Adds to add up!

A literary fest was organized, out of which, one of the activities which I took part in was “Adds to add up”

In this activity, we were given a product and had to design an advertisement for it.

Firstly, I had not planned to take part in this activity, and it was spontaneous which was a very new thing for me as I was completely unprepared and knew that this competition would be a challenge.

Now, this activity required us to use our marketing skills as well as our creativity, I was accompanied by a few BM students and a lot of juniors.

We planned out our advertisement with suggestions from everyone and then I allocated everyone their duties. I realized through this that I was good at taking leadership and this activity helped me identify and improve my skill which has been useful to be in other activities which I have done.

I also made the poster with some help and employed my drawing skills which I had learnt in the past grades. One of the ethical considerations I had to keep in mind was that since i was the oldest member of the group, I had to be extremely careful to be patient with the younger students and not get angry or be rude when they weren’t able to understand my commands.

We had a few stumbles in our presentation, as even though we had planned there was a shortage of time and we weren’t able to communicate effectively throughout.

This activity was a very new experience for me as I am not a business management student but could find relativity between language, art, psychology and sales techniques.



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