“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” ― Mark Twain

A day with Orphan Kids – Charlie Helpage


“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” ― Mark Twain. We h_DSC6144ad spent the day with the orphan kids from ‘Charlie Helpage’.  With the aim to make them involve in all the activities and put in all our efforts to make a memorable day for them. We had the preparations being done prior to the event. With our teachers guidance the activities were planned, like a few games, movie, dance, photo-booth, etc. and had prepared the schedule for the day accordingly.  With a group of around 7 to 8 girls we made a card for them, stating a thank you note for spending  time with us.


Art and craft was followed after the lovely dance and amazing games in the rainy morning. During the whole day, the one thing that touched my heart was, while I was telling a bunch of children about the card/craft that they had to make/do as part of the activity, few kids made flower and cards with heartfelt greetings for me. While I salute to their creativity, they kept me amazed with the trust that they had on me and the friend that they had found in me, whom they have just met a few hours ago.


_DSC6193All the volunteers were doing their part,  everyone was skilled in various field and therefore the quality of the activities did not suffer. We all made sure that we work collaboratively and simultaneously communicate with each other all the details, so that there are less problems and it is easy for us to maintain the pitch of the work. After dropping them till the bus and bidding them goodbye, cleaning and putting all the stuff was a tedious job. To work this problem out, we divided the work.
Something that I learned was that we have our parents to go to with our problems, but what about them? Whom will they go to with their problems? How fair is it on their behalf to not enjoy the privileges and luxury that we are exposed to? Across the globe there would be so many little lives like them, who would have to be dependent on other people for their happiness. Overall, interacting with them and understanding their lives was a worth learning as well as an emotional process.


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