The plantation trip!

This activity not only taught me how to plant trees or help others, it also made me realise that we should stop cutting trees or harming the environment as a treDSC_1050e/plant is one of the most important parts of our life… And so to start small I volunteered to engage myself to work for an issue which has a global significance and to give a helping hand to the workers who are not only helping themselves by planting but also helping us indirectly. We began our journey on 18 July 2015. It was basically a one day trip however, I felt like I had done work which is done in 2 days. It was really very exhausting, as after coming back home, my body ached badly. But I felt proud that I had done something good for the environment and for the people.

It is my strength that I can put all that it takes to help those in need and that’s what helped me develop my areas of growth. I lack in stamina and endurance which was a major drawback which I faced. However working and planting trees not only taught me how to plant but also made me realise that I donDSC_1036‘t have a lot of stamina as there were times when we had to take plants from a certain area and put them where they had to be planted. Walking with the heavy weight of the plants was not easy as the distance was long. The body ache next day made me realize how my body was not that fit to be able to adapt to such conditions.

We worked almost for 4 hours which included watering the plants, placing them on the places allotted, cutting the pDSC_1043lastic from the plant before placing them in the pit. During these 4 hours I was very determined as I wanted to do everything it takes for the betterment of this area. We humans have been so brutal and greedy that we harm the things which keep us alive. It was a challenge for me as I was never used to such exhausting activities the humid climate made it much more difficult for us to work. However, there were times when the workload was divided among the group members which we worked collaboratively. This helped us regain our energy to some extent and help others do as well.

Overall I think it was a great learning experience DSC_0945for me as I could give my services to the workers and in return learn some new skills. I think I enjoyed a lot during this trip and working together with my friends and the workers, it just made work easier and fun! And we could do something for the nature and the environment as well.

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