to ensure easy and effective functioning

I had to collaborate with the:

  • Registration Department, for the quantity of participants we have and the amount we need
  • Planning Dept. because I had to take them for sponsorship meeting with me, and also I was a part of the budgeting process of the event.
  • Finance, for a number of funds and sponsor we need
  • Food department- for food sponsorship

I identified my strength as being an able leader, which led to numerous benefits such as:

  • crises management
  • We got enough advertisement and sponsors
  • Minimal miscommunication with other Departments

For 60 days, I had to work with perseverance and dedication in order to put up a good show. Meetings at cafes after school time had become a common thing for us back then.

The ethics  also came into the picture when I had to when I had to persuade sponsors to sponsor the event because every statement that I told them every commitment that I made to them had to be fulfilled. Like we told sponsors that we will give them advertisement in return of their sponsorship , and many of them did not want anything in return  but on our part it would not have been ethical if we just took money from people and give nothing i

in return

Moreover, one major thing that I learnt forms the event is crises management.There were a lot of crises that were faced during the event:

1) One the day when players were supposed to arrive at the station, the transport department had some confusion and there was no one to receive the players. One of the player being a friend of mine called me to tell me about the situation. Because they were 20 players I was in a lot of panics because we had to find a place to accommodate them all. Because I live very near to the station I deiced to go receive them, get them to my place and let them fresh up until transport was arranged.

2) One day the of the match our breakfast sponsor had told us to collect it from some other vendor as his place was under renovation, When I went to collect the breakfast the vendor told me that the order was placed for the next day and not today. I panicked a lot, I called the sponsors to tell him about the situation and all he did do is say sorry. However that was not the solution, I had hungry players waiting for food, I missed the opening ceremony of the event and went into a sandwich store, helped the shopkeeper make sandwiches, got the breakfast delayed at the match, and after an hour and a half reached the match venue with wholesome breakfast

Overall, all 2 components of CAS were fulfilled, as I had to physically drain myself persuading people and running back and forth, serving as a medium between School’s sponsors  and TDs.  I think the format of the tournament(3 on 3) was not common as well as tournaments such as these are rare in our context, so it also achieves the criterion of Creativity

Also, because I was a part of marketing department by BM, and language knowledge played a major role. Bm because it teaches us about marketing techniques and language because it teaches me the art of persuasion both of which helped me make the sponsorship presentation

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