Trip to Naggar



This year my classmates and I went on a trip to Naggar. It is a beautiful place with low temperature and have a good scenery. Naggar is located is located near Manali,it is a hilly region with adventures activity.

The first and challenging activity which we did was trekking in the mountains, it is tough to trek on the mountain because as the altitude increases the level of oxygen decreases although trekking allowed to me to identify my own strength which is trekking for long distances without getting exhausted although I need to work on making my legs more strong because after long distance trekking I had to endure some leg pain because my body was not familiar with the environment.Trekking allowed to me increase my stamina hence we trekked on hilly region which allowed me to develop proper balance while trekking.I feel good after identifying and achieving this strengths because now I know the strength I poses and this will allow me to further develop my strengths in the future.

A challenging and a creative activity done by my friend and I was “sliding down the slope in a tube”.After doing this activity I was able to identify and demonstrate the challenges undertaken by my friend and I,the first challenge we faced was “balancing the tube” it is essential for us to balance the tube because dis-balance may cause fatal injuries while sliding down the slope,the second challenge we faced was “Try to sit steal” it is important to reduce any movement on the tube while sliding down hence it may lead to injuries if we move more while sliding down.The tube consisted of a space for 2 people,my friend and I decided to do this activity to together as it was a creative and challenging activity for us because we have never tried anything like this before, we had to work collaboratively because it requires proper balance from both sides of the tube,it was a challenge for my friend and me because this activity was dangerous and could cause some serious injuries if not conducted properly.The first time we did we lost control while sliding hence the second time we did it correctly because we were able to overcome that challenges faced by working collaboratively hence this lead to the development of new skills like “having a good balance while sliding” and “to reduce any movement done by us while sitting on the tube”

Third activity which we did was skiing, skiing is challenging and difficult especially for a beginner like me,The first problem I encounter was to keep up with the speed while simultaneously balancing your own body it is a hard thing to do while skiing although fell around 4 to 5 times while I was trying to keep up with the speed while simultaneously balancing your own body but in the end, I was able to balance my body and maintain my speed due to my repeated attempts I was able to over come that challenge hence it allowed to helped me to develop new skill such as “how balance and maintain speed simultaneously”.The second problem faced by me was “gripping” it is challenging to hold the grip due to slippery surface I slipped 2 to 3 times while trying to ski although I was able to increase my gripping skills while skiing by maintaining proper balance hence this allowed me to over come the challenge and develop the new skill “gripping while skiing” .The trip helped us in trying new things and developing new skills by commitment to learn ,due the commitment I poses I did not give up and tried to overcome every challenge faced by me.



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