Bingo (Lit.Hum Fest)


For Literature and Humanities Fest 2015-2016, I had planned two Activities and one of them was “BINGO”. The objective of this event was to promote Literature and Humanities as subjects so through this event we were trying to promote the importance and value of Literature and Humanities in life and education. Unlike the other which was “Scrabble Wall,” I enjoyed organizing this activity. I was supposed to organize this fun activity with one of my juniors.

Bingo was one such game that I have played and enjoyed a lot in my childhood. Organizing this activity wasn’t a big challenge as we didn’t change the authentic bingo game we just replaced the numbers with the words (as through this fun activity we also had to promote both subjects: Literature and Humanities). In the beginning, we were in so much hurry that we planned the activity in a way which was not fair because we made only one list of words for all the students. Later we realized that this fun activity was for different grades and there might be a point where students from different grades might come together to play. The list of words that we had prepared might be easier for senior Grade students and very tough for junior Grade students. So while planning this activity we made sure that it is not unfair to anyone. To to this, we had to deconstruct our ideas and come up with a different strategy. After a lot of thinking and considering different views, we decided to plan the different games for each grade so that everyone should have an equal opportunity to win. The other issue that I came across was that we had to reuse the sheets and other stationery but even after informing students 10 times to carefully place everything back in the stationery basket properly, they misplaced pencils and erasers and threw away papers (so a lot of things were misplaced and a lot of paper was wasted). Our new idea required us to double our efforts in less amount of time which we dedicated for organizing the event and to manage everything nicely. We divided our work; I even gave my free slots to complete the tasks that were assigned to me.

But, as compared to scrabble wall event, we worked more productively for this event. Now that we could understand each other better we were able to work efficiently and, therefore, work as a good team (This reduced a lot of stress as now that I trusted her more I knew the work given to her will done on time and it will be quality work). As she participated in different events of that day so did I so we came up with a way so that the other one did not miss her activity at the same time someone is there at the activity both (This made our work easier). The event was a success as a good number of students participated and enjoyed it. Overall it was a good learning experience.



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