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The french assembly allowed students from both the subject to participate in a event which included preparing  french dishes and decorating the dinning table.This event gave me a chance to explore something I have never explored ,”cooking”. My team consisted of 5 members including me, the first obstacle as a leader I faced was to decide which french dish we were going to prepare because the all members in our team were cooking for the first time, finally I decided to prepare a french dish known as “Caramel potatoes”. Just deciding the dish was the end of the first obstacle hence which gave rise to the second obstacle,”efficiency”. As the time limit was very short we had to work efficiently and cooperatively to prepare the dish hence we were able to overcome this obstacle by working collaboratively and showing commitment for the activity everybody was working collaboratively and showing commitment because all of us wanted to learn this new skill therefore all the staff members were cooperative enough to finish the job.The dish prepared by us was delicious according to the audience,this creativity allowed us to explore our strength in the areas like cooking and how to overcome the challenges faced by developing new skills like how to work collaboratively and efficiently while preparing a dish.The only challenged faced my me as the leader was the to assign the different task to my team member because this was the first time we were cooking as a team hence I decided to rotate in every 10 min therefore every member of the team was able to do every task.


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