Plantation trip

This was my first CAS trip . We went to Janki Van – a new botanical garden ,there we planted saplings of “mehendi”.This was completely new for me as I’ve never done plantation before. I thought that the activity will be fun but I actually found that the activity was not only fun but at the same time It was tough work to do. I learnt many things from this experience such as working collaboratIvely ,as we were divided into we were also divided into groups like I was given 2 jobs 1st one to bring the plants from one place to other and the other job was to plant the saplings in the ground and pack them tightly with sand.  I  completed the assigned work on time and didn’t hurt others while doing any task . I felt that I was out of my comfort zone as this was a very tiring activity and I’am not used to do such lot of work regularly so it was  difficult for me. I think the benefits of this is that one can know his real strength . I also found my weakness as I was lacking stamina. I got tired very soon .


My efforts made the place green which was for a good cause my effort also helped the people working over there and also the efforts which I made helped me to built up stamina .I enjoyed the cas trip very much as It was a worth experience .It was something which I’ve never done before and from the trip I learned how to work In such conditions how to help people how to plant etc.It was very challenging  for people like me as I’ve got very low stamina I am a very lazy person so working like this in rain and under hot sun was very difficult. The thing which motivated me a lot was the environment there was the cause behind the cas trip which was making the place green .Everybody was involved In the activity no one was sitting ideal this was just because of our ma’am who was constantly motivating us to do our work this made us more enthusiastic  . And all the friends were helpIng each other and if one was not able to do a certain kind of job others were there for him .


The skills which I developed was working collaboratively , I was able to know my strengths in doing this kind of work. I was also able to undertake the challenges as the weather out there which was rainy and sunny at the same time and still we were doing our job.I was also able to put  lot  efforts for making the place green . I was also able to follow my ethics as In the whole trip I didn’t hurt anyone and  helped the people out there as much as I was able too. The highlight of the whole trip was the fun which we had during the trip the pain which we gone under during the plantation activity . There were many thing during the whole trip which surprised me which were the beautiful green field ,people working so collaboratively the vast vast field there at the end I would like to say that It was very lovely trip and the experience was worth enough to train me how to tackle further situations in life .



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