A day with orphan kids!

I enjoyed a lot during this activity. Although, it was a bit tiring as we worked the whole day. I learnt a lot during this activity. The children were so sad and depressed from within however they did not show how sad they were, they live a challenging life which no one would want to live. They face problems together like a family. I was very inspired to the fact that even though they didn’t have their parents, they were strong enough to face the world. The sorrow in their eyes was clearly seen. However, they covered it with a smile and that what a real fighter does.

We were a group of 8- 10 people who volunteered to spend a day with orphan kids. We made cards, decorative pencils for them. Also, we made them play games, do zumba, watch movie etc. There was an activity which had really touched me… It was when we asked them to make a card for anyone, and half of the little kids made cards for their mom and dad which was really very depressing. I wasn’t able to control my emotions after reading the cards. We had put all our efforts to make that day memorable for them. We worked collaboratively in almost every activity. For instance, we all came early to make a huge card for them and everybody gave their inputs. This also reflected the commitment towards our work. Also when it was movie time all of us made at least 50 pencils. It is my strength that I am very creative so it made the work easier and helped us finish our work on time.

It was a challenge for us to manage all the 50 kids. As the small ones were very uncontrollable. However, I think we did a great job. I am happy that at least we could bring smiles on their faces. I think I did my job with full determination, and had put the best efforts to make their day a memorable one.

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