Trip to Naggar

My trip to Naggar was the first trek in my life, and overall experience was terrific. Well, we did face a lot of challenges in this trip, such as the cold weather with thin air high mountain climbs which were kinda dangerous and much more, but if I keep all the problem/difficulties aside my experience in Naggar was marvelous. My initial thought for this trip was that

a)It will be very challenging – the weather conditions

b)The treks will be very dangerous

c)We had to travel on the bus for 15 hours continuously which will be extremely tiring, but the fact is all of my paradigms were proved wrong. Even in the bus, we did entertain you and the teacher did help keep busy by making us play different activities on the bus.

In Naggar, I participated in mainly all the activities except one, ‘the storytelling’ because I found it boring. I participated in all the physical activity even though we were given the choice of backing off and relax in our rooms because I knew, that the reason I came to this place was not only to enjoy with my friends but also to explore a new place. I made a lot new friends on this trip, maybe because I was able to open up that talk to everyone openly which I am not able to do in school. In the  trip, we helped each other in cleaning our rooms, in the trek and by keeping each other busy all time. In this trip I was able to make a friend circle, which I would adore for life. I also learned many things from this trip – the culture of people living in the Northern suburbs of India, the unique art of specific villages by visiting the galleries there. The visits were awesome. We were also instructed to take special care of nature as we were shocked seeing the amount of garbage and dirt in the city. We also learned that we should start to work on preserving the nature than polluting it – this was the ethical concern and global significance we noticed on this trip. In my previous trips with my family and friends I had a habit of polluting the environment around, by throwing garbage on the road, but on this trip – I made an aim that I will not pollute the environment, especially by throwing garbage on roads. This aim was proving to become a lot difficult for me initially, but after showing some commitment and perseverance, I was able to achieve this aim of mine. The trip overall was terrific and I would have regretted the decision of not being a part of this trip.    



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