DP FEST 2015-16

This event, for me, was a major doorway to understanding myself and others and to learn extensively throughout the process.

Initially, there was this inertia in people of getting serious about things and also we, Muskaan and I, were accountable for the blame. We did not gather details about the event – what date is it on, how much does each group have to perform for, what the theme is, and suchlike. After we were announced the event coordinators, we had a almost 15-day vacation where we should have planned the basics at least. This led to a wastage of the starting few days which we did regret later.

I was anxious of how we are going to put everything in place. During the initial days, I also had to attend a wedding so I was not very much involved in the process. But, Muskaan helped to make everyone pull up their socks and start working. I was glad she was there in my absence and things didn’t go haphazard. Even our teachers collaborated in planning and ideating which was helpful.

The way I led the event was very democratic in nature – made everyone involved in the decision-making process, made them formulate their own ideas and then update me, diligently listened to their ideas, gave suggestions but did not criticize or impose any of my ideas. The outcome was that they worked enthusiastically in their respective areas.

However, I didn’t like the idea of making the parents do a hands-on activity after the entire performance, which the VA group insisted upon. And turned out, that it actually didn’t worked out.

I feel I should have been more decisive and authoritative if I strongly felt it was a bad idea.

I believed I’m creative so I tried to come up with a theme myself, and after many failed attempts, I came up with the idea of ‘prison’. This was one key feature to make the event extraordinary. My bus mates helped to develop on this idea and I considered it important to acknowledge them. My mail to the class and teachers read “Pranjal, Jayani, Muskaan and I, on discussion, have finalised the name and theme for the DP mela”. I realize how good it feels to have our efforts acknowledged and I did the same from my side.

I learned this very important thing to always take blame and always share credits, whenever you should.

I did not only plan and designate responsibilities, but I was actually also a part of two performances – sang a song for ESS, and give an introduction for the Hindi video. This reduced my stage fear and boosted confidence to an extent. Moreover, I designed the invitation letter and invitation cards, thanks to my creative writing and design skills. I worked along with them rather than telling them to work. I guess this way everyone liked to work for the fest.


We also selected the host, based on emotion and logic – which meant one host was experienced while the other was given an opportunity. I did a lot of work such as printing the cards and photographs, helping in designing the banner, creating the setting, being the welcome-in host and all the many little last day chores. I was completely involved in the last two days, coordinating with everyone and I literally did not even have 5 minute spare time.

I’m proud to have put in all the efforts and have worked hard for it.

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