My classmates were planning to go to gym and as I’ve never done gymming before and so I joined them .I did this activity for 6 months .This was a new  and worth experience for me .In this period of six months I worked very hard. I went through intensive training which was very challenging as it tested my determination as well as my patience.In this period of six months I learnt many skills such as identifying own strength and weakness as in the starting I was not able to even do 2 sets of dumbbells as my muscles were too weak and  then later I was able to convert my weakness into my strength after a long period of 6 moths and  now I can do 7 sets of the same dumbbells roll.The training part was very tough and challenging as we were required to increase weights of the dumbbells ,leg extension etc ,in every 2 days of gymming .The only way by which we survived was showing determination towards our activity.This activity had a huge impact on my daily routine as I was asked to wake up by 6 o’clock then undergo extensive training then eat healthy food, etc .This all really helped me in developing my muscles . I also learnt some new skills like doing squats on one leg,pull -ups, chin-ups,etc .The highlight of the activity was  that the activity was tough enough and at the same time it was fun as I was with our friends and also I  was able to learn new things about exercise and diet from  my supervisor and friends.

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