“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” – Arts Fest (Duet Performance)

My excitement reached the 7th sky when I got to know I was selected to represent my house in the upcoming Duet Singing competition in school. I however knew I would be selected because of my consistency in passion towards singing and my growth in areas such as scale and tone. My AS Music classes helped me gain this type of expertise and confidence in singing. I was performing with one of my seniors who is a really great singer. However, due to unmatched timings and well, procrastination, we did not finalize on our song until the day before the competition! The nervousness only grew with passing time, confidence was never an issue for me, but working synergic-ally was. Had I been the only one, I would have figured something out, but working in a pair meant finding a song that both of us were very comfortable with and could perform with little practice. Being impatient, I quickly lost temper as I couldn’t narrow down even after about brainstorming for an hour. However, I soon realized that losing my temperament wasn’t going to do any better. Later in the evening, my partner and I sat down together with a fresher perspective, and did things in a more calm and organized manner. Within a short period of time, we were able to narrow down on the song! That was the moment I decided, that it was much more beneficial working together and helping each other, rather than minding one’s own business. Continuous practice throughout the night included pointing each others flaws in singing, helping one another and looking at the situation with utmost optimism. Our hard work and synergy gifted us with second position the competition! Though, that wasn’t all, the competition gave me more than a certificate, it opened my eyes to two very important lessons of life, believe in the strength of composedness and, don’t procrastinate! 


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