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Book club is an initiative of our school, Fountainhead. Book club is an activity where a student has to read a number of books in a year. Its aim is to promote the good habit of reading. Initially I never liked reading books, I used to loathe reading books but this year I participated in the book club and aimed to read at least five books of my choice. When I was about to start with my first book, my english teacher asked me “are you up for a challenge ?”, I asked “what is the challenge about” she replied that “this year you should read 10 books of your choice” I thought about it, it was a new challenge as I had to read 10 books with the burden of IAs and other school work. However this was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something which is challenging, so I said “Yes”. With this I read the my choice of books. In the initial stages I read my books on daily bases as I had a lot of free time and I wanted to use it productively, While reading I used to sit with my phone in which I used the dictionary to understand the book as much as possible. I was committed doing this until I had my karate tournament, and that time I had a lot of burden upon me so I wasn’t able to continue the determination after that. Some of the books I read were hard such as “A game of thrones” and some of them were light reads such as “Paper Towns”. To provide an evidence that we actually read the book I had to write book tweets which were like reflections about the book or have a viva with my teacher where she asked me about the book. So this year’s book club was an amazing experience where I explored how reading is my new strength also explored different genres and author’s books and it was also a big achievement coming from a non reader background. However I was not able complete 10 books because I also had my Karate national tournament even though I managed to complete five books and ma’am approved it for book club criteria.

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