PS: Skating

Skating is a sport where I can remove all my stress and just be me for the time. In Skating there are only 2 students – Anshul and me; our coach is Mr. Asif Patel. For me Asif sir is like an ideal sport coach, because he is both fun and focused. He always cheers up the atmosphere in the ring and motivates us to the most, so that we could stand up and complete our given task. Skating is a very tiring and a hard sport. You really need to stay attentive all the time, otherwise the chances of you meeting with an accident increases.

In the starting of the year, I was really bad in this sport, because I had never done skating in my life. I used to feel very sheepish seeing the younger children skate much much better than me. This had got the good of me, but after few deadly motivational speeches from my coach I started to work really hard on this sport. His, so called speeches, constantly focused on one point, “If you don’t concentrate on your sports and complete your given task in time; then one day when you will look at yourself in the mirror, all you will see is a very very fat person”; and to be honest, I have no interest in being fat. Thus, I set some strict goals for the sport which were: a)being the best skater in the batch b)winning the district level competition for chord skaters c)becoming fit. I used to be very determined and punctual in my PS slots to try to achieve the goals I had set. In the process of achieving my goals, there were many challenges I had to face; the hardest challenge was when sir used make us do “long run skating”. In this we had to skate for a minimum of 40 rounds (1 round = 120 m) continuously without a single break with a constant speed, and if were not able to come up to sir’s expectations then we had to do the entire activity again from scratch. This challenge has always proved to be unfortunate for me because, if by any means if I was able to complete it, I used to be exhausted to the maximum level, and my body used to pain agonizingly. Eventually, the tasks that sir made us do were becoming harder by the day; it was becoming very difficult for me to participate in the activities and thus I used to be disinterested to participate in the following task and feel lethargic. But whenever I used to get feeling such as boredom or incuriousness then all I used to do was think of the goals I had set and what could be the possible consequences if I didn’t complete my goals. Thus, I had to be extremely committed to the tasks that I was given in order to achieve my goals; initially it was very difficult for me to complete the task given by sir but after time – achieving great number of practice in different methods and exercise, slowly, I was being able to show improvement in my sport, which made me feel very proud.

After a time span of 5 to 6 months I gradually understood my strength in this sport, was mobility. I could move around the ring freely, which gave me the advantage to overcome any opponent by cutting them from the forward. There were many ethical considerations that I had to keep in mind the most important one was to “never cheat”, it could have been very easy for me to skip the jogging or lie about the number of excercise that I have done. But I was so determined to achieve my goals that I prefered not to cheat at all, because after the loss will only be mine. So, I finally think I have done a good job in achieving my ethical considerations. Seeing my improvement in the sport, my coach used to praise me all the time, and used to give my example to the juniors. This used to make me feel radiant and superior. I know think that all the determinations and hard work I have given in this sport have proved to be worth.

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